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Found 3 results

  1. Oh Scrap! (formerly UPFM) Poor Val, she's not having a good day. There she was on her way back from orbit, and this happened: You see, I forgot to take her shiny new ship for a test flight before sending it to space, so the reaction wheels failed. Then her oxygen started venting into space. So she quickly burned retrograde and started her re-entry. Except that as she came into land, the parachute failed too. Like I said, not a good day. Sound exciting? Then why don't you install Oh Scrap! today. Features Part Failures: Parachutes, Engines, Gimbals, Resources, Batteries, Reaction Wheels, Control Surfaces - all these failures can make your day turn out like Vals. (all can be disabled or enabled through the difficulty settings menu) Failures follow the bathtub curve - brand new untested parts are more likely to fail than pre-tested models. If you re-use a part too many times though, it will reach the end of it's shelf-life and be more prone to failure. Subsequent "new models" of parts become more reliable than their earlier counterparts. Ie, a part you've just researched is more likely to fail than a part that has been tried and tested many times - even if it's brand new. Repairs - some parts can be repaired remotely, some need an EVA. You always have a better chance of repairing a part on EVA Dependencies and Recommendations This mod uses ScrapYard to keep track of how many times a part has been built/recovered so that is a hard dependency. (obtained separately) Module Manager is required if you want the mod to actually do anything. (obtained separately) I've designed this with Kerbal Construction Time in mind, so would recommend that mod (make sure you use the latest dev version) If you plan to actually re-use your parts (and have them fail), you'll probably want StageRecovery too (see Kerbal Construction Time link) Eye candy of a really awesome Static Test that someone set up on facebook (used with permission): Special Thanks @magico13 both for ScrapYard, and helping me with all my questions issues while making this. The maintainers/authors of DangIt - most of this would never have happened without looking at your code to figure out how to make stuff work. DOWNLOAD: CHECK YOU HAVE SCRAPYARD AND MODULE MANAGER INSTALLED FIRST Download Here License: MIT A note to CKAN USERS:
  2. Hello there, Does anyone know of any mods that are compatible with 1.6.1 (yes I still use that, too lazy to find the updated versions of the 200000000000000 mods I have installed.) that add RANDOM FAILURES into the game? (capitalisation solely for dramatic effect) I want to add some realism into the game so, yeah. Also could anyone be so kind as to provide the link for Deadly Reentry's 1.6.x Release? The oldest I can get is 1.7.x Thanks and I appreciate it.
  3. Energy I've noticed there is technological gap between OX-STAT solar panels and panels that track sun. We could have two new parts based on HG-5 High Gain Antenna animation. Instead of antenna on the end put solar panel (circular and triangular), they wouldn't be able to track the sun. Next thing is wind turbine, since we have drills that require lots of energy and we want them to work at night, we could use at least one small wind turbine. Making PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator larger version for 1.25m would also be nice. Geothermal energy would be great to have on few planets, it can be heavy and large part, but it would add 24/7 energy source to the game. Z-400 Rechargeable Battery are small, IMO we need 800, 1600, 3200 radially mounted batteries. Wheels lots of people in here would make real wonders with those wheels Communication Current antennas and communication system is easy and lets keep it that way. For harder and more realistic game play we could have laser communication systems that would require visibility between devices. Failures I was thinking about random failures that would add to the game, but not make it frustrating and there are minor game mechanics that may break randomly to makes things harder, but they won't break your mission. Solar panels - they could have malfunction in sun tracking system, this would require engineer to repair them, but you could keep going with your mission without repairs. Antennas - they could lose their ability to relay signal, this one could break your mission if you have single antenna per relay satellite. But making critical systems double/backup is good idea in space flights Lights - it is not critical system Wheels - motor malfunction, you can go further on other 3 motors, but you will go slower. Engines - broken alternator or Thrust vectoring won't make your rocket crash, but it will make your mission harder