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Found 1 result

  1. One of the more recent strategies available in the Admin building is the "Leadership Initiative". In a nutshell, it puts a premium on rewards from exploration and milestone gains but reduces the rewards from contracts. One of the effects it grants you is a "50% Science to field work gains." So my question is what all qualifies as "field work"? Obviously, conducting an experiment, taking a surface sample, or making a crew/EVA report is all field work, but what about science points gained from the Mobile Processing Lab? Does this count as "field work" since science data processed in the lab is derived from those experiments/samples/reports? I've been eyeing the Leadership Initiative coupled with Patents Licensing as an alternative method to fund my space agency's budget. This is how it would work, based on a 100% commitment to both strategies: 1) I land a lab in a biome on Duna for example. I run a full suite of experiments, and then process them in the lab for data to conduct research on for a lengthy period of time. 2) If lab research generated is considered "field work", than generating 500 points of science in the lab would be boosted to 750 points of science (from Leadership Initiative) after transmission back to Mission Control. 3) Patents Licensing strategy would then convert those 750 science points to 77,838.75 This way, Mobile Processing Labs that are placed throughout the Kerbol system would be generating a steady stream of revenue, with a boost given by the Leadership Strategy. The research revenue would be more reliable than the contract slot machine, if I'm calculating all this correctly. However, due to the penalties the Leadership Initiative puts on Contract rewards, it takes away the big pay-off contracts that are thrown at the player. Anyone care to comment? I've played around with strategies before, but I'd be interested to hear other ways players use them to fund their space programs. Think this would work, or anyone have better ways to fund their space programs?