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Found 9 results

  1. Fairings that automatically reshape for any attached payload: Download from GitHub Frequently Asked Questions How to use (Imgur album, somewhat obsolete) Licensed under CC BY terms (attribution) Source code Notes: In career mode, minimum and maximum size is limited by tech. You won't be able to resize bases far from 1.25m at first, but as you unlock new aerodynamics and construction tech larger (and smaller) sizes become available. Unlike KW Rocketry fairing bases, Procedural Fairings' fairing bases intentionally lack a decoupler, allowing docking nodes, structural parts, multiple payloads, etc. The fairing bases can be so modded as to include a decoupler. Compatible with FAR and KSP 1.0 aerodynamics. Bug reports, suggestions and any other feedback is welcome! Future plans: Simple procedural decoupler with shroud for engines that lack built-in fairings and engine clusters. Procedural nose cone. Stock-alike fairing bases with non-part side panels. Side fairing part with switchable textures and shapes. More side fairing styles, matching KW Rocketry, AIES, NovaPunch, etc. More complicated texture mapping schemes for less texture stretching etc. Documentation and tutorial for creating side fairings. Particle effects on jettison. If you want to support me, here's my Patreon. Change log: Funding provided by FlexGunship.
  2. Good day to all. I've gotten a bit back into KSP once more; been launching satellites for an RT comm network/constellation in the Kerbin system as well as my first real space station. (The only other "station" I ever attempted was just an orange tank with basic craft utilities bolted on as a fuel depot...) For once I wasn't using SSTO spaceplanes that much. (Just for the initial three KEO sats for a basic network so unmanned launchers could be used without issue.) Lots of rockets this time. (Seems I've gotten pretty decent at doing gravity turns using KER readouts and mimicking what I saw the GravityTurn mod does...) Lots of rockets = lots of fairings. Suffice to say, I got sick of adjusting the fairing settings to my personal default every time I grabbed one from the parts list. Module manager to the rescue! I made catch-all MM CFG where you can change a few settings to whatever you like so you can save yourself some time in the long run: Number of Sides Ejection Force Clamshell Usage Max Length of Sections Visibility of the Interstage Nodes and Truss Here is the MM CFG itself: // This MM Config sets some defaults for your fairings so you don't have to all the time. // The FINAL is there because I make all my personalized MM configs run last after all the mod configs. // I figure it makes sure I catch all changes and mod parts that use/apply/edit the same settings I'm modifying. // Probably safe to remove if you wish. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing] { %nArcs = 2 // Number of fairing sides. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 2-6 %ejectionForce = 1000 // Self-explanatory. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 0-1000 %useClamshell = True // Self-explanatory: True/False // The next setting controls the max length of each section. // I'm applying a multiplier here to the part's stat. // If you want a hard number, delete the *. // Not a normal tweakable, so I don't know the limits. @xSectionHeightMax *= 3 } @MODULE[ModuleStructuralNode],* // Needs indexing wildcard here since each node is using an instance of this module. { %visibilityState = False // Visibility of the Truss(?): True/False (Related to "showMesh" below; change in tandem.) } @MODULE[ModuleStructuralNodeToggle] { %showMesh = False // Visibility of the Truss: True/False (Related to "visibilityState" above; change in tandem.) %showNodes = False // Visibility of Nodes: True/False } } As you can see, I made sure to annotate it with notes so you (and I) know (remember...) what does what. Just copy it into a plain text file (.txt), then rename it to a .cfg file. I really wish the stock part configs had more notes in them... Where do people get info about modules and such to make proper configs? The official Wiki is kinda half-assed and mildly out-of-date. License is PUBLIC DOMAIN. (It's just a practical config file with some commentary from me...) I'd stick up a file download, but I don't really have anywhere to place it; it's just a text file anyway. (Seems like overkill for me to upload this to something like SpaceDock.) BTW, the config looked A LOT nicer in NotePad++ (Tab spacing here is bigger.) I have a couple of other genericized MM CFGs I made for myself. Dunno if anyone would be interested in them, though: RemoteTech Probe Core Support - Adds SPU and passive antenna to any unmanned command module from any mod. RealPlume "Engage" Audio - Changes the activation sound for RealPlume'd engines (because I shouldn't hear an explosion when at zero throttle and turning an engine bank back on. Too loud for my tastes.) SurfaceLight Replacement - Just replaces the stock ModuleLight with the module from the mod SurfaceLights and sets a default color. I technically have a generic MechJeb config (adds it to all command modules), but I got that off the forum here (MechJeb Embedded).
  3. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been having real issues with the stock fairings lately. For one thing, they don't stage with action groups. If I have a pod (or something I want to save in case of emergency) under a fairing, and my action groups look like this Abort> LES activate, Decoupler decouples, fairing jettisons. What will happen in case of emergency is this: I hit backspace Everything but the fairing jettison occurs My crew pod gets smashed against the inside of the fairing and they die. Which brings up my next point (kinda). After that, everything inside my fairing has been obliterated; my rocket is falling back down onto the space center; it lands on the grass; and... Everything but the fairing breaks and explodes. Fairings are needlessly strong. Don't you think that my launch escape system (homemade, it packs 300 Kn of thrust) should be able to crack that fairing open and carry my crew to safety? We like explosions don't we? Don't we want to see the fairing explode and crack into little pieces? This last thing is much less urgent than the first two. It'd be really cool if we had multiple textures for fairings. Stock, solid white, grey, some kind of ability to upload your own (maybe?) be able to add a flag and such. While still maintaining the ability to customize the shapes of your fairings, I'd also like to see Procedural Fairings become stock.
  4. Okay, so one minor thing that bothers me about the new stock clamshell fairings is how perfectly evenly they separate and float away. No tumbling or nothing. It's freaky! As a matter of fact, the mod that fixed the absence of clamshell fairings when fairings were first introduced by Squid, that mod had them tumbling through space as you would realistically expect. So what I'd like to ask is a simple thing, which is to do a "jazzing up" pass over the stock fairings and re-introduce this tumbling behaviour, maybe even with a little bit of a camera shake effect. Thanks for reading. From an older version of the game, but this is the sort of thing I'm talking about. Fairing separation at many points throughout, but particularly at 10:43.
  5. I find it very unpleasantly striking how much glossier the fairings are than most of the other, if not all, stock parts, and the stockalike aesthetic in general. Were they always so glossy? I don't think they were. And looking at older screenshots seems to confirm that.
  6. A bit of a random UI question: is there a way to disable the "snap to constant radius" behaviour when building a stock fairing section? It's handy, but it also prevents access to a significant range of angles.
  7. Version, Windows 10 Home, x64, Nvidea 980 gtx, i7 4790k, 16 gbs ram 9 times out of 10 when I try to use fairings they will cause the ship to fall apart and then explode on launch pad. Example: I wanted to post the ship file, but it said I couldn't attach because of my account :(. But basically any time I use a fairing the ship just falls apart on the launch pad, its extremely reproduce-able for me. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I cannot comment on when this started to break for me since I did not start using fairings until recently.
  8. I wanted to see if fairings made a difference as there was some discussion on Facebook in regards to their importance (or not importance due to added weight) Here's the result of a short and simple scientific experiment:
  9. A rather intersting thought crossed my mind tis morning when I was playing Kerbal and in fact this idea could work (after all we ahve Parachutes that Depoy or open when the vehicle htis a certain alttitude above the surface.. But this idea takes the idea and reuns it in reverse.. Everyone who builds a craft that has aerodynamic fairing either has to stage the fairing properly so that it opens when a certain event hpappens of you deply it maually (This is one thing that I du..) But what if the fairing wer eto autodeply when the vehicle reaches a certain altitude.. . IN a way it's like the parachutes hwe have in game abut run in reverse.. (forexample the part could be set with a deply area that would range from say 35,000 mets all the way up to 70,000 meters.. And you could set this deploment altitude before you launch. (Much like you can set the parachuts an or the ablation for a heat shiled.. So then the real question is, could this work? an if so what type of coding would it take to make it work/ Thoughts? Space_Coyote