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Found 10 results

  1. I recently hit 55 subs (I know biggest channel ever,) But I have been getting a more than usual amount recently, I wonder if it's anything to do with what I make. So I was curious, what do you wanna see in a YouTube video? Right know there is four things I think I need to work on 1. Uniqueness I feel like I want to make my channel unique, not videos you would find on Matt Lowne or Stratzenblitz. I also want to try to make each of my videos unique. Of course that's hard to do on a consistent scale so I think you would sacrifice consistently for uniqueness. I feel like it's import
  2. Hello there, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement cubemap support for planets into an update at some point. I really would love to see this, since the DDS format (a texture format used by most if not all unity games) has a max resolution of just 16k. This works fine if your planets are kerbin sized, but when you have bigger planets it can look somewhat stretched. With cubemaps in theory you could have textures up to 64k in resolution in addition to having no stretching at the poles. this would allow for much greater quality and clarity in the textures of larger planets. T
  3. I created a feedback report explaining the situation in detail. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24853
  4. Pretty much this: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24221 I'm sure that I'm not the only one experiencing this, you can pretty much see this on every stream on twitch from time to time. I'm not the expert in Unity, but is there really no way this can be done? I highly doubt that.
  5. So, KSP 2 just got announced and we are all really excited. I never expected this but I'm so happy they've done it anyway. Throughout the years feedback has been an important part of KSP's development, so let's start it off early. Now that the game is still in early development, I think it's the best time to already start giving feedback. I know two trailers aren't much, but the sooner we give feedback, the earlier the developers can choose to integrate it. I'll be the first: I hope the parts we've seen so far are place-holders for the final ones. Mostly be
  6. Hello. I have just checked the KSPedia from the website and was wondering if changes are planned, as it feels like a very cheap placeholder at the moment. Based on the post by UomoCapra UomoCapra says "Now you won’t need to mess with the flow of your ongoing mission and you’ll be able to use your mobile phone or any other display to consult it via our website!", leading me to believe that one of the reasons KSPedia has been removed from the game was that it felt a bit inconvenient to be accessed while playing. Well, that's false. Having to open an app through the game
  7. Hello respectful community and devs. I bought the game recently and I am enjoying it. But there are rough edges around and I want to point them out. I did play through all tutorial scenarios to make sure I am just doing dumb stuff all around so I had some initial knowledge when I tried to perform different stuff. I am not off Kerbin just yet but I have quite a few successful orbital mission already. 1. Contracts. Really many contracts have unclear objectives. For example contract for testing parts like couplers or chutes do not tell you details like the part HAS to be
  8. just curious what everyone think of the market and platform since console joined the network (let's say ps2 or xbox1) market and update stuff + early access + etc. - do they offer enough typing help actually to share concept and idea - are they dumbing down the user by the lack of keyboard or or proper typing helper wich make sharing some sepcific kind of info a bit tedious i personnally tend to think console are not really in osmosis with the network aspect regarding that ... kinda a bit too much dumbly merchantile & play don't think on a few layers ... wich is bit counter product
  9. I haven't made an SSTO in absolutely ages. In fact I haven't made one since before the significant aero changes occurred as I simply lost the ability to do it. That really had to change so I put my mind to it and over the last 3 days have designed and flown this mission in my spare time. First some stats: Name: Mullet Dyne Cross Wing (Variant 5) Parts: 86 (including payload) Mass: 43.155t Cost: 81,464 (including payload) Power: 3 x CR-7, 2 LV-N Mission Report - Click here Craft File - Click here So basically what I'm looking for is a bit of
  10. Hey, I just finished doing some work on a propeller model for a mod that I was thinking of creating. Im just wondering if you guys have any feedback on the model, or more specifically the texturing. Thanks for any help, I sincerely appreciate it. You can view the model in 3D right here: https://skfb.ly/NtD7
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