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Found 3 results

  1. EXTRASOLAR License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike DESCRIPTION: The Extrasolar mod adds the red dwarf star "Valentine" in orbit around Kerbol. Orbiting Valentine are several new planets and moons to discover. Because Valentine is so far away, you will probably have to download some mods in order to make the trip easier. DO NOT INSTALL THIS FROM CKAN! LIST OF CELESTIAL BODIES: SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD ON SPACEDOCK CHANGE LOG:
  2. I've been scouring for a place to find where the eve file for extrasolar is, ever since AndrewDraws removed the github page it has been impossible to get ahold of. I really need it because I based an entire project around the valentine system, and I would like it to look nice. It's a video idea, so I'll upload it when it's done.
  3. The Extrasolar Discovery Challenge Largely inspired by the Planet Nine Probe Challenge, the challenge is (sorta) simple: select a planet pack that adds a new solar system that must be one of the following: Larinax Solar System (in my signature, this is not an attempt to get more downloads ) (LSS) Galactic Neighborhood and supported planet packs (GN-stock for stars without planet packs, GN-S uses stars with planet packs) Other Worlds (OW) Keridani Solar System (KSSy) Any others please notify me! And complete a challenge below. The code next to the names of the packs will determine which are suitable for them. Everything but Hyperedit and Alt-F12 allowed. The challenges: The Flyby (LSS GN-stock GN-S OW KSSy) Simple: pick a star and flyby it! Probes. Easy: pick a star and flyby it with a manned ship. Must return to SOI of Kerbol. Medium: Flyby the star with a life support mod. A base mod edit is allowed for recreation of supplies. Must return to SOI of Kerbol. No Warp drive. Hard: Flyby the star with: A: A manned mothership that either flybies with a closest approach that is either inside the furthest planet ( or within the SOI of one of the stars in GN-stock) - MUST return to Kerbin SOI and orbit. No warp drive. Life support mod. B: A probe that does the same above with Remote Tech Extra Hard: Flyby the star and a planet (or both stars) and return to Kerbin. No warp drive. The orbiter (LSS GN-stock GN-S OW KSSy) Simple: Orbit the star at any altitude. Probes. Easy: Orbit the star at any altitude with a ship that is manned. Medium: Orbit the star at any altitude with a LS mod. Must be manned and have no warp drive. Hard: Orbit the star with a mothership with LS and a semi-major axis below that of an orbiting planet. GN should be inside the SOI of a star. Must return to Kerbin and must have RT installed. No warp drive. Extra Hard: Orbit the star and flyby a planet using the rules of Hard. The networker (LSS GN-S OW KSSy) Create a Remote Tech network that covers the system. May have a central control booth. The explorer (OW KSSy GN-S) Explore all of the planets in the system. LSS not allowed. The Discovery (LSS GN-S KSSy OW) Get all the science from a planet and its moons. The colonizer (LSS GN-stock GN-S KSSy OW) Do the Jool 500! Except colonize the star system with 500 Kerbals. You are rated by the following format: LEVEL-LEVEL-BOOL-BOOL-BOOL-BOOL The order is the same as the challenge order, listing the challenge level within the first two and and Yes/No with the other four. Have fun!