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Found 1 result

  1. What if launching a rocket would be the last thing on your checklist ? This challenge is a bit special, I propose you to build an infrastructure around the rocket, with vehicles, buildings and stuff to prepare launches! Facilities : Fuel services : Mine your own fuel (you can combine multiple fuel tanks to one ISRU using home-made pipelines) +100 Use 3 types of storage for each propellant (each tank is specialized, liquid fuel and oxidizer must be transported separately for safety reasons) +50 Transfer and load fuel in the rocket, once it is ready to launch (payload installed and sitting in vertical position). +150 Build (a) dedicated rover(s) to refuel the launch vehicle (directly or through the launchpad assembly). +50 Launchpad : Bring a launch tower, or a clamp system (similar to Soyouz). +150 Sound suppression system (could be fuel tanks and jet engines aimed at the launchpad to produce smoke during launch). +50 Kerbal's buildings : All Kerbals on site are living in a dedicated building, must have 2 seats per Kerbal and a place to chill after work. +150 Bring an emergency building for Kerbonauts only, must have a lab 2 scientists and 3 seats per Kerbonauts. +50 Drive Kerbonauts to the hospital with a specialized vehicle. +50 Allow tourists to come by and watch launches, must have seats for 5, could be a bus with seats on top, some kind of stands or something else. +50 Launch Vehicle : Rocket : Must be transported empty from KSC, by a fake train, a plane, some kind of trailer, what ever suits you! +200 Provide a screen that it has reached orbit and deployed its payload +100 Launch vehicle is piloted by Kerbonaut(s) +150 Payload : Build a dedicated area to store the payload +50 Mate the payload on / in / below the launch vehicle +200 Bonus Points ! Each building has ladders if needed, com and radiators. +50 Each type of facilities share the same power source through pipelines or connections (could be a solarplant, fuel cells or RTG). +100 Each module / building is launched separately and assembled on site (ISRU, then fuel tanks and so on). +100 Launch vehicle is loaded separately from its transport system. +100 Each vehicle is Kerballed by a well trained driver, crane operator or whatever. +150 Kerbonauts are installed in the rocket using a Kerbonaut vehicle and some kind of ladders / elevator +100 Launch vehicle can be deorbited on the base and refit to be launched again. (optionnal because it's mostly limited to SSTO-type, or you'd have to assemble each stage separately) No rocket engine is used on site to power vehicles or put the launch vehicle vertically. +50 Put a few pics visible to everyone to present your creations and the rest in spoilers. (or imgur whatever!) +50 Modded game has a separate leaderboard. Brown : ISRU, Blue : Fuel tanks, Red arrow : Fuel transport, Green : Clamps and launch vehicle installation, Yellow : Launch vehicle, Orange : Fairing / payload and its installation-system, Purple : Emergency module and Workers office. Not pictured : Fuel rover, ambulance, Kerbonauts vehicle, tourists bus. Launchsite could be shores around KSC, grasslands, desert, what ever suits you! Top score would be 2250. The way you bring modules on site is not very important as long as it is practical enough and doesn't deter you to build beautifull modules! This is my first challenge proposal, all ideas / critics are welcome