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Found 9 results

  1. Just post military related pictures that you created in KSP.
  2. after a lot of time I used on KSP for trying to build airplanes, fly them and landing them safely(but I crashed them a lot) till now, I can fly an airplane better and I trying to building a warplanes(MiG-alike design) and here is my result...(and this is my first craft on KerbalX) NANTARES NA-45 "Snow Griffon" I spending times to design and tuning it to fly properly till it look like a mash-up of MiG-29 and F-22, both have not canards (rear elevons and X-wing alike tails )but I add them for more maneuverability Jebby would like this, look at his face.. Size Height 4.0m Width: 12.4m Length: 15.2m Action Groups 1. Toggle After-Burner 2. deploy canards and rear elevons JUMP TO THE KERBAL-X
  3. Hello! I've built a versatile fighter jet, the M-27 'Panther'. It can carry a wide array of bombs and rockets, fly on one engine (literally, like the other engine is ripped off), and is really easy to fly!
  4. This challenge is set to find the best fighter of KSP [1.4.3] The contestants will have to make a video that will demonstrate the Fighters abilities. Your Fighter Jet will be tested on the following: -Acceleration: plane must start by flying at 100 m/s at the height of 500 m and will accelerate to 900 m/s (timed) - Stability : your plane has to be edited to have an orbit with this statistics (ap= 100,000 m pe= 20,000 m) and at pe, it has to perform a 90 degree dive. the “no heat damage” cheat may be enabled for this test. - Maneuverability : This test will be split into 2 parts: 1) The plane must be flying at 500m/s (or higher for better points) at the altitude of 500 m and will have to perform a 180 degree turn (timed) 2) the plane will have to be at altitude of 500 m and fly at the speed of 500 m/s and should decelerate to 100 m/s (timed) Rules: - The game version must be in [1.4.3] - The plane must be fully stock - Cheat console must be on screen at all times to show that the cheats are not used (except when allowed) - Testing should be conduced on Kerbin - No engine clipping allowed The contestants must send a video of their fighter in the comments below. Good luck, and may The Kraken be ever in your favor!
  5. Do you want a fast*, free**, stock and agile fighter jet that comes with free snacks****? Introducing the: NIGHT OWL - v1 (If you don’t care about cheesy Kerbal advertising and just spawns the Stats, skip this part.) Featuring 4 Mini tails (Two on the edge of each wing {which also reduce drag and increase handling} and two on the rear of the fuselage), 2 Panther Afterburning Turbofans that give it a short take off run that takes about 4 seconds, large fuel tanks, a unique delta wing that is large, increases agility and makes the NIGHT OWL go faster. It also includes 8 powerful war rockets with 4 on each wing, inspired by the missiles in Danny2462's Kirrim on Duty YouTube Video***. Featuring a Advanced***** Flight deck That can be used for anything including bombing, simple air to air****** or just cruisin' around. About the Engines: If you ever loose control of your NIGHT OWL just press ACTION GROUP 1 To engage the powerful Afterburner. It will put you back in control instantly. BAM! The Engines also have a thrust vectoring system that gives it even more Agility. Agility Thanks to the engines and Canards, the plane can literally turn around on the spot and not lose control! Wow! Gallery Statistics Weight: 13.380t 37 Parts Height: 3.1m Width 9.9m Length 12.9m Wingspan: 3.6m Top Speed in level Flight (300 metres MSL) 902m/s (could go faster, but engines begin to overheat at that speed and at that altitude) Downloads Night Owl (No Missiles) Night Owl (Still Stock with 8 Missiles) WARNING: Be Careful not to takeoff below around 50m/s or you might tail scrape and damage the engines. Feel free to give Feedback so someday I can make NIGHT OWL v-2.
  6. IAI Lavi stock fighter plane The IAI Lavi was a fighter jet under development in Israel during the 1980's that was ultimately cancelled for reasons of cost, but some rumour that Israel was pressured by the US to cancel it to avoid competing with the F-16 and F/A-18. Test pilots who flew it reported that its handling was excellent. The ultimate cancellation of the programme upset some in the defence establishment, who today believe it could have been among the most advanced jet fighters in the world with upgrades applied. Some have speculated that the Chinese J-10 may incorporate technology from the IAI Lavi, and they do have similar contours. I decided to re-create the design in KSP and this here is what I came up with. Features: Accurate appearance Excellent manoeuvrability Low part-count (32 parts) Download at KerbalX Screenshots
  7. So I made a replica of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet, I call it the Kermman F-14 Tomcat. It's designed to be as realistically close in terms of specs and aesthetics, but its not 100% perfect and this is my 2nd try in making a replica of a fighter jet that actually looks somewhat like the original. Everything is functional, as well as the wings. Soon to be weaponized though. This is my first post in the forums, I hope I did everything correctly.
  8. HELLO EVERYONE! So, a few months back, I held a "Fighter Jet Speed challenge", in which many participated. Well, after about a month of nothing going on in it, I have decided to sort of re-make the challenge. With some new rules, I'm sure that this challenge is going to be just as fun as the first! Rules 1.0 You can use whatever Mk. parts you want. Mk. 2, and Mk. 1 are allowed, as is Mk. 3 (Good luck!), but modded Mk. parts will be put into another category. 2.0 Scoring is the same as the old thread; Max Speed + Maximum G's + 5 points for no cheats (optional) + (-) 75-100 for part limit violation. 3.0 Part limit is 75. 3.1 You can have as many engines as you want. 3.1a The engines must be air breathing. 3.1b RAPIER's are allowed, but they have to be locked into the air-breathing mode. 4.0 The ship MUST be crewed. 5.0 Have fun! Leaderboard Rules 1.0 A person can have two or more entries, but only 2 per category MAXIMUM. If a person does 3 or more, then the jet with the lowest score will be taken off. 1.0a A person can also have entries in multiple categories. So as you can see, these rules are a lot more lax compared to the original thread, so I hope this'll open up the thread for more competition, and more fun Hope you all enjoy the show. (Here are the old rules if you're just interested) LEADERBOARD Stock 1. @Eidahlil with 2048.5 points using the 'Screamy 4' 2. @foamyesque with 1961 points using the 'Very Fast' 3. @Eidahlil with 1934.4 points using the 'Screamy 2' 4. @NotAnAimbot with 1845 points using the 'X-1 High Speed Testing Vehicle' 5. @TheEpicSquared with 1633.3 points using the 'MOAR POWAH!!!' Honorable mentions - @swjr-swis with 1618.7 points using the 'SpeedFighter6' - @TheEpicSquared with 1552.2 points using the 'Fasty McGoFast Mk.2' - @swjr-swis with with 1526.4 points using the 'SpeedFighter-05' - @tjsnh with 1462.5 points using the 'SpeedSingle' - @dragonaether with 1024 points using the 'Heat Dart' Modded 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable mentions - - - - -
  9. War is on the horizon. The nations of Kerbin are angry with each other, and the conflicts have hit a breaking point. You, a designer and flight tester for the KSC, have been contracted to design, build, and fly a supersonic fighter jet, capable of high maneuverability and fast speeds. Good Luck. Rules Plane Requirements 1. The plane must have Mk. 1 parts only.* 2. The craft can have a maximum of 2 engines.* (Except in VTOL category, which is allowed 3 engines.) 2a. The engines must be air-breathing.* 3. Only Stock engines are allowed.* 4. Mods can be used only if it does not affect the performance of the craft. 5. It has to reach above Mach 1 (343 m/s) 6. Cheats to use: Infinite fuel, Infinite Electricity, Infinite RCS, Ignore Max Temp, Unbreakable Joints** 7. No turning off gravity, drag, or anything else.* 8. The plane is limited to 75 Parts.*** 9. Have fun. Leaderboard 1. The scoring is based off of a system of speed, maneuverability, and used cheats. (Speed + Highest G's + 5 for no cheats = Score) 2. A person can have two or more entries, but only 2 per category MAXIMUM. If a person does 3 or more, then the jet with the lowest score will be taken off. 2a. A person can also have entries in multiple categories. *- If not followed, instant disqualification is warranted. **- Optional ***- Points penalty