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Found 4 results

  1. located on the outskirts of my city, Wroclaw, the history of this factory coincides in a funny way with the history of my city., It's UTCWell, Wroclaw was once a German city, but it was ceded to Poland, the result of the so-called Yalta Conference, Stalin took the Polish lands in the east, but forced the defeated Third Reich. to hand over to Poland its eastern territories. they started this war, and they lost it, so no one asked the superhuman race for opinions, because all Allies gave **** on it :-) So Poland get Wroclaw with all the factories, and on of such factories was build my German corporation Rheinmetall – Borsig, they used slave labour from Gross-Rosen concentration Camp, they created turbopump for Messerschmitt, after war it was used for Polish defense by our PZL corporation they produced spare parts for our Mig-29 now it was acquired by multinational American defense corporation UTC they would produce spare parts for our F-16 that Poland bought from America (but privately if i was pilot i would pick Mig-29 because their cruising speed is MACH 2,25 vs lame MACH 1,25 of F-16 Sure F-16 is better weapon platform but i love speed So i want apply to that factory but i not have university degree in that area i have library science BA, and trade school as logistician. A other friend tells me that dreams should not be done at all costs, that work in an armaments company does not please Jehovah God, because he is a Jehovah's Witness and for a long time wants to convert me to the "dark side of power" But I pray to God, give me this job, because I am not working for KFC anymore, although the atmosphere at work in the kitchen is wonderful, and the Grander sandwich is almost free for us ccording to a friend from the church of JW, working in an armaments company may not like the god, maybe but I may like a lot of $$$ and that I could work with modern technologies, it's basically Aspie paradise, because i have Asperger And we like anything that is sciency geeky or nerdy, and maybe i could use to learn how to operate CNG machine
  2. General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Replica Pure Stock More Images : Download The name of the .craft is General Electric. My head wasn't totally there i think Don't forget to leave a comment on the plane and tell me what you think about it!
  3. Enjoy! Pics: Download: Fighting Falcon.craft?dl=0
  4. American Fighters Hello everyone, I spent a few hours last night constructing three American fighter planes: an F-15, F-16, and an F/A-18. They are far from done, but I feel confident enough to share them with you all. As you may notice, the Hornet has procedural wings. I didn't think of using those wings until it was about 1 am and I was ready for sleep. *Planned improvements: 1.) Going to smooth out some of the rougher lines. 2.) Change all the wings to procedural wings. 3.) Figure out hard point placement for BD Armory. *Update No. 1* Updated my F/A-18 to make it more streamlined and true to form. Instead of trying to fix the existing Hornet, I scrapped it and started a new aircraft entirely. To compensate for it's relative instability, I increased the overall length of the body, size of the wings/control surfaces, and shifted the CoM slightly forward if the CoL by the way of fuel distribution. Basically, it's now a Super Hornet Next, I'll be updating my F-16.