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Found 7 results

  1. Index to the chapters (open spoiler to view): Index to supplemental entries (open spoiler to view): Jool 14, Y003 "I've almost earned my wings..." Chapter 1 Well, I wasn't the first, the second, or even the eleventh selected for the new space program. No, I was twenty-third! Today I finally completed my flight simulator training and only one requirement remains before I will earn my flight wings. The training was vigorous, but Gene kept insisting that before we got to fly real aircraft we had to be able to handle any situation that came up. He then told us that it was because of the first four Kerbalauts, Jebediah, Bob, Bill, and Valentina, that the new rules were put in effect. Apparently, out of the first four, only one didn't crash his Knat - and that was Bob. Not wanting to encourage us to copy their behavior, Gene gave us only the highlights. From what Gene did tell us, the object of the flight is to get the feel for how a real craft handles and not to try to buzz the tower, fly at mach 2 through the mountains west of the KSC, or even fly through the abandoned hangars on the old island station. He refused to answer any questions on who flew their craft through the hangar. What a thrill that would have been! Earlier today, Jebediah was a guest speaker at our training assembly. He told us that there was no greater feel than the vibration of a craft transitioning from the atmosphere into the void of space. He told us a few stories and shared a few images of what Kerbin looks like from space. He talked about looking forward to his next few missions where he will be testing a new reusable launch vehicle - which he said would eventually make spaceflight into LKO routine. It's an exciting thought about LKO becoming that easy to achieve. We also watched the telemetry and video feeds from the second Munar expedition. Although the crew did achieve stable Munar equatorial orbit about three hours ago, Gene could be heard telling Matt, Rake, and Aldas that they would not begin the descent to the surface of the Mun for an entire day. Again, Jebediah's name came up as Gene said they didn't want to repeat the mistakes of the first Munar mission. Jebediah accidentally deployed the CM parachutes instead of separating the lander from the CM. I remember that well; we all remember the broadcasted reports of a rescue mission being launched so that the crew could transfer into another capsule for reentry. There's a standing joke at the Kerbalnaut training center that if there's no really good explanation of how something was broken, Jeb had something to do with it! Podget, my roommate from the first of the course, was selected to serve as an engineer. When the assignments came out, he had hoped to continue the Kerbalnaut training, but instead, is serving as one of three engineers aboard the URKN Eeloo, a patrol craft sent out to explore the northern oceans. He left aboard her two weeks ago; today I received a video-card from him telling me of his new assignment. He was told in his briefing, as we were in the pilot's program, that all us belong to the United Republic of Kerbin Defense Forces. We still have no idea why the Council insists on having a defense force since we know we are the only sentient life form on the planet - unless you count that pink wiggly stuff they tend to serve us in the KSC mess. Tomorrow is the first day of my actual aircraft training. No more simulators for a while! I had hoped to be one of the first Kerbalnauts in space, but that didn't happen. Although I had put my application in as soon as the Committee of Aeronautics and Space Flight announced the beginning of the Kerbaled spaceflight program, I was selected at the end of the second year. Now, three months into the third year since the emerging, I am now getting my chance. I won't lie; I was excited when my name was on the pilot's list. I would hate to know that I had to hitch a ride into space as an engineer or scientist. Return to the OP (Index) Next Chapter
  2. "Recover Vessel" By: @ZooNamedGames After a failure aboard her capsule, left lost in the middle of undeveloped Kerbin. These are the adventures of Jabe Kerman as she attempts to make her way back home. Introduction Part 2: Beginning The Voyage Part 3: The Awakening Part 4: For Miles and Miles Part 5: Panic Part 6: The True Adventure Begins... Part 7: The Dark Woods Part 8: The Clearing Part 9: Fire On The Horizon Part 10: Into The Depths Part 11: The Derelict Mine More Coming Soon... If you enjoyed reading this, why not consider reading through some of my other work? Spoiled Saturn Shuttle Mission Series Hope you enjoyed reading!
  3. Addemup2002

    Kerboin's Spur

    Kerboin's Spur A KSP Fan Project Table of Contents Introduction Nations of Kerbin, as of the launch of the Füthor 1 The Füthor 1 More coming soon... Introduction It was merely nine years after the devastating Great War when kerbalkind finally began to explore beyond their homeworld of Kerbin. But - as with most of the explorations that occurred through our history - the launch of the Füthor 1 orbital satellite was not one done simply for curiousity's sake. It was an exploration to prove superiority and dominance. You see, the construction and launch of the Füthor was orchestrated by the Jerram Reich, a totalitarian dictatorship locked in a state of cold war with the two other superpowers of Kerbin at the time. It was the third attempt by the Reich to put a satellite in orbit, which would somehow prove itself "better" than both the United Communes of Somvard and the Federal States of Murcrar. But for being carried out by an extremely oppressive polity, the launch of the Füthor 1 was to become one of the most important events in all of kerbalkind's history. It would usher in the very first Space Race of countless Space Races. It would also upset quite a lot of other nations... - - - I don't really like this intro all that much - but hopefully, the rest of it will be better.
  4. Walking out of the Cradle - A post Kerpollo Commentary "Kerbin is the cradle of all kerbals; but kerbalkind can not remain in the cradle forever." -Konstantin Kerman Chapter 01 The Kerbal Space Centre, ever since its initiation, has been the symbol of ingenuity and innovation. It inspired a generation of Kerbals to invest in space travel and scientific exploration if the Kerbol system. Perhaps the crowning achievement of KSC was the landing of a Kerbal on the Mun. This achievement set the course for Kermanity for several generations to come. Kerbals would set up orbital bases and Munar Science Outpost. They would then use the In Situ Resource Utilisation techniques to set up propellent depots on Minmus, thus opening up the entire Kerbol system for the Kerbonauts. A quarter century after the first Mun Landing, Kerbals are still limited to Low Kerbin Orbit. The current generation of Kerbals, unfortunately, does not consider the stars to be its objective. The lack of an inspirational agency like KSC has forced the Kerbals to live a life of mediocrity. There are several reasons for the present situation, but perhaps the most damaging reason is the unfortunate death of Jebediah 'Jeb' Kerman, the first Kerbal to walk on the Mun. Jebediah Kerman was on his 12th mission to the Munar Mission. He completed all of the mission objectives on that day. However the oxygen tanks of his EVA suit failed leading to rapid decompression of the suit. The brave Kerbonaut died on the Munar Surface, a few feet from the Munar Descent module. (Pictured : Munar Descent Camera catching the moment of Jeb Kerman's demise.) All these years later, Jeb's final words still echo today through the empty mission control rooms at KSC. " I am finally home."
  5. Greetings, I've been firing Kerbals into space for 728 hours and finally got the time to work on this little side project of mine. Once 1.2 has dropped and my mod list is back up-to-date I will be writing a fan series chronicling the early years of the Kerbal Space Programme. This isn't the first series of its type but I'm hoping the back story and history I have in mind for it will make it an entertaining read for you. In brief, the series will start in the aftermath of a brief but catastrophic nuclear war between the 4th Kerbin Empire and the fledging Independent Kerbal States (IKS) (Separatists wanting to escape the heavy taxation imposed by the Emperor). Again this is nothing new but I couldn't think of a better reason for the Kerbals to develop rockets other than for military purposes. Utilising aging piston engine aircraft the IKS Pilots wage a guerrilla war against the Empire to damage their infrastructure - facing early jet aircraft flown by the Imperial pilots. With mounting losses the Emperor turns to Dr. Werner Von-Kerman to develop a terror weapon that can bring the rogue states into line. The attacks serve to strengthen the IKS resolve and - enlisting support from sympathetic factions within the Empire - they launch a full scale assault on Kerbin City to remove the Empire from power. Faced with a shameful defeat the Emperor invokes a "Scorched Kerbin" protocol and commits suicide. Though the IKS win the battle and the Empire falls the political and environmental fallout are catastrophic - rendering large swathes of Kerbin uninhabitable. As the Kerbin Reconstruction Authority (KRA - Interim Government) desperately searches for a way to ensure the survival of Kerbal Kind by designating areas of Kerbin Blue, Yellow or Red Zones depending on their levels of radiation. There are very few Blue Zones (Rad Free) and most of the population live in Yellow Zones. As the KRA faces the daunting prospect of having to make some tough decisions an amazing discovery is made in Kerbin's irradiated that may hold the key to repairing the damage to Kerbin's ecosystem. With the clock to extinction ticking the KRA appoint Major Gene Kerman to oversee what will ultimately become the KSP. Bringing together old enemies, new allies...and a thrill seeking scrap merchant eager to leave his mark on history...from Kerbin to the Mun will document the early years of the KSP before the programme was officially founded. Main Characters Lt. Jedidiah Kerman (Former IKS Pilot) - Scrap Merchant, Air Race Pilot, Amateur Rocketry Enthusiast. Capt. Valentina Kerman (Former Imperial Pilot) - Aerospace Technology Reporter for Kerbin City Times Newspaper. Bill Kerman (Civilian Engineer) - Project Leader for KRA. Bob Kerman (Civilian Scientist) - Field Researcher for Kerbin City University. Major. Gene Kerman (Imperial Paramilitary Ops Officer, IKS Sympathiser) - Director, KRA Logistics Division Doctor. Werner Von-Kerman (Former Imperial Scientist) - War Criminal awaiting trial for crimes against Kerbal Kind. Series Goals 1) Provide an exciting backstory and History to Kerbal Space Programme. 2) Provide detailed Spacecraft Plans and Craft Files for Readers to replicate the missions documented. 3) Provide detailed Mission Reports (In Lieu of Creating a Mission Pack at a later date - Currently Beyond My Skill Level) 4) Develop New and Existing Characters to carry the series forward. Community Inclusion It will likely take some time to update my mod library but when its complete I will list the mods used to create the series. This will be a Stock-a-Like series so as much as I love packs such as Bluedog Design Bureau the craft used in the series will be original designs...perhaps inspired by real-world spacecraft but by no means carbon copies. Throwing the forum open, is there anything you would like to see in this series...all ideas are considered as long as they stay true to the plot. Also accepting help and assistance from artists and craft designers as my personal approach is more "Form follows Function" and it would be nice to have a bit of eye candy for people to look at. Mission Patches are cool too! Look forward to speaking with you. Kal
  6. ZooNamedGames

    Doctor Who/Torchwood Stories

    I am going to start making a weekly fan fiction series based on the hit British TV series, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Every week I will add to the story, but I plan to write them from the perspective of the doctor and also try to do the series well as he and his companion(s) travel across time in space. This is to fill the gap between the current season and the next. So enjoy what I have written for you! I would suggest a good background song to add to the environment if you can, but that's just a personal suggestion. Enjoy. I will release a Doctor Who episode every other week on Mondays. Torchwoods will also be posted at the same time. One week I will post Doctor Who, then the next Torchwood, and so on. I will be following the same format as when the new series began in 2005, I will release 12 episodes and then take a month long break, then return. This will also happen to Torchwood, however there will be a season climax, always. Author's Note: The Doctor Who stories will be rather erratic as I will shift from one doctor to the next (hence why it follows the doctor and not a companion). I will try to keep it linear, I plan on having past doctors adding depth to the story in stories which will almost be flashbacks. You can tell which doctor is which as I will identify at the start of every episode which one is in use (1st regeneration, 2nd regeneration, 3rd and so on). I may also use new companions which I have made, I will provide backstory for them, however I may stick to ones from the show. The Torchwood series will be a split timeline (as explained in the story), where timelines split after season 2. One timeline is the one which we see in the TV series (seasons 3 and 4), the other is the one I will be writing on. I will release more details the episodes are released. So Ianto, Jack and Gwen are still active characters in the stories. I will be avoiding any graphic or otherwise inappropriate material, but I will try to keep the same grittiness the show created to the best of my abilities. The story will shift between characters, similar to a screen play as the story goes on. It will take first person experiences from each character. Doctor Who- Season 1- Episode 1 "The Heart of Time" -To be released on 2/8/16-
  7. Polar Bear

    Unfinished story

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