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Found 10 results

  1. Version 2.0.1 - Released 2021-06-13 Compatible with KSP 1.3 - 1.12.x [ ] NOTICES TO KDEX USERS @masTerTorch no longer has time for this excellent little mod at the moment, so he has given me permission to maintain it until such time as he can resume operations. Original Thread Translations: Kerbal Dust Experiment is actively looking for more translations! If you can help, that would be great There is some good information to help in this thread. If you're looking to translate, please post in this thread so that nobody else picks up the same language!
  2. TLDR I did some tests with various rotors to determine which yields the highest lift/weight ratio for heavy payloads on either Kerbin or Eve. In the static tests I’ve performed on the ground of Kerbin and Eve, I noticed that the large helicopter Type S blades provide the most lift per tonnes rotors+motor . In my flawed tests, 8 rotors per motor work best on Kerbin and 4 rotors per motor work best on Eve. I was also able to roughly determine the maximum mass of a craft at which it would still fly. Long story I’ve been running tests with various sizes of propellers
  3. Hullo fellow modders, Wondering whether anyone knows how to do this (or if it's even possible without a plugin). I've got an experiment configuration which I want to be biome-aware in the following sitiuations: * Landed or splashed * Flying low on bodies with an atmosphere * In space low on bodies without an atmosphere All other situations should count as a single biome. I don't think it's possible using the situationMask and biomeMask parameters but hope to be pleasantly surprised. Cheers, - Micha.
  4. I installed the Galileo Planet Pack, but all the experiments in every biome give only the default "You record crew's assessment of the situation" -style results. As far as I know the mod should have unique logs for experiments in different planets, so how can I get them to show in my game? Edit: Turns out the custom science reports have been temporarily disabled in the current version of GPP, so this question has been answered for now.
  5. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help
  6. I have an acquaintance who is really pushing hard for a gravity experiment to get real evidence of the interior solution for gravity. I don't fully understand everything about the work though it's laid out plain enough in his papers. My intent is to create a mod that can simulate the experiment in KSP. I haven't modded KSP or any other game for that matter. How difficult would this be to learn and any good pointers on what utilities or software? I'm imagining right now a Kopernicus mod that added a planet with a hole in it and then drop... a ship through? Does anyone who can interpret ph
  7. I've done a bit of coding with work and thought I might try my hand at making a small mod regarding science. One thing I can't work out is if the function behind the "Store experiments" process for a Kerbal on EVA is an all or nothing process? I'm looking to hide the existing "Store Experiments" button and replace with a process of my own making. I figure this part should be fairly straight forward (at least I 'think' it should be) My question to the KSP coding community is: Can the experiment storage function be made to use filters so it only stores certain experiments? Alternatively, do
  8. Hey guys! I have a contract to "Do an experiment on your Station around Duna then return the experiment to Kerbin". But there seems to be no way to take the experiment as you can usually do when you EVA (right click --> take data/experiment), even when the research is finished (data dropped to 0). Does anybody know how to do this?
  9. I think it would be interesting to add diferent situations for different latitudes and times of the day for the thermometer experiment. Temperatures in Mars change drastically from pole to equator and night to day, that should be apllied to Duna too (specially to latitudes, just look at the poles of Duna, they're full of ice). I've just landed a probe in Duna, i used the 2HOT Thermometer to log the temperature, transmitted it and got the science. I was taking some screenshots during the dunian night and i had this idea, i tested it and got 0 science. Honestly, i was a bit disapp
  10. Second version of my VTOL. Bigger, 2 more engines and landing struts. http://www./?86vzvej8bk9q5t7
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