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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Check out the amazing and creative entries of the last challenge! This week we have another theme for you: “Target Practice! " The holidays are over, and it's time to get back to work. Jebediah was gifted a wonderful little cabin during the holidays, he liked it so much he made two copies and put one on Minmus and one on The Mun. But, Jebediah is a restless kerbal and an adrenaline junkie , and gets tired of too much leisure (ie: more than 5 minutes without any danger), so he decided that in order to get everyone's attention, he would build a rocket and launch it to try to hit as close to his cabin as possible. Challenge Goal In an unmanned vessel (ok, if you really want to kill somebody, you can), launch a rocket to either the Mun or Minmus, targeted at the cabin which is on each at Longitude 0, Latitude 0. The goal is to impact the surface as close to the cabin as you can Rules The vessel can have two boost phases, the first to get to orbit, the second to inject it into an intersection course with the target. Once the boost phases are done, decouple anything you want, this will be the last time decoupling is allowed Extra points if you do it all in a single launch. Even more points if it is a single stage Download the save file from this URL or, use HyperEdit to move a target to coordinates 0,0 on your desired target planet. If you do, the target cannot be bigger than 6m in any direction (6 of the M-1x1 panels). As a reference, Jeb's cabin is 5x6m All mods are allowed, except HyperEdit and VesselMover Make sure that the target you are aiming for is selected as the target before impact You are allowed to use SAS to point to the target, to make it easier to show on screen for the pics. Just no thrusting of ANY kind (including stage separators) is allowed. Post pics of the launch, interplanetary injection and either the moment of impact or just before impact. Make sure that the target is shown, that way you will see the distance. Note that the distance to the target will be shown even after the impact, if the target is close enough Scoring 1 point if you launch a rocket 1 point if it leaves Kerbin orbit 5 points if you enter the SOI of the target planet, not counted if you impact the planet One of the following (whichever is higher): - 10 points if you impact ANYWHERE on the target planet. - 15 points if you impact within 100Km of the target - 100-distance (in Km) from the target - 125 points if within 1 Km of the target - 150 points if you actually hit the target Achievements 1 point - I tried 2 points - Lost 7 points - Lost In Space 12 points - Broad side of the Barn 17 points - Outer Limits 18-125 points - Marksman 127 points - Expert Marksman 152 points - Bullseye We will have special badges for the first challenge of the year! Thanks to @linuxgurugamer for making this challenge possible! Share your screenshots, videos or images. We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community!