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  1. Jebediah stretched and yawned a bit more before sitting back up on the cold bed. He was bored because there were no entertaining shows to watch and freezing from the Russian weather. He flipped out his pocket calendar out his bag and checked the date again. 1979, Day 66 He took the pen off of the little wooden table between his and Valentina’s bed and crossed Day 66 off. It was pretty late out, and there was nothing else significant to do for a few more days. Besides getting Val back...Jebediah grimaced to himself. He could see her outline in the balcony through the thin curtains. He sighed and stood up after picking up his thick blanket to walk out onto the ice-cold balcony with her. He winced as the even colder air hit him in the face. The tropical weather of South America spoiled him a bit too much. It was lightly snowing, he saw the rooftops of the nearby buildings already dusted with fresh snow. A colourful cathedral was lit up in the distance, as well as a huge statue of some old mayor even further out. Valentina was born in this city, the city of Khabarovsk. She should’ve had more of a reaction, but she was in the same exact spot and position she was in twenty minutes ago, as if she froze. “Val, you okay? Admirin’ the horizon?” Jebediah came to her side and delicately laid a hand on her shoulder, expecting a warm reaction. Her scarf covered her chops, but he could tell she wasn’t happy. “Chto eto?” Valentina harshly whispered and straightened her jacket, still avoiding eye contact. “Haha, urm,” Jebediah nervously laughed. “C’mon, Val, you know I don’ know Munspeak, are you fine?” He rubbed her shoulder and returned his hand, forcing a smile. Valentina looked at him and mentally digressed herself. “I’m sorry, just thinking..,” She turned back towards the horizon and hunched over the rail. Jebediah patted her back and brought her close to his side. “We should talk, Val. You won’ feel better unless you talk,” Jebediah brushed the hair out of her face as he whispered to her. Valentina looked up at his face and then back down, tracing her finger through the snow on the railing. “Everything’s so different, Jeb. What happened? How long was I gone for?” She almost whimpered, her hand subtly trembling in her hair. Jebediah winced and braced himself to yet the truth out. She didn’t remember anything after her time on Eve. “Well, let’s go inside first. I’m gonna get a cold out ‘ere. I have hot cocoa in the room fer’ us,” He nuzzled her cheek, making her feel instantly warmer. She forgot how he could be. Valentina followed him back into the hotel room without a word. Jebediah poured his bottle of milk into the two cups the room had with the packages of cocoa powder he got at the nearby market. Valentina blankly stared off into nothing as she laid down, ignoring the TV and Jebediah sauntering about waiting for the hot cocoa. The microwave stopped with a pleasant ‘DING’, and he left the hot drinks on the little table to cool off. She snapped out of herself when he set the drinks down to her side. They smelled nice and homely, almost nostalgic. He sat down with that friendly smile on the edge of her bed, leaning his weight on one arm to face her. "Are you sure you wanna hear what happened?” "Y-yeah..,”
  2. Hi I'm not quite new to the forums, but haven't been active a lot. Now I decided to share some of my epic missions with you. I'm playing this almost vanilla, just with some minor mods for precise planning, better visuals and of course, to make it more plausible: life support. An (almost) complete mod list: Distant Object Enhancement Environmental Visual Enhancements Kerbal Alarm Clock KAS KIS Persistent Rotation PlaneShine SCANSat scatterer Stock Visual Enhancements TAC Life Support MechJeb SimpleContruction Planetary Base Systems Konstruction Link to my gallery: The pale blue dot, circling the green giant has captivated generations of Kerbals since the beginning of astronomy. With the beginning of the space age, Kerbalkind got to taste what it could be to visit it's mysterious twin for the first time. But to find out, what it would look like to visit the beaches of this far off world, there was alot lot learn, a lot of progress to be made, and a lot of mistakes that were awaiting brave pioneers. The KSP, the Kerbal Space Program, as it was officially named had quite some successful missions: Landing a unmanned UAV on Duna: Duna Direct: The Ravenstar: The Rolling Thunder: But all these missions served only one purpose: the get to Laythe one day. Finally, KSC accumulated enough bright minds, technology and of course funds to start with this humongous undertaking. Part I: The construction of the DSV Hermes
  3. PARA-SCI HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATMOSPHERE PACK For use with KSP 1.2 and the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod Since many of us are sometimes, or always, forced to play KSP on laptops and other devices with weak GPUs or otherwise not optimized for gaming, I present the Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, wherein I have done my best to combine good visuals with minimal graphics demand. FULL PREVIEW ALBUM: Notes: - Most bodies, with the exception of Kerbol and the particularly lumpy minor moons, include a "glow" layer that enhances their appearance at long distances and fades away on approach. - Many of the glow layers make use of the original KSP planet textures; naturally credit goes to SQUAD for these and I advise against attempting to redistribute them or use them for things other than KSP, KSP mods, or KSP fanart. - None of the cloud layers have a "layer3D" (volumetric clouds) component. While this does cause us to miss out on that feature, the numerous large particles it involved rendering tend to be a major performance drain and thus they have been left out. - None of the cloud layers cast shadows either. - All bodies have a maximum of three cloud layers; most have only one. - The pack currently does not include aurorae, noctilucent clouds, or dust storms, although some of these may be added in the future if I feel up to it. - Some textures are the original textures packaged alongside the main EVE installation. Like the SQUAD textures, I advise against violating their licensing terms, etc. - Jool's glow layer uses the beautiful Jool texture painted by @Felsmak. Naturally credit goes to him for that, don't steal it, etc. etc. etc. DOWNLOAD
  4. Pood's OPM-VO (Outer Planets Mod - Visual Overhaul) Latest Release - v.0.3.4 Pre-Release Beta - 08th April. 17 Due to some users having issues with compatibility, please find below a list of the dependencies and the current builds used to run OPM-VO. Please ensure that you are running at least these versions of the dependencies or later releases: Dependencies: EVE: (Release build 1.2-2) Scatterer: (Release build 0.0300) Kopernicus: (Release build 1.2.2-5) Kopernicus.Components.dll:!vUowhKgB!PAIeK8M1KlBOXhcBNglxGTq6MzSiqFxF27fAXYOD8_w (development plugin not included in 1.2.2-5 release) Module Manager: (Get latest release build) Outer Planets Mod: Planets Mod/download/2.1 (Release build 2.1) Suggested Mods: Stock Visual Enhancements: (Release build 1.1.6) - Galileo and I work together to ensure our mods are compatible and SVE gives the stock planets great atmospheric and visual effects. Stock Visual Terrain: (Release build 2.0.2) - The texture pack that's built alongside SVE to make the stock bodies look amazing. -------------------------------------------------------- For all information regarding downloading/installing/using/licensing etc. for this mod, please refer to the Readme. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Changelog: v0.3.4 - 08th Apr. 17 - Edited Tekto's & Urlums EVE cloud layers slightly, amended SVE integration due to SVE's new file structure and added in Kopernicus' new Ring Shader effects for all bodies (if Jool rings are present, they are maintained). Kopernicus' Ring Shader update is not incorporated in the latest Kopernicus release yet, however, the patch can be downloaded here to be installed into your Kopernicus directory:!vUowhKgB!PAIeK8M1KlBOXhcBNglxGTq6MzSiqFxF27fAXYOD8_w v0.3.3 - 02nd Apr. 17 - Added Sigma OPM-Tilt support, slight change to Urlum's rim exposure and now leveraging SVE's cloud detail textures if SVE is installed, if not, uses own placeholder texture as before. v0.3.2 - 01st Apr. 17 - Forgot to render Tekto's oceans... doh! Ocean shaders on Tekto have been enabled by adjusting Ocean Alpha values. v0.3.1 - 01st Apr. 17 - Fixed scatterer's configs so they play well with other mods and don't repeatedly add OPM body configs to other body's ones. v0.3.0 - 30th Mar. 17 - KSP 1.2.2 Compatibility update. v0.2.0 - 8th May. 16 - Rebuilt from ground up for KSP 1.1.2; Thatmo work has not been included. v0.1.2 - 11th Jan. 16 - Included support for OPM Tilt and Kopernicus Expansion. Compatibility with KSPRC has been fixed by including updated pqs.cfg file for KSPRC (bundled in distribution). v0.1.1 - 8th Jan. 16 - Forgot to include Scatterer files within .zip (Doh!) v0.1.0 - 6th Jan. 16 - Initial Release - First GitHub commit & beta release --------------------- Original Initial Post: With the release of EVE for 1.0.5 and Scatterer gaining multi-planet support I decided to jump right in and start messing around with configs for OPM as I rarely play KSP without it. As the two mods are still very much in their infancy really with respect to 1.0.5 and their latest releases I am learning as I go and have never shown any of my previous tinkerings with EVE in the past on these forums (I used to run a modified AVP-I, AVP-EoO and KSPRC mashup in previous versions of KSP). I initally started working on Tekto as it has a pretty crazy atmosphere in OPM canon. Current progress can be seen here: I also have very hazy mist clouds rumbling over the lowlands that look a lot like heat haze up close. These are very much still WIP and I am still learning new tricks/techniques with EVE's new volumetric cloud options. The look I have gone for is a very chaotic, dense atmosphere that is suffering from a sever over abundance of a toxic gas that could be generated from underwater plant life or similar. After visiting MatoroIgnika's Twitch stream he commented to me that he loves Thatmo and how it should look like a Triton analog, so... next on to Thatmo! Like Triton, Thatmo has a very think atmosphere but it can be visualised from orbit. It is very hard to convey through screenshots but a very thin, wispy cloud cover has been added, viewable from orbit. Down on the moon's surface, clouds are visible somewhat more than they are from orbit purely for the fun aspect of actually seeing the atmosphere present. Triton's albedo coefficient is one of the highest in our whole solar system and so I decided to make Thatmo very reflective and bright to convey the shiny, ice like nature of the moon. Its pretty blinding down on the surface. As the surface of the moon is refracting light through its ice layers I have also introduced a chromatic aberration-like quality, visible when in orbit. Finally at this point I have been tinkering heavily with texture generation for Gas Giants (as OPM has 3 of them!) using curling noise for procedural fluid flow to try and create some really interesting base texture maps for the gas planets. It has been pretty laborious switching between Linux running the generations and Windows for Photoshop texturing (I don't like GIMP at all) but its getting a lot easier to manage now I am use to the process. I should be able to utilise this technique to also create completely procedural cloud texture maps also with a bit of work that could range from thick stormy stuff ala Venus down to very light, high atmo wisps. As you can see there are a lot of different style outcomes using the same texture by changing the input parameters. Let me know what you like and what you think would suit each gas planet as I can create a variety of effects. Generation takes around 20 minutes and then I have to wrap a cubemap back into an rectilinear texture for use within KSP. All of this is really in its infancy and I created this thread as a place to store my ongoing efforts whilst also being able to receive some feedback. Progress may come in fits and spurts around work; I get two weeks off over the Christmas period I may be able to cram a load of texturing in. Depending on how far I continue the final piece of the long-term puzzle would be re-texturing the base moon textures to hi-res variants. Feedback is greatly appreciated and any thoughts or critiques are appreciated, even though at the moment all you are able to look at is screenshots. Once things become more substantial I will upload configs and textures in a pack for testing out within KSP. At this point I will apply a suitable license. Update 12th Dec. 15 - Been doing a little tinkering to test some different variables in the texture generation and thought... "why not upload some short clips on Steamable?" So: Sarnus - Test WIP Neidon - Test WIP Update 3rd Jan. 16 - Porting Tekto to new EVE syntax. Fog on Tekto 1 - Showing fog and dust clouds at low level. Fog on Tekto 2 - Showing the post processing depth buffer level at low level. Update: 6th Jan. 16 - v0.1.0 Beta Release - Initial Release Update: 8th Jan.16 - v0.1.1 Beta Release - Included forgotten Scatterer files and bundled MiniAVC plugin for automated update checking. Update: 11th Jan. 16 - v0.1.2 Beta Release - Added support for OPM Tilt and Kopernicus Expansion and bundled an updated file for KSPRC to allow for EVE Cloud Layers on Gas Giants. Update: 8th May. 16 - v0.2.0 Beta Release - Rebuilt from ground up for KSP 1.1.2; Thatmo work has not been included and Sigma OPM-Tilt compatibility needs to be added. Also work needs to be done on Tekto's Scatterer effects and so changes to the stock Gas Giant's normal map texture that all the OPM Giants use. Update: 27th Aug. 16 - Updated dependency mod links. Mod will be updated to KSP 1.2 post release. Update: 30th Mar. 17 - v0.3.0 Beta Release - KSP 1.2.2 Compatibility update. Update: 01st Apr. 17 - v0.3.2 Beta Release - Fixed scatterer's configs so they play well with other mods and don't repeatedly add OPM body configs to other body's ones & forgot to render Tekto's oceans... doh! Ocean shaders on Tekto have been enabled by adjusting Ocean Alpha values. Update: 02nd Apr. 17 - v0.3.3 Beta Release - Added Sigma OPM-Tilt support, slight change to Urlum's rim exposure and now leveraging SVE's cloud detail textures if SVE is installed, if not, uses own placeholder texture as before. Update: 08th Apr. 17 - v0.3.4 Beta Release - Edited Tekto's & Urlums EVE cloud layers slightly, amended SVE integration due to SVE's new file structure and added in Kopernicus' new Ring Shader effects for all bodies (if Jool rings are present, they are maintained). Kopernicus' Ring Shader update is not incorporated in the latest Kopernicus release yet, however, the patch can be downloaded here to be installed into your Kopernicus directory:!vUowhKgB!PAIeK8M1KlBOXhcBNglxGTq6MzSiqFxF27fAXYOD8_w Whad'ya think?
  5. Important notice: If you're trying Alien Space Programs 1.0, grab the latest release of this add-on. Explodium Breathing Engines "Jet" engines that (actually!) use Eve's atmosphere and Oxidizer. License: MIT License except for re-coloured textures, which were derived from art belonging to Squad / Deported B.V. Download from SpaceDock or from GitHub. Requires Module Manager 2.8.0 for KSP 1.3. Supports RealPlume Stock. It had to happen. After good success with @GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs and @OhioBob's Eve Optimized Engines, along with an old discussion about atmospheric engines using oxidizer instead of liquid fuel, I just had to ask how hard it would be to make jet engines that would breathe "explodium vapour" likely found in Eve's atmosphere and burn it with oxidizer to produce efficient thrust. @JadeOfMaar and @wasml pointed me in the right direction, @DStaal filled in a few blanks, and I hacked together some parts. Introducing Explodium Breathing Engines. A set of cloned configuration files from stock jet engine parts that use oxidizer only, and a new resource configuration found hypothetically in Eve's atmosphere: "Explodium Vapour" evaporated from Eve's Explodium Sea. This vapour may also be present on other planets in popular planet packs. Further rebalancing has happened based on resource abundance and a pure ethane (C2H6) reaction with oxygen. Resource abundance now has a direct impact on engine performance. This is turning from proof-of-concept into something realistic, while still being fun to use. There really is some science behind this that I explain at the project's Wiki, and hammered out in a more recent add-on discussion thread. Modified parts include explodium versions of all intakes, oxidizer + explodium versions of nacelles, oxidizer only tanks and wet wings, and underworld-themed engines: J-21 "Hades" J-34 "Zephyrus" J-91 "Atlas" J-405 "Sphinx" J-X5 "Beelzebub" and let's not forget our favourite: CR-8 L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (Large Unkerbal Cycle-Interchanging Fueled Explodium Rocket) All parts should have a distinct appearance to separate them from stock parts. I put all of the modified parts and ExpVapour resource configurations in a new GitHub repository. MIT license to match OhioBob's choice for the Eve Optimized Engines. I'd be glad to let others into the project who know better than I do. The to-do list includes: (The to-do list is finished!) Rewrite parts as Module Manager patches to remove dependency on Squad art (Done!) Fix the intakes to work on Eve only, somehow (Done! Intakes are now zero EC harvesters.) Fix the resource config if needed, integrate with Community Resource Pack (Not necessary as it turns out.) Rebalance engine performance based on tester feedback (we might be almost done!) Produce different artwork to identify the explodium-based parts (I'm just missing some tricky parts.) Create RealPlume configurations; I'd like to do a different colour plume for these like the blue from an ethane flame (This was quite easy, as it turned out.) Maybe get some help with CKAN, publish to Space Dock (SpaceDock done, CKAN should be done) Known problems, should not impact play: Harvesters need manual activation because of how ModuleResourceHarvester behaves. Workaround: Assign "Deploy Filter" and "Start ExV Filter" to action groups. Ore mining contracts will appear in Career mode when you unlock tech nodes with harvester parts. This might be a game design problem with contracts lumping all resource harvesters together. Pay attention to contract requirements, because there might be a "Gather 2000 units of Explodium Vapour" contract that won't make sense because there are no containers for it. No colourized textures are available for the Atlas engine or Big-OX wings. The wings don't take well to colourization, and the Atlas causes null reference exceptions if using an alternate texture. Harvesters have a small amount of ExpVapour loaded by default. This means engines will work for a few seconds at launch from Kerbin, but will quickly run out of vapour. This may be needed in KSP 1.3 though. Slow frame rates may happen if using the RealPlume configurations. Update SmokeScreen to 2.7.4 or later to address this. (KSP 1.3) Stationary harvesters will harvest zero ExV, such as craft on launch clamps or with wheel brakes engaged. Once motion starts, harvesters will start harvesting. (KSP 1.3) Engine resource shows up as "Ex V" instead of "Explodium Vapour" in VAB or SPH. Other resource name strings not affected for some reason. To use this part pack, grab a release from GitHub or SpaceDock, and put the "GameData\ExplodiumBreathingEngines" folder into your GameData folder. Also copy a supported edition of the Module Manager DLL to your GameData folder. I tested this with Module Manager 2.7.5 on KSP 1.2.2 and 2.8.0 on KSP 1.3. To use an ExpVapour intake / harvester, first deploy the harvester's filter (Deploy Filter), then start it (Start ExV Filter). You might want to use the Brakes action group to deploy the filters and then the Stage action group to start them. To use a RealPlume configuration, install RealPlume-Stock and update its SmokeScreen installation to 2.7.4. If you don't install RealPlume, you'll still get a different engine plume for some engines but most will use the stock jet plumes. Now with more brains! Change log:
  6. I’m currently designing an Eve spaceplane mission. I’m very excited for this mission and so far quite pleased with my craft. The mission profile looks like this: 1. SSTO from Kerbin 2. Refuel in LKO with fuel tanker (capable of Minmus refuel with ISRU if you’re not lazy like me) 3. Fly to Eve and land 4. Refuel on Eve with ISRU 5. Staged ascent from Eve, with only the cockpit eventually making it back to Kerbin. Anyway, I digress, none of this is too relevant to the question. My issue is that I cannot for the life of me reenter the plane on Eve. I will burn up every time seemingly regardless of my entry profile (shallow vs steep and several in-betweens). Are heat shields a must now? And how to put heat shields on a plane that’s supposed to SSTO from Kerbin without totally ruining the areo? Any help is appreciated. I will say I’ve had lots of fun looking at the firework show each time I’ve blown up the 150-part plane during my tests!
  7. After a long time playing this game and playing around with different ways to land and return from Eve, I've finally done it. One launch (IE I can reset to pad still, yeah this was in normal-sandbox, it was also a first for me), 1890 parts at launch, over 23 megatons, and a guaranteed destroyed launchpad. I've uploaded the entire flight (what I captured in screenshots anyhow) to an imgur album, but I'll go over the highlights here with a few choice images. This craft is as yet unnamed, so I'd love some good name suggestions for it. I did use a pair of mods, though all of the parts involved were stock parts save for the mechjeb AR202. I found it necessary to use FSHangarExtender due to the size of this rocket: 98.6 meters high, 71m x 71m in the other two axes. FSHangarExtender simply allows me to zoom out much further, to be able to place the outer layers. This isn't strictly necessary as you can move the rocket to one edge, I'm pretty sure I had enough room for that, but it certainly does make it easier. Mechjeb I'm sure most of you are familiar with, for those of you that aren't, it adds a lot of functionality which I'll definitely take advantage of. I can (eventually, a lot of trial and error nodes sometimes) do all of the things I used mechjeb for. Interplanetary transfers are a pain but I know how to do em. But without mechjeb, I probably wouldn't have completed the mission- at 23 megatons this craft still had barely enough fuel at 2 points in the process, where hand planned burns would potentially have used up that fuel. So first, the rocket in the hangar, with fancy MSpaint lines to show which tanks belong to which branch of the fourfold symmetry the tank belongs to, as well as the stats screen. FSHangarExtender saved my sanity. The engineer's report is really something else, though I do have quite a few launch stability enhancers. Getting rockets this large past physics load-in is a task in and of itself. Each tank is primarily anchored to the one it is staging off, with 6 connections each to that one. There are two additional supports in either direction between tanks in the same ring, though those primarily support rows outside, as once that ring starts staging, the circle is broken and stability greatly decreases. I lost quite a bit of thrust to cosine still, but I did want my computer to be able to eventually process the launch, so I had to limit the amount of stability I could add via struts. Still, it loads onto the pad. It needs time to settle down after physics load-in, time to stop the wobble, but after a few minutes because of framerate drop, it's stable. This launch is exactly as ridiculous as it looks. And for what it's worth, goes mostly as planned. The mechjeb dV stat page really tells the tale of a brief yet agonizing climb which took more than an hour to process 5 minutes worth of launch, and actually reach orbit. Highlight reel of the launch with brief commentary, if you want the full story and full commentary, check the imgur album: First stage, cleanly away, but I'm barely off the pad. This is all according to plan, though my launchpad is toast. And yes, 5.2s to burn through 8 big 3.75m tanks. 15 minutes realtime, 36 seconds game time have elapsed, this is mid-stage so the max acceleration isn't accurate I don't think. But I've put on some real speed, and this is the final 2-tank stage. Tipping now, though late, at ~14km. 2 more 2nd ring and 3 more inner ring stages remain. Last ring booster away: about 45* tip right now, still svel+ alignment. It was at this point that I messed up. The two mammoths which are further back along the ship are to be staged rapidly, less than 10 seconds to burn in each stage as they each have only a single tank to burn. There is a rhino located above each of them. I decided to switch to orbital alignment at this point, which nearly blew up the craft. One of the newly emptied tank+mammoth debris tagged one of the mammoths that was still burning and destroyed it. Luckily, the game was still moving at a snail's pace, so I could react quickly enough to save the launch. I quickly shut off the engines and staged again, to blow off the crippled stage, before I resumed full thrust. I lost around 90 dV from this because I didn't get to use that stage, but that's much better than imbalanced burning and the pains which come with that. There was a slight fuel imbalance in the later asparagus stages, but it was apparently so little that I didn't have problems from misalignments during Eve entry. But now I'm into first rhino burn stage, which will last 1 minute 15 seconds, starts with 0.98 TWR (because of my elevation, live SLT for rhinos is now maxed), and has over 800 dV. I've made orbit. End of first rhino stage, and I also get rid of the mammoths which I still had adding additional thrust. I don't need the thrust and can afford to shed the weight here. As I said, I started tipping late: I'm well, well above the atmosphere during my main horizontal burn, which should be more like 50km. But it's enough for me to be able to set up an orbit of 92/605, which I then circularize at apoapsis in order to warp at 100k. Here's what the craft looks like at that 600k circular orbit: Just 8 fuel tanks outside of the Eve lander itself, which you can finally see. This is my biggest development here, which is really just asparagus staging taken to an extreme: There are 52 Vector engines, equivalent to 13 Mammoths, mounted on 2.5m to 4x1.25m quad stack adaptors. Each quad Vector is the same thrust as a Mammoth, 4,000 kN, and though it does weigh slightly more, it also has better atmospheric performance, which is ESSENTIAL to this process. The 2.5m form factor allowed me to more easily use 2.5m fuel tanks, which helped quite a bit with keeping the weight still manageable. The big secret is that the lander has 3.55 TWR in Kerbin SOI vacuum. The hardware is not payload- the fuel on it is payload, but the hardware is VERY TWR positive. The ship seen above, with the 4x8 fuel tank only stage, is still 13 m/s/s of acceleration!! Pumping fuel into those engines from the ground means that I need fewer engines to be staged off later, which allows me a much larger craft. Lifting off is about maintaining sufficient TWR and angle for your current velocity- more thrust = more fuel hauling ability. The Eve lander itself is so net positive TWR that it can get the 4x8 stage off the ground alone, respectably even with 1.3 TWR. The craft itself being forced to have so high a TWR in order to lift off Eve and combat the heavy atmosphere down near sea level, can lift a lot of its own fuel. Two additional 4x7 fuel tank + rhino stages, along with the mammoth on the first 7+rhino stage that I showed earlier, is enough to actually achieve orbit around kerbin from 35k and 300-400 m/s, as well as to transfer to Eve and slow down enough to achieve low eve orbit with minimal use of the fuel on the lander itself. The booster stages were just there to 1) fuel the lander and the other engines as they went, and 2) provide additional thrust to get those large tanks up to 35km+ from the pad. Each 3 tank + mammoth provides some net TWR bonus, but the 2 tank + mammoth as a booster stage provides a much higher TWR bonus. The 1 tank + mammoths were the last to be staged because of their position inside the rings, under the rhinos which would not have helped much at sea level anyhow, in order to keep TWR high at lower altitudes. This is Asparagus staging taken to an extreme, really, with utilization (in design anyhow, I didn't fly it very well) of changing TWR levels appropriately throughout the staging. The orbital stuff's pretty normal orbital transfers. I had a quick transit so I didn't actually pass through a plane node, so I didn't bother to plane change. I did do a fine tune burn to get a periapsis of 100km at Eve. Deorbited a bit too hard I think, should've had less thrust at this point. The tale of this landing is a long and harrowing one best read in full, because highlights won't do it justice. This picture shows a critical error which almost cost me the mission, slowing down too quickly at too high of an altitude, causing me to plunge into the lower atmosphere too quickly, without enough fuel. There were other errors along the way before a last minute save at only 6km, with my drogue chutes destroyed, no fuel, and very little chance of aero effects braking me sufficiently for my parachutes to save me. The fins! They can help! Safe with parachutes only, using Eve's atmosphere for my benefit for once! Quite a bit of time warp later, I've used the mining drills, converters, solar panels, radiators, and the engineer for a nice healthy bonus, to fill the fuel tanks up again for launch. Immediately after take off (for safety's sake) the fuel generation equipment and entry fins will be staged off. Launch stage 2 is away cleanly but I'm still not going very fast, or very high, ~12km. Tipping away now that my q-limit is dropping off That'll do. Repacked my parachutes, pushed orbit up to over 600km circ, and made transfer. Still have some dV left. Guess I WILL match planes Fine tune burn later, and I'm parked at 25km periapsis at kerbin, which is enough to capture and deorbit safely with only an ablator. Safe by a ways, actually. So it'll pull 5 g's or more for a while, between 20km and 35km or so it'll be pulling close to 5g's, but it'll shed off all that heat, and because I wasn't aimed at the ground, it'll still be a shallow enough entry that I'll slow down more than enough for parachutes. And I'll land safely on kerbin again. So yeah, this was the longest single mission I've run with the ability to reset to VAB at any point, at over 4 hours when I recovered my vessel. I gathered no science and didn't even leave the vessel lol, but I landed and took off. This is the eighth iteration of my eve lander that I've been working on in the same style for the past few weeks, and is certainly the largest, though I've attempted many times before with no real successes. A few in this recent sprint I did landed, but I did not have them set up right to actually take off from Eve again successfully, for a variety of reasons. The biggest thing I'd change to make this work better, IE less mass/parts at launch, is to try to shave mass off the Eve lander itself. I just don't see how it's even possible to make fundamental changes to sufficiently lose mass. Changing the last stage to a 16x ion cluster, instead of the LV-N's, leaves me with ~4500 dV, but at a third the thrust. It's also much, much lighter. The problem I see is that the vector engines are still necessary to this style in order to lift off Eve. It is possible to asparagus some 1.25m tanks with a single vector on the bottom, resulting in many more stages and no doubt a more efficient launch, but the number of parts would balloon quickly, especially if I were to attach separatrons to keep the stages close together. 1.25m asparagus is also simply not as strong as 2.5m, so for those reasons, I think the 2.5m tanks make launches much more feasible. Kerbin launches too, fixing the main 3 tanks to the Eve lander I used is much easier than a more awkward 1.25m setup. This being said, even if I decrease the mass of the final return craft by changing to ion, the biggest problem is still the lower atmosphere. The LV-N stage brings my final stage weight to around 42 tons, where the ion cluster would be ~16t. But the *empty* mass of the stage immediately prior with 20 x 1.25m tanks and 4 vectors, the mass that's shed when the stage is empty, was over 18 tons, and carries 80 tons of fuel at its start. That's 98 tons, bringing the ion cluster's total weight at that point to around 114 tons, and the LV-N's to around 140T. This will give it a lot more thrust and dV, to be sure. The problem with that is, that it doesn't make very much difference in what I *can* bring for the lower stages. I'm still likely going to strap on the same red booster stages. Tsiolkovsky's gets me a great return for the ion switch, *if* I can shed the rest of the mass. Switching to 1.25m tanks is problematic but possible, but if I use the same red booster stages, the final mass of the craft isn't going to change very much. I will have higher thrust (not by much, not enough to switch to 3x vectors instead of 4x, I don't think) and better fuel efficiency, but from my new experience with variations on Vector designs, and lifting off Eve, the vast majority of the fuel goes into the lower atmosphere, either into aero forces or into maintaining terminal for so long. Eve takeoff needs a lot of thrust, for a long time, which needs a lot of fuel. I think the extremeness of this atmosphere problem does a number on the Tsiolkovsky gains you make from switching to ion cluster, to the point where viable liftoff configurations which will lift small payloads to low Eve orbit don't benefit much from the mass being 16T instead of 42T, despite Tsiolkovsky's law. I don't know how much fine tuning can go into making the Eve launch more efficient, as there is a long phase where 1.1 TWR is all that's required. Setting up a rocket to 1) have 1.1 TWR for that period, and 2) being able to quickly boost to that point prior to that, would be a way to potentially remove 4 or even 8 vector engines by switching to tristacks instead of quad, so it's possible that more weight could be shaved off there. But the dry mass at landing was nearly 500 tons, wet mass 1.6 megatons. It's playing a game of inches when the scale is in miles. I probably could shave 50-100 tons off wet mass of the lander by tweaking things using that flight's data, but then I've got to get 1.5 megatons to low Eve orbit instead of 1.6. And with the amount of time it takes to launch this, as well as the complexity of reconstructing on any changes, I'm loathe to tweak designs as opposed to just constructing new. If I change the spacing on where the big 3 sets of tanks are, I have to redo almost every single fuel duct and strut, which means a lot get left behind and are extra parts doing nothing. So yeah, hope you guys liked it, I know I had a lot of fun and even though I made some mistakes in flying it, the mistakes didn't kill me. I might make another attempt at it in the future if I can drop the part count, or find a better way to launch from Eve. Please let me know what you think, I'd love to get some fresh ideas on how to build these things!
  8. Inspired by this video: Watch the video first: I thought what about making cloud cities in ksp? Doing this requires any cloud or atmosphere effects* mod. For balloon mods i think using hooligan labs,procedural airships or heisenburg seems to be the mods, for cities maybe kerbinside or habitat module or just making out of structrual panels. And there a few things that are not possible or with another mod like growing trees,or extracting water from clouds or having domes full of oxygen. In the title I wrote Venus,because also you can do this RSS and RSSVE. *Atmosphere effects= *Atmosphere effects= *Atmosphere effects=
  9. I installed RSSVE using ckan, and when i load the space center the sky is always black(day and night)
  10. (Note, this is still in v 1.04) Proving that what goes to Eve does not have to stay on Eve, I set about to make a not-entirely-stock Eve lander for my developing fleet of interplanetary ships. It may not be the best design, but I did successfully make and test a (rocket) vehicle that can leave the Purple Ball O' Doom, without being too big or tall. This is a "final" revision of my third design, meant to take a Mk 1 lander can down and back up. To make EVA easier without putting a zillion ladders on, I put a Mk 2 lander can at the very bottom to act as an EVA "elevator", i.e.transfer the Kerbal down and up. Could have used another Mk 1, but I wanted a bigger attachment node for the 5m stack separator. It also meant that the main stage is purely radial engines, with no central one; the central and outer tanks feed the inner engines. The pics combine two separate tests (used HyperEdit), the entry phase from the previous revision and the landing/launch from the final version. The only things different between the two ships was that the four Kiwi retro-burn engines (from Space Y) were replaced with a single Mainsail below the heat shield, a Mainsail replaced the 8 Swivels in the middle stage, plus 8 active winglets were added, and more fuel was added to the main stage. I had thought the Kiwis could perform as descent engines to slow down the final few meters, but they did nothing and still ended up using 4 of the main engines, so I ditched them. I made the changes to the middle stage after it kept flipping out after staging. I wanted to keep both the middle and upper stage short, so either the Mainsail and/or winglets proved to be the solution. The main engines are 8 Ratites from Space Y, a 2.5m engine with more thrust than a Rhino, especially at low altitudes (Rhinos proved to be useless on Eve). Less efficient too, but that's not I needed for the first stage of an Eve ascent vehicle. Most of the main stage tanks are from Fuel Tanks Plus, the 3/4 and 1.5x versions of the standard orange tank. Added some stock Rockomax tanks as needed. Main chutes are 2.5m Mk16 XLs plus 8 radial drogue ones. The big radial decouplers with built-in sepratons are also from Space Y (those things are so cool and useful!). And the heat shield is a Tweakscaled 5m one from Space Y (not sure if it mattered) up to 20m size--no problems with heat there! Middle stage as noted is a Mainsail on a Rockomax -32 tank with 8 radial FL-T400 tanks. Upper stage is a FL-T400 with 4 -200s and 4 1.25m Poodles (used Tweakscale), they have a mass of .377 and 45 kN of thrust. Thought about using aerospikes but wanted something with thrust vectoring and lower mass. The upper stage has an RCS fuel tank from FTP and 4 quad thrusters. And of course I put MechJeb on it, though I only used it to hold pro/retrograde, not to land or launch. The landing struts are LT-2s upsized 300% mounted on 200% pocket I-beams. Several 2.5m reaction wheels are in the ship, with main power from 4 200% size RTGs Not sure what was going on with the landing struts on the landing (broken? glitch?) but the ship was stable and took off fine. Went into a polar orbit since that was how it came in--wanted to land on, well, land and not in the sea. Started at relatively low altitude too, 654m ASL (heh, the previous test landed in the Highlands ). Ended up with over 1150 m/s DV left after the circularization burn. The first version of the lander included a top-docked rover, my latest "mega mini" type, the plan being to transfer the scientist Kerbal from the ship to the rover after then pop off the rover before landing and have it drive back to the ship, visiting several biomes on the way That proved to be successful, so I stopped bothering to include it on later versions. I might even change the plan to land the rover separately, or even several rovers...but that would require a 2 or 3-Kerbal version of the ship...guess what will be next?
  11. Hello, Can someone please help me make eve/scaterer compatible atmospheres for my planets? Also, how do I make oceans? Thanks in advance
  12. Tutorial: Setting Up EVE Cube Maps In this tutorial we will be looking at how to take advantage of EVE's Cube Map system to layer up to 4 textures onto a single cube map to reduce file size within mod distributions. This method will be outlining the process of taking 4 Equirectangular Cloud Maps, converting them to a single image by putting them into the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels, converting it to a Cube Map and setting it up for use in-game with EVE. ***Please Note: All the images below are clickable thumbnails to 1080p images*** ---- 1. Source your Cloud Map (or whatever you want to use) images from wherever. Google Images, NASA, your own creations etc. and ensure that they are all sized correctly in an Equirectangular format; as what has always previously been used in EVE & KSP i.e. Width = 2 x Height. You can use up to 4 image maps at this stage. Below, I have shown a 8192px x 4096px cloud map that has a transparent background. 2. Your images will need to be converted to Greyscale, flat images where the light portions will be the clouds and the dark portions of your image will be the transparent parts in game on your cloud layer i.e. the opacity of the pixel scales with brightness. Therefore, at this stage just edit your cloud map to have a black background with your cloud map layer over the top. 3. Do this for all 4 of your textures and save them as .bmp. For ease of use, I'd recommend naming them something simple like red.bmp, green.bmp, blue.bmp and alpha.bmp or 1.bmp, 2.bmp etc. 4. Open your Equirectangular to Cube Map conversion software, I recommend CubeTheSphere or Hugin (I will be using CubeTheSphere in this tutorial), and load in and convert your images to Cube Maps. In CubeTheSphere open your Equirectangular .bmp image and then select the individual cube face image size to be 2048px x 2048px under the Options toolbar. This will result in the output Cube Map to roughly equate to the same resolution as the 8k Equirectangular image. 5. Extract all the faces of the Cube Map to give you your 6 individual images being the Front, Back, Left, Right, Top and Bottom sides of the map. Do this for all of your 4 cloud maps. This may take some time as your computer is rendering out the images for each face of the cube. Be patient. 6. Now you need to rename the faces to correlate with EVE's naming conventions. In EVE the following sides of the Cube are given as X Positive, X Negative, Y Positive, Y Negative, Z Positive and Z Negative. Seeing as we will finally be outputting the textures for KSP in .dds format, we will need to name the sides of the faces upside down as .dds flips the image vertically when saving. For ease of use, use the following guide to help you rename the files: Xp : Right Xn : Left Yp : Bottom Yn : Top Zp : Front Zn : Back So you should end up with something like the following list of files for each of your cloud maps: redXp.bmp (Right Image) redXn.bmp (Left Image) redYp.bmp (Bottom Image) redYn.bmp (Top Image) redZp.bmp (Front Image) redZn.bmp (Back Image) 7. Once you have your cube maps for all your 4 cloud map textures, go back into Photoshop and load the first 3 X-Positive face images. i.e. redXp.bmp, greenXp.bmp & blueXp.bmp 8. Convert each of the images to Greyscale. Confirm to 'Discard' when asked. 9. Ensure that each of the images is flattened. 10. Navigate to the Channels panel and select the 'Merge Channels' button from the drop down menu. 11. The Merge Channels menu should pop up where you can select the RGB option from the drop down menu, select the 'RGB' option and 3 channels and click 'OK'. 12. In the next menu select the appropriate image for each of the corresponding colour channels. Click 'OK' to merge the images into one image. 13. As a result you will end up with something similar to what is shown below. By toggling the visibility of each of the colour channels you can see you individual textures appear on their separated colour channels. 14. To add the 4th cloud map, cube map face texture to the image, we will be putting it into the Alpha Channel. To do this, in the Channels panel click 'Create New Channel' to add another channel to the image. This will by default apply a solid black mask to this channel which will act as the alpha channel. 15. Open up the 4th appropriate cube map face in Photoshop (in this examples case the alphaXp.bmp), convert it to Greyscale as before and select all the image and cut/copy it. 16. In the Channels panel with the new Alpha channel selected as the Active Channel, paste the image into this channel. You should see it appear similarly to what is shown below when only the Alpha channel is toggled visible. 17. At this stage, toggle the RGB channels on and the Alpha channel off and save the resulting texture as a DXT5 .dds texture. I have shown my nVidia dds configs below during the saving process. When saving the .dds texture, make sure to name them '******' for ease of use later i.e. 18. Repeat steps 7 through 17 another 5 times for each side of the Cube Map and you should end up with 6 .dds textures with your 4 cloud maps appearing on the 4 separate channels named: ******** ******** ******** ******** ******** ******** These are the final textures that will be used in-game. Copy them to your Textures directory inside your mod directory. 19. EVE requires a separate config to know how to handle cube maps. This file can be located anywhere in your mod directory but must be named 'textures.cfg. I always recommend the use of the EVE GUI to edit the configs as no syntax or parameter errors can be made but for this demonstration I will be listing the config structure below as I assume the knowledge and familiarity with EVE's GUI. The Textures config can be found in the TextureConfig panel in the GUI. In this config, you will be required to list the following information: Cube Map = True and paths to each of the cube map faces. i.e. EVE_TEXTURE_CONFIG { OBJECT { name = Mod/Textures/imageName isCubeMap = True texXn = Mod/Textures/imageNameXn texYn = Mod/Textures/imageNameYn texZn = Mod/Textures/imageNameZn texXp = Mod/Textures/imageNameXp texYp = Mod/Textures/imageNameYp texZp = Mod/Textures/imageNameZp } } 20. Once EVE knows to recognise the 6 images as a Cube Map, you can navigate to your Celestial Body's Cloud Manager in the CloudManager Panel in the GUI and add a cloud layer. You can name this layer whatever you wish and input your specific settings for altitude, speed etc. 21. Toggle the MainTex option and input the path to your texture; this will be as specified in the Texture Config section i.e. Mod/Textures/imageName 22. Change the RGBA setting by default to AlphaCubeMap. If done correctly up until this stage, the image path should be displaying as white text. 23. Scroll down the GUI and toggle the 'layer2D' option so that it renders the cloud texture as a graphic in ScaledSpace/PQS. 24. At this stage you can hit Save and Apply and EVE should now render, by default, the cloud map you specified to be in the Alpha channel of your Cube Map. If following my instructions above with regards to the alignment of the cube faces using CubeTheSphere it should be aligned correctly. If using other software or this is not the case, you may need to play around with the sides of which your textures are appearing on the Cube Map. 25. To change the rendering of the cloud map to that of the Red, Green or Blue channels, cycle through the 'alphaMask' option to switch between your 4 cloud map textures. 26. At this stage you should be finished and able to choose between 4 different cloud maps by using only 6 cube map textures. Hooray! From here you can go back into your cloud layers and edit the parameters of them to how you wish to configure your EVE Cloud Layer to appear. ---- For reference, if you were to use 4 separate 8k DXT5 .dds textures for the 4 cloud maps, the resultant total file size would be 170MB. By combining these 4 maps into a single 2k DXT5 .dds Cube Map the resultant total file size is only 24MB... more than a 700% saving! Imgur Album of the above Tutorial Images for your reference: A big thank you and shout out to @rbray89 for making all of this possible with EVE and the continous support that he has given when we badger him with questions. EVE Forum link: I hope that you found this helpful and will be an aid in your endeavour to create better and more efficient visual packs for EVE. If you have any queries, feel free to ask by pinging me with an @Poodmund tag in this thread.
  13. Good morning everyone. I have started a new 1.22 game (going to wait for teething trouble observations before 1.3) and as expected EVE just slogs my potato PC to a crawl, so I am playing without clouds. However, before I try to get to Eve I thought I would ask; has anyone heard of a mod for ONLY Eve? Landing on Eve (the OPM Triton analog too I guess [name escapes me]) would be so much more mysterious and exciting if there were dense clouds there, but I can't abide the slow down for Kerbin operations that come from EVE, Is there a possibility for an Only Eve EVE?...
  14. Wiki and Kerbalmaps say the peak is at 7526 m, but I've managed to land a rover there and got to 7541 m, 15 m higher than the official value. I'm using full terrain details. I wasn't aware of these changes, are they new? I'm using Realistic Atmospheres and pressure on top was 0.943 atm.
  15. Hi, I'm not new to KSP, but I'm still having troubles. I want my planets to look like in Matt Lowne's videos. But it's obviously not as simple as just enabling EVE, Scatterer, etc on CKAN. The mods I'd like to use are: EVE, SVE, SVT, and Scatterer. I don't really care about any other mods, I simply want my universe to be moar realistic that the lame stock planet graphics. So, when I enable EVE followed by Scatterer, I get the realistic atmosphere look I wanted. But when I go to enable SVE, the "Apply changes" button is grayed out. If I enable SVE first, it says it includes EVE, however when I do this I get SVE but still have the lame atmo-less look to Kerbin, Eve, and Jool. This is just one example. Then we have stuff like: "SVT (for Windows)", and "SVT-High Res". No indication of what the differences are, what dependencies they have, if they are compatible with SVE, etc. I have Windows, and I want High res. But it won't let me pick both! How on earth do I know which to use? And what does it mean when one of the mods in the list turns red for a second? For each mod, it seems there are several secondary "config" and "component" mods with them, and others I have to select from. I have no clue which of them to pick! This is probably part of my problem. This is all very annoying because every time I have to update KSP or build a new install, I have to remember all the same stuff I did last time... before I realize it looks totally different than last time! (Why can't they just make standard things like good visual mods stock?) Now before you suggest it, yes, I know I can just download the individual mods and apply them one by one. Problem is, I can't get the mods to work out correctly seeing as some parts of them override each other. I also don't have the time to be re-doing this all over again for every update. So I use CKAN, for no other reason than that! Can someone help me understand what all these little mods alongside SVE, Scatterer, EVE, etc are, and tell me what I need to do in order to enable all the main mods at the same time? Thanks
  16. This mod adds cloud configs for OPM, you can get it here,'s OPM configs for Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements It requires Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements,You can get it here vvvvvvvvvvvv
  17. Okay, I'm having a issue with SVE and EVE. I've installed everything your supposed to, (even the recommended mods), and the EVE clouds won't show up. Only the scatterer atmosphere. I've installed the regular SVE itself and the textures itself. I have reinstalled modulmanager. I have installed EVE on it's own without SVE. The EVE I installed is also NOT the config one, as stated in the github. I have a Dell XPS 8700, with a Intel i5-4460 core, and I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, if that information will help at all. Does anybody know what's going on, or what am I doing wrong?
  18. My newest videos of a Moho transit and a simultaneous Eve and Mun transit. Used Tarsier Space Tech.
  19. I finally managed to build a reasonable craft for Eve Space Program that can get to Eve orbit with about 1300-1400 m/s dV left. In career mode, with only Tier 3 and 4 parts. Craft file here, uses OhioBob's Eve Optimized Engines. After several attempts, my best effort is in this video here. The biggest challenges of the current incarnation of the Eve Space Program mod are the lack of biomes outside of the KSC, and the distance of most survey contracts; the KSC is a quarter of a world away from where the game puts those surveys. This leaves part tests, science grinding around KSC, and a full fundraising campaign strategy (25% of reputation going to funds) to pay for building upgrades. Otherwise I'd be using a lot better parts for this craft. As it stands, the only remaining source of decent science is Gilly, and I can't reach that and get back on 1400 m/s. I didn't do any dV math really; just tried plotting to Gilly's orbit needing 1425 or so m/s, and came up short just by 20+ m/s. That being said, I remember someone saying that ascending from Eve's surface to orbit needs a launch profile that goes straight up for a large part of the ascent, then starts the gravity turn very high up. With this craft I find I can start my turn just around 20 km, and also before staging away the last of the Adam engines and going to my first non-EoE; the Swivel, close to 35-40 km. Then some careful throttling and I can get to about 1400 m/s orbit speed before staging away the Swivel and going to my Terrier, finally closing my orbit with maybe 2/5th of my fuel. What would be a better ascent profile for launching into Eve orbit? Where to start turning away from vertical? At what altitude and at what speed should I have a pitch of 45 degrees? If you try this craft, note that Eve Space Program's launch pad is only at 450 m altitude, and I'm using tank priorities and decoupler fuel crossfeed to use a hybrid of onion staging and asparagus staging, so watch the tank levels on ascent. [Update 15 APR] There's so much good advice here I can't mark any one answer as correct. I upvoted all of the good answers and gave out likes.
  20. Here is pics: (Mechjeb hates me and doesn' tell me my Dv stats)
  21. I am about to land on Eve and want to make it extremely efficient!
  22. I might be getting a new graphics card soon, so in the mean time, or if I don't get it, are there any tips to have a higher FPS when you're using EVE and scatterer?
  23. Does anyone remember a really old Scott Manley video explaining why specific impulse is measured in seconds? Or remember a follow-up making fun of YouTube's caption generator? Seeing as it's now April First UTC, I can now publish the story of the Purple Space Program. Inspired by YouTube's caption creator and raised by @GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs, the brave purples of Eve take their first faltering steps into space. Barely. I'm Not Manley.1 Fly Safe! [1] No matter how you interpret that, I think it's funny!
  24. So I've just downloaded my first Graphic mods - EVE + Scatterer. They work but.. look a bit glitchy. Is it just me and it looks absolutely normal or..?