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Found 2 results

  1. Features Adds new size based categories to Filter Extensions for the VAB and SPH. Size filters range from 0.35 to 30 meters. There are also sub-categories within each size. Installation Unzip to \GameData Dependencies Filter Extensions Module Manager Downloads Spacedock GitHub Source License Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal Change log Please report any issues here or on GitHub, thanks! Pics or it didn't happen...
  2. I am looking for someone to make a custom config for the Filter Extensions mod, with new categories and subcategories (I heard that you can make subcategories with Filter Extensions; could someone explain this further to me?) If someone could help, that would be great, as I don't have the knowledge to make my own configs. Part Mods: Categories: I apologize for me having to ask someone to do this, and for the very large mod list (I went a little crazy after hearing that 64 bit would allow many more mods), but I don't have any modding or config-ing experience (or the patience and time to write dozens of lines of text ). Thanks!