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Found 3 results

  1. KSC Extended Expanding your KSC for all your space program needs. This is a collaboration between me and @Omega482 to give you the best possible KSC experience we can offer. This is a config based mod. You need to download the actual statics below this page! Ingame pic: More pics: Installation for KSC Extended to work: > Install Kerbal Konstruct (preferred latest version) > Install KSC Extended > Install OSS-NTR > Install Tundra's Space Center > Install Module Manager ... Profit! Planned features Anyone's guess Known issues Roads can be bumpy, we are working on a fix! It doesn't impact performance much. You can expect an FPS drop from around 5-10fps Required Mods Kerbal Konstruct ( or later) Tundra's Space Center (1.1 or later) Omega's Stockalike Structures - NTR (0.0.12 or later) Module Manager Recommended Mods Tundra Exploration (For your rocket landing needs) (Also making your TLC-40 worth it! ) Scatterer (For all your atmospheric shine needs) Stock Visual Enhancements (For all your cloudy business needs) BlueDog Design Bureau (To make your TLC-41 Atlas V, TLC-19 Titan II and TLC-46 Minotaur ready) Cormorant Aeronology (To make use of the runway and TLC-39A) reDIRECT (For your SLS needs on TLC-39B) Modular Launch Pads (To make your rockets ready for launch) NOT (yet) supported: Kerbinside Remastered Kerbinside KSC++ GPP
  2. Last night, I was watching a DCS tutorial (mind you I don't have it, but I like it). Then it came to me "why not turn KSP into a DCS type simulator" After all, KSP has the BDA addon, tutorials, scenarios/missions, and, best of all, you can build your own custom airplane. So here is my proposal : A pack that you place in a clean KSP install with select addons (RBDA, FAR, APP, etc.), tutorials, manuals, scenarios, and built-in crafts made by me, and anyone else who would want to help, for those who dont want to bother with building their own airplanes. The manuals would be either in KSPedia or .pdf format. Another thing to do would be to add the BDA displays to IVA cockpit screens. I would also modify parts into new parts (e.g, AIM-9 without warhead for tutorials). If you have any suggestions/questions, ask here. Release thread: Craft thread: Base Thread: Contributors: @Next_Star_Industries Mk8x bombs @jrodriguez's RBDA, destruction FX, and Physics Range Extender (PRE) @Shadowmage's Kerbal Foundries Continued. @Icecovery's AARS (automated aerial refueling system) @Papa_Joe's BDMk22, Vessel Mover, and BurnTogether. @blackheart612's AirplanePlus @Crzyrndm's Dynamic Deflection and B9 Pwings. @ferram4's FAR @AlphaAsh/@Ger_space's Kerbal Konstructs plugin. @DoctorDavinci's DCK Camo. @pellinors tweakscale @alexustas's ASET @MOARdV's JSI PRM. @Vens Vens stock revamp (duh!) @tetryds/ @ferram4/ @BahamutoD's Mouse Aim Flight. @fast_de_la_speed's Mk1 ASET cockpit. @linuxgurugamer's SXT continued *needs to be downloaded separately Here* @Starwaster's Procedural parts @blowfish/@NathanKell's Module Manager, AJE, an SolverEngines @sirkut's Infernal Robotics @JollyGreenGI/ @dundun93/ @AirShark for their amazing crafts. @Matuchkin for his campaign, scenario ideas. Team Members: @Matuchkin, @dundun93, @JollyGreenGI, @Lo Var Lachland, and (of course!) @dundun92
  3. Hi all. I recently asked @Beale if I could add some Bealalike/porkalike parts to support other mods. I'll be seperating these into mini packs as well as a master version when actual development starts, but without further ado, here we go: Stockalike Tech Tree Progression STTP aims to provide parts that match the stock tech progression. Note that the original Beale parts will not be moved... I will create my own unique parts for this mod. Tantares Mod Support Packs TMSP is a place where I want all the ideas you can throw at me. Please. So far, I have two parts for mods planned, those being: A) OSE Workshop Parts -Siniyvo Production Facility B) KPBS Parts -Uotni Semi-Inflatable Habitat -Small Telescopic Corridor -Kazarma Crew Barracks You guys, official development starts tomorrow. I'm gonna ask somebody to move this thread in the morning, so that'll be all. Actually, pushing it back a little while, some stuff came up...