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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Support-Team, this is a Bug-Report. KSP Version: (x64), Not-Steam - Version. The planted Flags are all falling down. It does not matter if it is a old Flag or a New Flag. At first they move up a lttle bit, then they fall over. Screenshots: Quicksave (.zip): Outout log (.txt): Instruction to recreate the Bug, based on the delivered savegame: Press M for Map-View Press 8 times Tabulator to focus View on Duna Scroll Mousewheel up to zoom on Duna Leftclick on a Flag of your choice. (I prefer the Flag "Mars Eins" at Equator, because it is at bright Daytime) Click on "Switch to" Fast!: After View has switched to Flag, zoom fast to the Flag and watch the Flag. Result: You will notice that the Flag move up a little bit and then it falling over down to the ground. This happens with all Flags. Does not matter if you do "Switch to" or if you do "Fly" the Flag in the Tracking Station. System Specification: Windows7 Professional (64 bit), AMD FX 8350 (8 Core with 4 GHz each), 16 GB RAM, MSI Nvidia GeForce 750 Ti 2GB VRAM. I hope you can fix that soon. With friendly Greetings Nexis