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Found 8 results

  1. Calster804


    So I've been looking around for good ksp fireworks.... and found none. So i had an idea, what if you took the flares from BDA and then made them all different colours and they could act as like the small fireworks. Still no big explosion fireworks which is a shame but maybe someone could help me make a bda missile which explodes like a firework? Would people be interested in that?
  2. RatchetinSpace

    Bigger Explosions

    Is there a mod which makes part explosions look bigger and better? More like the real thing?
  3. Explosions are one of the most funny things in the game since its early releases, but looking closely to them, it seems to me that they're a little too feebles, respect to Real Life: I would like to know if it's possible for @SQUAD or modders, to make explosions bigger and more impressives.
  4. Perhaps this is a dumb question, or perhaps it's been asked before (or maybe both), but how come the explosion effects aren't scaled to the mass of the part exploding in some fashion? Whether it's a thermometer or a orange tank, they all seem to blow up with equal ferocity...
  5. purpleivan

    Day of Destruction

    It is a little known fact that Bill has an artistic side, specifically photography. With an unexpected end of budget surplus burning a hole in their pockets, the people at the KSC decided to spend all of it on supporting Bill in his artistic pursuits. With this financing he was able to achieve his long held dream of creating photographic composition series titled.. Day of Destruction The Beginning Clouds of Thunder Man on Fire Sunshine Battlefield Home Inspiration Cloaked in Darkness Tanks for the Memory Clearing Skies Fragments Dawn of the New Age
  7. MajorLeaugeRocketScience

    Universal Domination Thread

    Welcome people of the inter-webs! Do you rule a galaxy? Have pesky rebels that try to stop you from flexing your muscles? Than does Major Leauge Industries Domination Department have the thing for you!! We have a catalog full of weapons designed to strike fear into the hearts of enemies! And all of them are scientifically legit! Meet our weapons! Turbo Laser A gigantic cannon capable of destroying some planets! A really big laser. The death star. What am I doing. Rail Gun "Thor" Launches a very heavy object at a planet at extremely high speeds. Imagine a super dense pole about the height of the Eiffel Tower. Now imagine that impacting a planet at Mach 40. Yeah, a lot of destruction. More soon! Add suggestions!
  8. CallisTrOn Entertainment

    Kerbal Fireworks

    Hi guys, and happy new year! I tried to build some fireworks in KSP and put together a short video. Sadly Windows 10 has taken my usual video editor from me, so I had nearly no edit features, and there isn't even commentary text in it. However, it should be good enough to enjoy some explosions, if anyone feels like it ;-)