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Found 6 results

  1. this is pretty simple, make a stock weapon (no BD armory or any mods) capable of destroying the most objects in one launch. any Easter egg or in game object is fair game. RULES!! 1) game must be 100% stock (no mods whatsoever as they may hinder game preformance) 2) destroyed objects must be in game objects, not ships and other craft 3) You may destroy an object on any celestial body 4) If any object cannot be destroyed, hitting it with a projectile traveling faster than 100m/s will count 5) please submit in video form to this thread for grading. 6) any ties will be settled by the number of kerbals killed in the process 7) have fun with it and be wacky in your creations and submissions (who dosent want an ssto bomber) my personal submission will be uploaded to my kerbal channel and this thread next monday (04/01/2019) Leader board #1----- TBD #2----- TBD #3----- TBD note: don't scroll down to far, i went nutz with the spoilers and can't delete them..... (if a moderator is reading this, can you please remove all the spoilers?)
  2. hello, please see the link below for all info and pictures on my suspected glitch. version 64 bit. never crashes. Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  3. Right, couldn't find this. Not yet requesting "support", trying to figure out what I did wrong, first. Here's what's been happening: I build a massive ship to go to Duna. Sandbox mode. Assembled it in orbit. Finally bring the crew. Docking doesn't go as desired, so I load the save I made on approach. When I saved the game, the engine on my little crew transporter was shutdown. But when the save loads, bam, it also fires the engine - and won't accept any input to shut it down until it's done with all the loading thingies. While the craft is already accelerating. And that is not all. Eventually, I build a simpler, huge craft. Just want to get going, no 2nd round of assembly, plop into orbit with hyperedit. When I leave it there, it's just sitting there. Pointed to normal, engines never activated in the first place. Then I launch my lander craft, which I DO want to dock in, I wiggle through the transfer orbits and, finally, on closest approach ... my massive ship just zips by, engines blazing. I go to tracking station, switch vessels and shut down engines. Lucky me, the engines were blazing on no throttle. But still, this is too similar to be related. Some setting I messed up? Some way I never found to lock an engine so this won't happen? EDIT: Just tried it with switching vessels from the orbital view. Here, too, my big ship's engines (Emancipator nuclear engines) ignite while the little green messages are zipping up at the top of the screen. Switching back to the lander craft currently in a lower orbit, I was already hammering my "kill switch" (key assigned to shutdown all my engines through AGX action groups), so the engines didn't fire there. Tried switching vessels back and forth once again, without touching the kill switch. This time, no undesired ignitions to be observed. I think it may be something when the craft is first loaded during a flight?
  4. Explosions are one of the most funny things in the game since its early releases, but looking closely to them, it seems to me that they're a little too feebles, respect to Real Life: I would like to know if it's possible for @SQUAD or modders, to make explosions bigger and more impressives.
  5. All this has, I'm sure, been asked and answered, but I want to make sure I have things squared away. I like backups, and backups of my backups. I installed v.1.1 from Steam (since I've had a Steam account for a few years now), then upgraded to 1.1.1, thence to 1.1.2 (which I'm satisfied with, so far, knock wood, and now that I've written that, am thus Kraken-food from here forward). Soooo, what I've gathered from reading some threads here is that there are some steps I ought to take: 1. Immediately uninstall KSP and ensure there are no traces of it in my C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common directory. 2. Run a fresh reinstall and verify local files. Use the Steam install as my working/updateable copy, and drag a shortcut of the KSP _x64.exe onto my desktop if I feel like being antisocial and playing KSP in peace while not having to connect to Steam and interact with my Steam Friends, who are wondering where the hell I've been for the last 2 years or so and frantically asking me to reinstall this or that game and start playing with them again. 3. Make a couple of copies of this virgin install and deposit in places like, say C:/Temp/KSP/KSP Builds and C:/Games/KSP/KSP Builds. Update and/or just add new builds to these locations as they roll out. 4. Keep copies of my save files in like locations. 5. Continue to climb the Mt. Olympus that KSP represents. Do I have all this about right? Thanks for any advice/answers/help/corrections in this.