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Found 12 results

  1. Seriously, as per title. The contract system loves to get stuck on demanding activities you don't care about in places you've already explored. Could we consider some of the following... Not having rendezvous/dock/crew transfer as an "explore" type contract at all. It's nothing to do with exploration. Ending all further "explore" contacts for a body once it has had a flag planted on it. If players have got this far, they'll either go back for other reasons, or don't want to go back. Having at least two explore contacts available at all times, and not allowing them to be the same body, or parent body if a moon. Increase randomisation of exploration contracts. Duna this week, Eve the next, Eeloo, Jool, Dres... any time, any order. Let players decide whether to take them or wait for next week.* Allow blacklisting of bodies for contract purposes. Literally a ticklist of "never offer me these". Allow players to nominate the target of exploration and provide bonuses based on that. * I don't often feel that RNG is a good answer in games, but in this case, we really need more RNG. I have put boots on Mars, Deimos, and Phobos, yet I haven't even been invited to flyby Venus or Jupiter (yeah, I'm playing RSS but that shouldn't matter to the contract system). It leads to a very silly progression and is likely to have players just ignoring the exploration contracts forever.
  2. Hello fellow KSPers. Inspired by @CatastrophicFailure's Alien Skies story, I'm running a career in Galileo's Planet Pack at 3.2x scale, deliberately not looking up anything about the planets. As a request: please don't spoil anything about Galileo's Planet Pack. I'm coming into this blind, using a combination of CactEye telescopes and probes to figure out what the system is like. Other key mods: FAR, Real Fuels-Stockalike, TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, Karbonite (with some custom Real Fuels configurations from some prior 6.4x stock system work), kOS, RemoteTech 2 (currently no communcations delay; that may change if I feel brave), and plenty of other mods. Funds rewards are set to 120%, science rewards to 40%. Note that the early posts are going to lack specific date information and even the year information will be outright guesses, but I'll try to keep better track in the future. Now, onto the good stuff The Astronomers of Gael The First Year: The Climb to Orbit Ciro shines upon us, as the Gael Space Center is finally established. It has been three centuries since the Transplantation, a mysterious event that brought our ancestors here from a world named Kerbin, a world much like our own. Fortunately, it also brought food, a library, many tools, and for some reason, the Kerbin Paper Airplane Museum. We now seek to go to the stars. Our ancestors suspected the Ciro system is in the same galaxy as the Kerbol system, and the answers of how we got here, whether there are still Kerbals on Kerbin, and why the food included RTG-powered freezers full of Minmus-themed mint ice cream await us in space. If the Transplantation was the work of a higher power, clearly, it has a sense of humor. Sounding Rockets to Space Before more complicated missions could be carried out, the Gael Space Agency was tasked with something quite simple: "how high is the atmosphere?" Our early missions peg this world's Karman line at about 98 km, as well as carrying out valuable experiments, such as exposing samples of several proposed propellants to vacuum (no surprise that the liquid oxygen boiled out). No van Allen belts were detected by this early effort, though they probably exist courtesy of Gael's magnetic field and the fact that we haven't all died of cancer. Program Kerbin: Suborbital Manned Flights The Kerballed project begins with relatively simple 1-Kerbal capsules mounted on 6-ton solid rocket boosters. Initial conclusions can be largely summed up as "yep, we can still go to space and zero-gravity, much like our ancestors did with their space program". However, the photographs delivered by Jebediah Kerman have been widely distributed, and the Gael Space Program has a line of tourists paying for suborbital hops... and the actual space program.
  3. Before I start, guys, I'd like to say I'm really sorry for abandoning my last story. The save loss would have made everything I had worked on in the Beginning of a Space Program useless, and this coupled with a few other things really needed me to take a break. Some stuff has happened in my life, nothing bad, but just chaotic. I'm really sorry I didn't start writing sooner. But no more excuses. Today I start a new story, and I am so glad to because now I know I won't be burnt out on KSP and my saves are being saved every time I play. Thank you guys for waiting I'd first like to thank @Raptor9 for the crafts that he put out for us to use, I'm using them for sure. I'm proud to be writing for you guys again. Cheers to 2017 and a new adventure! I hope you enjoy. Table of contents: Prelude-"Ma..." Chapter 1-Old Memories. Prelude-"Ma..." Today, at 509 Centralized Standard time, terror unlike any other struck us. It struck our people. One Hundred and Eight souls now lie on the desert sands outside Oasis Field. Four aircraft were involved in this act of war, 3 of them being Kolonia civilian flights. Flight 877 of Koruan Airways, Flight 92 of Union International, and Flight 8799 of Koruan Cargo. All three of these aircraft, and one KSA flight, were destroyed by missiles fired by Ratest terrorists. The passengers on these flights are victims of a plot against our nation, our freedom, and we must not let this stand. Today, to protect the country that so many of us call home, the Republic of Kolonia's military has invaded the breakaway states of the Ratest Union and have shut down all ties with Katax Union as well. This cannot last. Today, we're also mourning the death of Isaline Kerman, a mother of two, a loving wife, and a national hero. She died aboard a KSA aircraft departing from the airport, flying towards our launchpad and her ride to space. She will rest forever in the stars. The KSA is being temporarily shut down after this. We will never let these criminals win! We will win! May SQUAD bless our people, May SQUAD bless the Republic of Kolonia! Ma... I can't believe it's been 10 years. Remember that day? You took me around the airport, explaining how you were going to fly on a huge rocketship and that you'd bring a star home for me. You took me around Oasis Airport, to where Flight 877 was, and everyone was so kind and friendly... You were their Hero, ma... You were my hero. I was sitting in the front of Flight 92, and I watched out the window as Your plane and Flight 877 rolled down the runway, Dad waved with me out the window... And I had my head moving to make sure I could see you. Flight 877 was lifting off as it vanished from my sight, but I could see your plane. Our pilots had left the door open, most of the Kerbals in the front row were kids, and looking into the cockpit was heaven for us. So, with everybody but me looking attentively into the cockpit, we began our roll. And I heard them gasp when Flight 877 was hit. I heard the pilot say "Baby, I'll see you there" and I heard them swearing when it hit the ground. It was chaotic after that, somebody screamed, and I heard the copilot shout 'We need to stop and evacuate, now'. But, as the engines went to reverse, the pilot screamed 'We won't have the time' and jam the throttles forward. That's when they noticed that your plane had been hit, too... I rammed my head against the glass, and there was your plane, and I could see pieces falling off. I screamed 'Ma! Ma!', and got pushed into my seat as the pilot attempted to clear any other missile launches. But they hit us, too... I saw the engine fling off in fire. And then... I saw your plane dive into the ground. I screamed. Dad grabbed me. Everything was falling apart, the lights went off, and the other engine shut down. More people screamed as another missile went by but barley missed. I would have never noticed. I know that a cargo flight coming in was diverted, I had tunnel hearing on what was happening on the radio. I heard the pilot saying he'd lost the tail. His last words were 'Gears down, Gears down, Oh SQUAD, Tell Jeneta I love her'. And then I heard the calls. 'Brace, Brace, Brace, Brace. Brace, Brace, Brace, Brace.' And everything exploded. There was screaming and groaning of metal as the plane came apart. The cabin behind us was ripped off. Sand got into my eyes, I lost feeling in my left hand, it was so awful... I've never told you this, Ma... But we skidded to a halt... And there was silence... But soon we clambered out of the ripped back of the plane. I was one of the 17 lucky ones to make it. I wish you had taken our flight, why had they insisted you took the private jet? I wish that you had been sick, that I had tripped down the airstairs, that anything had happened. Ma, I wish you were here, I love you and I miss you so much. You never got your dream. I don't know what I would do to have you back, but Ma, if you're looking at me from the Pearly Gates of heaven above, Ma, I'm going to make you proud. No matter what happens today, One way or another, I'm coming for you...
  4. Hey fellow kerbonauts!! So I started a new career... and I thought; how many science is there to be gathered troughout the kerbol system? so all the expirements in all the biomes on all the bodies. not including: - station science - repeating science experiments - asteroid science - etc I started a new science career and edited the savegame so I could unlock the whole techtree. mods I use are only for convenience: Mechjeb RPM Vesselviewer Final Frontier Trajectories Astronomers Visual Pack Im planning to keep you guys up to date in the coming period on the findings of the Kerbol Exploration Program!! Parts: First Steps at Kerbin Roving the KSC Vessel introduction Kerbin Explorations part 1 Kerbin Explorations part 2 Kerbin Explorations part 3 Onwards to Mun! From Mun to Minmus with love KHASE KSR Mission Departure Party and Mohole (not) in one! Progress: Edit: Any suggestions for craft, explorations or other topics are welcome! Kreetings! Ferdoni
  5. Pretty interesting site:
  6. This thread is a showcase of the ways that I go about exploring everywhere possible in Kerbal Space Program. I'll be sending regular missions first, followed by long-term research missions and then full-scale colonies, to every planet and all of their moons. Now, what do I mean by "extended Kerbol system"? Well, of course I mean extended by the addition of numerous celestial bodies. In different saves (to combat lag) I will be exploring: Xen's Planet Collection, a wonderfully designed planet pack which adds moons to Eve, Duna, and Eeloo, as well as two new planets with moons of their own Outer Planets, a planet pack that adds analogues for Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto-Charon, along with several moons around each gas giant Various other planet packs that I come across and like the idea of. The save is a career game, but all rewards are maximized and all penalties are minimized, because I basically wanted a sandbox save with contracts. I've recently restarted the save for version 1.1.3 of the game, due to mod updates and the fact that my design style has somewhat changed. I had spent a fair amount of time exploring Duna and its moons (that mission is now outdated but it is still a good example of what I'll be doing in this thread), which I have images of as an example of what I'll be doing in future. A lot of images. 85 images to be precise. That album will be shown at the bottom of this post. I'd recommend flicking through it because Duna has had some modifications thanks to Xenonclave, as well as having a new space potato moon. A list of all missions relating to this thread can be found here. A showcase of all vehicles used in this thread (from game version 1.1.3 onwards) can be found here. This thread will probably also contain some discussion about my design process and the way everything modular fits together. There's three things that are significant about me as a designer: I usually prioritise aesthetics over efficiency. If something doesn't look good, I'll rarely let it take off. I love to make things modular. My launchers are saved as sub-assemblies, my upper stages are saved as sub-assemblies, my interplanetary transfer stages are saved as sub-assemblies, you get the idea. I am the sort of person whose approach to building a spaceplane is not a highly precise design process involving such 'fun' maths as figuring out how much fuel and oxidizer are needed to 4 significant figures. It instead consists of me being like "well this looks approximately like a plane, hopefully it'll work". Results vary from "literally the best engineered, most efficient, and easiest to handle spaceplane that has ever been constructed" to "it looks good but flies like a moderately aerodynamic brick". Anyway though, that's about it for an introduction to this thread. Now for an example of what this thread will contain, a Duna mission from an earlier save:
  7. Hello there kerbonaughts! This post is particularly aimed at those of you with a talent for modding or a keen desire for a more real and progressive way to explore the kerbol system. I was watching some videos of various landers and rovers that have touched down on Mars (curiosity and Viking) , Titan (Huygens) and many other celestial bodies in our solar system when it occurred to me just how much information these un-maned devices have allowed us to explore the far eat reaches of our solar system. That started me thinking , I wonder if there is a KSP mod that can emulate this, one that removes the ability to look at other planets through the radar dish array at the KSC but instead requires the player to build space telescopes in order to see images of the target planet and then require te deployment of unmanned orbiters/landers/rovers to said planet in order to actually see it in detail and send maned missions following that. I did some digging and found 1 or two mods that implemented space telescopes but nothing quite like what I am envisioning. If there are any misdeed out there who may be interested in taking on this project , this is my idea thus far.... Firstly remove the ability for te player to see all other planets except kerbin from the radar array at the KSC, and then implement space telescopes .. If the player I thinking of traveling to a planet , the telescope with allow them to gain basic images of the target and identify its orbital path. next would come a rejig of the tech tree , putting these new telescope parts early on , followed by the unmanned technology that woul first be required to visit these bodies. once the player has discovered te planet/moon they wish to visit then they may send an unmanned mission (lander,orbiter or rover) to the target in order to gather information about the surface of the body (consequently 'unlocking' it in the radar array back on Kerbin so the player may look at it in more detail and decide weather or not to send a manned mission for science) Personally, I feel this mod would fit in nicely with the other realism overhaul mods that are currently out there as it is a more realistic progression of discovery, to identification to visiting new planets and moons, and therefore I think it would make a great addition to the kerbal mod selection. I say again this is just an idea that I think would be a lot of fun to play through , but I lack te modding skill to make a reality myself , so I turn to you, the fantastic community!!! Feel free to play with my idea as much as you like, but te premise of nothing else , I believe could serve as the building block for a potentially fantastic realism exploration mod. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to seeing any ideas anyone has All the best Lord Lofty
  8. This thread is no longer accurate or relevant, but I don't know of any way to delete it.
  9. Hello fellow kerbonauts! Full-time career player here. So, some of you may already be aware of my thread about leaving Kerbin more seriously and actually approaching a real, mostly successful mission beyond the Kerbin system. You can find it here. Unfortunately, after my first stage of operations, it has slowed down a lot, and at the time I didn't have as great of technology (So I only had two things deployed to the Duna SOI at the time). Since then, I've been doing more research farming Minmus and Mun, and with about 80% of my tech tree completed, I decided to take the opportunity of the transfer Window between Eve and Kerbin. This time, I had just unlocked the Nervs, and I was super excited to try them out. As you can see, I had spent nearly 1 million funds to deploy that Flotilla, as I was very excited to meet Eve. Kerbal Alarm Systems was my best friend. Shortly before the transfer window, I was testing out the nuke on an Evian Exploration Vessel, which also carried three kerbals. I decided to Refuel a little and mine on Minmus, and after 40 some kerbal days, the transfer was on the Horizon. I had sent my first Kerbals beyond the Kerbin system for the very first time. I felt a little scared for them, but I knew at this stage I wasn't going to Land on Eve. I first wanted to establish an orbital station and a mining operation.
  10. Scenario: NASA gets 1 Billion Dollars of money every five years (or $200 Million per year)to spend on any of the 3 planetary exploration programs (it might be realistic). NASA currently has 3 of these programs: Discovery ($450 Million cost cap), New Frontiers ($1 Billion Dollar cost cap), and Flagship (generally $2 Billion per mission). Which one would you fund? (Or would you make a new planetary exploration program, with a specific goal? [Remember that such new program would need approval by the gov't, and would need a specific goal, like test technologies (New Millemium), or explore Mars (Mars Scout).] Discovery Program: -$450 Million cost cap per mission, used for smaller, more focused missions. -Generally limited to the inner solar system + the Asteroid Belt (due to practicality, and potential budget overruns) -Examples of potential future missions include: NEO Scout, VERITAS, and Phyche. -Using the obtained money, can fund 1-2 extra missions every 3-4 years (current rate of missions, however, mission pace expected to increase, within the coming years, with either 2 future missions being selected this time around, or the next call for missions being in 2017) New Frontiers Program: -$1 Billion cost cap per mission, used for medium-class, missions. -Able to go anywhere in the Solar System. -Examples of potential future missions include: Lunar Surface Polar Sample Return, Comet Nucleus Sample Return, and Venus In-Situ Explorer. -Using the obtained money, can fund 1 extra missions every 5 years (however, New Frontiers has been only sporatically putting out calls for mission proposals, so spending the money here will be more like fully funding this program- with a little extra left over) Flagship Program: -Generally $2 Billion in cost, used for high-cost missions designed to get as much data as possible from a single location. -Able to go anywhere in the Solar System, with more designed to go to the Outer Solar System. -Examples of Current Missions include: Solar Probe Plus, Curiosity. -Examples of Planned Future Missions include: Mars 2020, Europa Clipper -Using the obtained money, could accelerate existing flagship missions planned (Mars 2020, Europa Clipper) or use the money on preliminary work and instrument funding for Uranus Orbiter, for launch after Europa Clipper, once the money is freed up from the current flagship missions.
  11. Welcome! (Still on hiatus, sorry, but it's still a good read.) This is a two pronged story and mission report, focusing a long term Eve mission, the activities of a Mun base, and the politics that link them. It takes some influence from other AARs, such as czokletmuss's Voyage to the planets, and Brotoro's Laythe Saga. It is the story following on from The Space Centre Reborn!, but also stands on its own. For now, I have just a little teaser/intro for you, so lets get started! * * * Chapter One: That's a No Go KSC. (â†ÂThis will be how I set the location for each bit of story. Maybe not all the time.) Gene Kerman stood by the window, watching as the Mission Control building dangled in mid air. Any other day, he'd down there supervising the renovations, but today he was expecting an important call. Building relocations proceeded without him. The call would be minute now.... *brbring bbrbrring* He picked up the phone: Kerbal on phone: "May I please speak to mission planner Gene Kerman?" Gene (answering): "Hello Dad. What was the ruling? Are the United Nations of Kerbin willing to let the mission proceed?" Gene's Dad: "Unfortunately, I have bad news. Not enough of the other members were convinced sending someone to Eve was at all a good idea. I did my best. A ruling was made that no one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve. The dangers at the surface were ruled too great." Gene let out an audible sigh. Sending someone to Eve on a long term exploration mission had long been a dream of his. Yet going against a direct ruling of the UN could have some messy legal consequences... Gene's Dad: "Son, I'm going to say that once again, so listen carefully: No one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve." ... "So how's that Mun Base coming along?" * * * Chapter archive thingie! (Archives are the best chives.) Chapter One: That's a No Go Part 1(You're looking at it.) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter Two: Cloudy, with a chance of boiling to death! and Operation Craters. Part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  12. People, any of you who might be still following this! The concept I was developing here was reformatted and is now on a new thread, Pathos 1 - The Story Extraplanetary Exploration and Colonization Welcome to the Pathos 1 Extraplanetary Exploration and Colonization programme. This programme's concept was created in 2032, and after twelve years of bureaucratic issues to solve, it was finally started in 2044. It's main premise is to grant Kerbalkind the expansion out of Kerbin into the main celestial bodies of the Kerbol System at start, soon to be followed by expansion towards other planetary systems. It's current objective is to setup bases or colonies in the Mun, Duna and Laythe, as well as setup infrastructure to grant quality-of-life improvements to the colonists who will be inhabiting them. Being such a large programme, it will be recruiting large quantities of kerbals and developing large amounts of hardware... as such... Crew Roster: Hardware Roster: Alpha-04 Launcher: With the aim of fulfilling the programme's premises, Pathos 1 was divided into smaller, more accessible projects, listed, so far, as: Project Apophis; Project Apophis aims at establishing Pathos 1's basic technological framework, to provide a base to which future projects will hold themselves on. It consists of the establishment of a functional base on the surface of the Mun, as well as a network of permanent ships in space to sustain it. Project Borealis: Project Borealis's aim is to setup, around the inner Kerbol planets (Moho and Eve, primarily Moho), a way to supervise Kerbolar weather so that missions won't be launched during high Kerbol activity, when storms are imminent. This monitoring is already made from Kerbin, but due to limits in both technology and physics, it is neither greatly accurate or delivered in a timely manner - Borealis will fix it. Mission Roster to be developed. Final words, mods and stuff...