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Found 10 results

  1. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard: 1. Cunjo carl with 3:15
  2. Here's a challenge! Build the Fastest thing to circumnavigation the planet! Rules! 1. No warp drives 2. No HyperEdit! 3. Stay below 50,000 m 4. Must be manned [One minute subtracted from time if by by Jeb] 5. Name must be a pun! Have fun! Mods are allowed and encouraged
  3. What is your favorite velocity? (NOTE: VELOCITY CANNOT GO PAST LIGHT SPEED)
  4. I made a mod for a super-powerful engine, using seamlessly integrated North Pole UFO tech. (some anti-gravity stuff to propel the LfO out faster. --==Hyperengine==-- This is the first of its kind in the Hyperparts Co. series of mods. I can also add your mods, if they have OP parts, and Hyperparts Co. as the manufacturer. You will be given 90% credit (because I inspired you ).
  5. Looking for a maneuverable, fast, and streamlined supersonic jet? Well this is the right place Here's an image below. (I don't know how to show images without linking it) CLick link to download craft
  6. Ever got the crazy idea of moar boosters!!!! well what could go wrong ? Craft example My try : I toke it on my self to build hell mother of moar boosters and ended in space faster then expected, Now it's your time, Build a stock craft and send it to space as fast as possible and as always rules are simple : No cheats stock only Rating is based on how fast you reach 70KM and will be done on 20/04/2016 So as always make sure you take screen shot \ video and post it in comment below. Good luck kerbals Results and ranking : Record holder : Nefrums with 32 Seconds 2nd place : Ultimate Steve with 35 seconds and escaped to the sun 3rd place : Pete- with 35 seconds and lot of fuel left 4th place : purpleivan with 35 seconds unmanned probe 5th place : spacebrick3 with 36 seconds All hail the 3.75M engines Thank you all for participating it was tons of fun and moar boosters. Stay tuned for more challenges every week
  7. A small jet but incredibly fast jet made using parts from the MK2 Essentials Mod. I named it the Mola-Mola because it resembles the real-life Mola-Mola AKA Ocean Sunfish when seen from the top-down. Here are some pictures of it at half of its highest recorded speed:
  8. Hello, i am back again on forums and first thing what i am gona do is create challenge. This is simple one: Move min. 35 payload from start of runway to end without exploding Example (My try) (32 seconds) Rules 1. No wings or flying (Parachute jump is allowed(check video)) 2. Stock parts and KAX parts only allowed. (and mechjeb) 3. Kerbal inside cockpit. 4. Timer stops when surface speed is under 0.5m/s 3. No hyperedit, infinite fuel or others "cheats". 4. 5. Min. Payload 35T. Payload is dead weight! Electricity, Mono, fuel and reaction wheels must be disabled. 6. You can Do this challenge with or without allowed mods. 7. Video footage/images proof 8. You start on green area and you have to stop at orange area. If you go red area, it is Failure. [Orange area starts] 9. No exploding and everything stick together, Vessel and Cargo. Areas on runway Allowed Mods 1. Mechjeb 2. KAX 3. Just for fun: Visual mods. (Collision FX, Engine lighting, kerbalKrashSystem) Scoreboard 1. Spudrotuskutarsy [15 seconds] 2. SolidJuho [31,5 second] My time is not accuracy, because that time is easy to beat. 3. --------- 4. --------- 5. ---------
  9. Hi, i think the forum need "fast help" section. where new treats auto-delete after 48 hours. so u can (probobly) get ansver and don't worry about litter the forum
  10. I've recently built a very stable, low atmosphere plane that I use primarily for Kerbin observation contracts in career mode. It flies like a dream and can pull almost max-G force turns. The turn radius isn't very good, however it'll get you where you're going fairly quick. I attach science instruments based on the contracts I accept, however they can be removed without any effects towards the flying capabilities. The design of the plane makes it take off on it's own, based on the higher wheel base up front and the amount of lift it has. Getting off the runway, it already reaches almost 300m/s and can climb vertically under acceleration up to about 12,000m. I usually cruise at that altitude at 260-300m/s easily. It's fully capable of landing itself very easily. In the event that an abort is required, I've set up action groups to deploy drogue chutes and kill the engines at the same time. Should an abort be required, the drogues deploy and when speeds reach 250m/s or lower, you can manually deploy the main parachutes and safely splash down or touch down on land. Default engine mode is dry, however I prefer to take off with wet/afterburner, which I've also created an action group for. You can outfit with whatever science instruments you need, or with none at all. Craft file: download S-04 Let me know what you guys think. Fly safe.