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Found 1 result

  1. In Flight Flag Switcher - continued! Change the flags on any vessel or planted flags after launch with just a quick right-click of a button! NOTE:iPeer gave me permission to continue to maintain this and other mods he has written. The mod's original OP is available here. From this point forward, I will be maintaining this mod. By itself, this mod will allow you to change your mission flag after you've left the SPH or VAB. While on a mission, you can have one flag for the craft and a completely different flag to plant on the surface! This mod has a great number of uses both by itself and when paired with other flag mods, such as Flag Decals. It's now possible to create custom decals and launch vehicles that have multiple images on them. There are a few examples of what you can accomplish with this mod within the spoiler: From the original OP by iPeer:(click spoiler to view) Download locations: GitHub Installation: Extract the folder called "InFlightFlagChanger" to KSP's GameData folder. CKAN: CKAN is pending... if I can ever figure out how to do it. For now, you are stuck doing a manual install. How to use this mod: While in the VAB or SPH: Right click on the part containing a flag placeholder and scroll down to "CHANGE FLAG" option. A dialogue box will open containing all available flags you have installed. Select the flag and click "Accept". While on a mission: Right click on the part containing a flag placeholder and scroll down to "CHANGE FLAG" option. A dialogue box will open containing all available flags you have installed. Select the flag and click "Accept". You also have the option to apply the new flag to the entire vessel. NOTE: This mod will not work outside of the VAB or SPH if you selected the "flag" toggle to turn off flags while in editor mode. KNOWN ISSUES (I hope to address these as soon as I can figure it out): Vessel will lose it's root flag (this is the flag you've selected in the editor) on save, exit, and return. Reset the vessel's flag but do not select the option to set your selection as the vessel flag. This normally works. Flag is discolored, or may have a light grey halo if it is transparency based. Nothing I can do about this. This is an issue with the way the post 1.0.5 KSP handles imported images. It is most evident on images with a transparent background. Another cause of this are mods, such as EVE, that add shadows, clouds, and other environmental effects. If you are using these mods, wait until the obscured light on Kerbin and the discoloration should disappear. I am using the Decal Flag mod and the part that contains the deployable flag displays my flag backwards. I did not write that mod and cannot control it, however, simply use an image editing software package and take your original image, flip it horizontally, and save as "your flag name 2.png" and select that image using this mod. Support: I will be more than happy to provide support for this mod. I do ask that you follow a few simple rules when you ask for my help (click spoiler to view): PLEASE NOTE: You must manually uninstall previous editions of this mod. The previous version can be located in the GameData/iPeer folder. SPECIAL THANKS: We really have a great bunch of forum members that have encouraged me and others to take on greater challenges as members of the KSP community. I could not have updated this mod without the help of @CliftonM, @katateochi, and @Dman979. In a round-about way, I would also like to thank @Just Jim for getting me hooked on writing fan-fic based on KSP, thus creating the need for me to update this mod. PROJECT TESTERS: @Rhedd