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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, i made my first SSTO today! (yes it's an awful desing, but i dont know how to do better) Here's the link to the image collection= And yes, it has a parachute but i didn't use it. (It's a drogue one) Also note that one of the white tanks is a LFO tank with the white skin, not a only-LF tank. Please send me tips on the comments so i can make a better SSTO next time. See ya soon!
  2. Here are images from the first time I played KSP 1.6.1, which I started playing today! (I previously had played 1.2.2 and 1.4.2)
  3. Where can I find a tutorial for first time users of KSP?
  4. I made my first plane. Here is the download: Can anyone experienced please download it and tell me how to improve the stability, but not too stable. I am new to KSP and I am still learning.
  5. When I first played KSP it was around April 2013, playing on the demo version.. I remember not knowing anything but the basic shape of a rocket, my friends bragged about how they could make rovers and make planes. I was contemplating buying the game at the time, which I did (spoilers) one thing I remember that i didn't find out for almost 30 hours gameplay, was how to use the SAS, or Safe And Stable button. I used to struggle and battle the movements of the rocket by hand. what was some noob things you did when you first played KSP?
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first time ever sending a manned mission to Duna after 336 hours of playtime in Kerbal Space Program! After a great start of launching and docking 4 payloads to my carrier and sending it to Duna the mission went Kerbal very quickly. The first payload, which contains the communication satellites - got deployed by sheer force of rotation and couplers because they lack any kind of engine. These satellites were accidentally deployed into an orbit that intercepted Dunas moon, throwing them into weird and unpredictably orbits. This out-take will be part of another video. The second and third payload get coupled together into what I call a "Double Bullet" for obvious reasons. The airshells of the payload look like two bullets glued together. This "Double Bullet" then descends onto Duna and decouples only after the parachutes have deployed and decelerated the payloads. This way they land less than 1 kilometer apart. The landing needs some improvement, though. The last payload contains a rover and descends onto Duna before deploying a lot of parachutes for landing. By sheer luck, it flew above the first two payloads and landed less than 50 kilometers away. Highlights: All payloads docked Circularisation at Duna Deployment of satellites - without any engines Creating the "Double Bullet" Landing the "Double Bullet" Landing the rover Thank you for taking the time to read all this!
  7. Hello Kerbal Students! When was the first time you guys played KSP? The first time I played it is in November 2015 1:00 P.M waiting for the game to download. A few dozens of minutes it downloaded but then I had to go to my gramma's house. Later that night I played til it was 2:00 am becuase it was so good man!
  8. I have been playing this game since at least version .21 but i have always relied on mods as a crutch (especially hyperedit). I also never had any ambition to do it without mods but i decided to give it a try because i had nothing better to do today and it was pretty easy. Sadly i didn't have enough delta v to get back into orbit. This happens to be on of my favorite pictures of kerbal space program with the sun and ike in the background.