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Found 2 results

  1. KSP is more or less about the exploration of space as is Star Trek which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary - a TV series which led to the invention of automatic doors and the mobile phone and I always assumed everybody on this forum had seen at least one episode of that franchise, but a few days ago I was taught wrong. Which led me to the question what are your favorite science fiction films (and why?), which do you consider 'must see' and which films are still on your personal to do list? So here's my selection: Contact - nice exploration of the 'what if they answered the call' theme Firefly - weird genre mixture yet interesting characters The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - the mean of propulsion is worth an entry in this list Independence Day - the film that made Will Smith famous Interstellar - for bringing General Relativity to the Big Screen The Martian - a more realistic approach to 70s disco music in space Star Trek - a social critic view of society put into space Star Wars - features explosions in space. An early precursor to KSP. Never saw 2001 - A Space Odyssey and Alien.....gotta correct that some day... What is your list?
  2. Welcome to the Landing Zone! Current Project: Unnamed - Planning Stages I made this because I decided I wanted my own place on the forums to post all my work, and keep it all grouped together as I do it. So here it is! My landing zone. Here you can expect to find all my videos and random screenshots I take as I play the game, along with (possibly) some craft downloads. It'll also be a place for you to talk to me about anything if, for what ever reason, you may want to. I hope you enjoy your stay! Science Kerbal on Eeloo Cooperation