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Found 28 results

  1. DECAL STICKERS DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK Thank your sponsors by placing their logo on your craft! These stickers are highly customizable and can be placed almost anywhere! It doesn't depend on your mission flag so you can have as many sponsors as you like. It also comes on different sizes but compressed into one part thanks to Firespitter: Sticker Mini is 0.625 sized with both vertical and horizontal versions as well as a flat one. Sticker Upsized is a generally just a bigger sticker. Sticker Type A has a bigger flat version as well as 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a horizontal tank. *It needs to be rotated as the orientation is wrong in order to preserve correct mirror in sph Sticker Type B has size 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a vertical tank Sizes 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 meant how wide the sticker is, they all come in same sizes but the bigger the tank is, the wider it's needed to be so it's adjusted by you in right click menu. This idea suddenly came to mind when I made the Cargo Bay for my Airplane Plus mod. In fact, the Sticker Type A mesh is derived from it. How to use (you probably won't look at this anyway because you think you know already, and you're probably right): Current Variant shows the size you chose for the Sticker. Flat is flat, Size 1 sticks perfectly to 1.25, Size 2 to 2.50, Size 3 for 3.75. Type A means Horizontal and Type B means Vertical. There is also the Sticker Mini and Sticker Upsized The "Current Variant" Below it is the sticker's name. To change it, simply change the shape. The "Variant" is the texture it has from the stock Part Variant Switcher. This will contain the name of the Texture. How to add custom decals: -Add this below another one of these in the configs: VARIANT { name = Custom 1 displayName = Custom 1 themeName = Custom 1 primaryColor = #adafad secondaryColor = #adafad TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = blackheart/Flags/Custom1 } } -Add your image in blackheart/Flags and name it Custom1 (can be .png, .tga, or ,.dds) -Done Note: To add more, copy another one below it, change the name to Custom2 if you put a Custom2 in the blackheart/Flags folder. Note: You can change the "name =", "displayname =", and "themeName =" to anything you want, make sure your file name is correct in blackheart/Flags folder. License: GPL It's just a few simple mesh. Firespitter and Module Manager have their own license and isn't covered by mine. Additional: I just added a few mesh parts, the textures I used are 1pixel placeholders. All textures are referred to squad's folder so there shouldn't be significant performance hits. Just a lightweight add-on.
  2. Mister_Spaceman

    Custom Kerbal Flag

    I made myself a little custom flag for a certain "phase" of my career. It's somewhat minimalistic and simple, but I like it nonetheless.
  3. Astronants

    [1.6.x] Decalc'o'mania

    Decalc-o-mania v1.1.1 for KSP 1.5.X and 1.6 What does this mod do ? Decalc'o'mania is a mod that let you add decals and flags to your rockets, it can be a mission flag or a totally custom logo. DESCRIPTION There are 2 types of decals, divided into several shapes: the flags which are the mission's flags, and the customizable decals. For the flags, just place it on the tank and it will take the texture of your mission's flag. For the customizable decals, you can change the texture, you have 10 textures that you can customize (5 for the standard shape and 5 for the long/vertical shape) Check out the video that @Kottabos made a few time ago : INSTALLATION Download first the dependencies : Community Category Kit Download link 1: Spacedock Download link 2: GitHub TweakScale support. CHANGELOG Mod licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin
  4. I would like a flag sent to me with a big blue Aperture logo with a white background.
  5. Ever wanted to add a custom flag to your missions in Kerbal Space Program? Check out this quick video tutorial:
  6. DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack This thread has been moved and renamed at @cratercracker's request. The new thread can be found below.
  7. Thought I'd ask the pros here on how to place different flags within the same game save file? A few YouTube videos show multiple flag designs in one game. What must I do to copy this beautiful feature? I know you pick a flag design in the beginning of a game save, but is it possible to change that design during the game? If so, does that also change the design of flags already planted? Thanks in advance!
  8. ""

    [1.2.2]LAJ's Flag pack (WIP)

    Hi! Just launched This! One flag for each stock planet, besides two from the amazing Gameslinx's planet overhaul ( Thanks Gameslinx! Should be updated quite frequently due to the fact that I have nothing to do at luchtime exept eat and do this on a computer. Download here from curse! Install instructions on the page Enjoy (if you can) (Somthing wierd happened to the UKSF flag. It is now ugly and will be fixed soon!)
  9. For some reason, in the VAB (or SPH), some of the part thumbnails show a white quad in the location of where the flag decal would normally be placed. This isn't happening for all parts (most of them don't show the flag in the preview thumbnail, as expected). This is happening in a fresh, un-modded install. What's causing this? Here's a screenshot exhibiting the behavior:
  10. Kerbal24728


    Here's The New Flag:
  11. dallascwbys9

    Some Flags

    I dont know were to post my flag so ill post it here
  12. Anatoly Nikolaev

    Roscosmos flag

    Why there is NASA and ESA flags in the game, but not Roscosmos flag? Isn't Roscosmos is the only space agency in the World, capable to deliver astronauts to orbit and ISS now? I can suggest this one:
  13. We were puzzled to find that Kerbals can only retrieve flags from their knapsacks when landed on a planet or moon. This dashed our hopes to place the Kerbian flag in orbit... but maybe not. That's where you come in of course! Mission: Place a flag, like those a kerbonaut can place on the Mun and elsewhere, into orbit around a star, planet or moon. Rules: Using normal mods is ok, but bonus if you do it without them. No actual cheats like hyperedit or debug menu etc. People who've done it: Martian Emigrant
  14. Puddle Jumper

    Flags falling over

    Yesterday I started playing Kerbal Space Program again after a six month hiatus. I loaded my old savegame from before the last update and soon I noticed a weird problem: the flags I planted started falling over. I browsed the forum and apparently I am not the only one, but I couldn't find a solution. Anyone know what the problem is and if there is a solution? Does anyone know if it only affects flags placed before the update, or is it a problem with newer flags as well? I am considering revisiting the landing sites where the flags are placed, but I also have a backup of my savegame from before I resumed playing, so if there is a solution that prevents the flags from falling over in the first place I would much prefer that.
  15. Sharpy

    Decals mod for 1.1.3?

    Are there any mods that would let me add custom decals/graphics/symbols in 1.1.3 ? I found a plenty of mods that do this but the most recent I found was for KSP 1.0.3, that is before Unity upgrade, so it's rather dubious it would still work. Anything "current" out there?
  16. Title pretty much describes it. I have a couple that I prefer. I have always liked the NASA emblem, but I'm also a fan of the retro flag and satellite flags. What about you guys?
  17. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    South kerbin flag pack

    Hello fellow kerbals! A new mod has Arrived i have been working on it for a while now and its going very well! The south kerbin flag pack adds kerbal-ish flags too the game like the South kerbin aircraft and space association(SKASA). Jeb head mug kerman industries/JHMK IND is working on other projects so progress will be slow and this mod is for ksp version 1.0.5. but you can still ask about update. Download here Drop box.
  18. Hello Support-Team, this is a Bug-Report. KSP Version: (x64), Not-Steam - Version. The planted Flags are all falling down. It does not matter if it is a old Flag or a New Flag. At first they move up a lttle bit, then they fall over. Screenshots: Quicksave (.zip): Outout log (.txt): Instruction to recreate the Bug, based on the delivered savegame: Press M for Map-View Press 8 times Tabulator to focus View on Duna Scroll Mousewheel up to zoom on Duna Leftclick on a Flag of your choice. (I prefer the Flag "Mars Eins" at Equator, because it is at bright Daytime) Click on "Switch to" Fast!: After View has switched to Flag, zoom fast to the Flag and watch the Flag. Result: You will notice that the Flag move up a little bit and then it falling over down to the ground. This happens with all Flags. Does not matter if you do "Switch to" or if you do "Fly" the Flag in the Tracking Station. System Specification: Windows7 Professional (64 bit), AMD FX 8350 (8 Core with 4 GHz each), 16 GB RAM, MSI Nvidia GeForce 750 Ti 2GB VRAM. I hope you can fix that soon. With friendly Greetings Nexis
  19. Benji13

    Custom Flags!

    Hey guys! I can't find a topic where you post your custom flags, so I decided to make one! If there is already one, please let me know. I thought I might start it off with my new flag, The Galactic Industries Flag! Feel free to use it if you want. Any others?
  20. Hey everybody, I want a flag on Pluto (using RO,RSS,TAC-LS,RT,kOS etc) and started by calculating different scenarios. It turned out, that Pluto is giving me some serious headaches. The biggest problem is the unneglectable inclination relative to the eclipse of 17° combined with Pluto`s excentricity. ---- I`m German, hope you understand what I write, feel free to correct me --- Scenario 1 is just a Hohmann Transfer to meet Pluto when he crosses the ecliptic. Scenario 2 is about meeting him at his Periapsis. I do not consider any swing-by maneuvers, because there would be to many odds... So in order to calculate Scenario 1 I need to know my speed relative to Pluto, when I meet him at the Ascending Node so I can calculate the burn that keeps me in Pluto-orbit. But here`s the problem: how do I know Pluto`s distance from the sun and his speed when he crosses the Eclipse? Is there any "general" equation that would be usable for other inclinded planets, such as Mercury as well? Scenario 2 would require to burn my spacecraft`s apoapsis to Pluto`s Periapsis. His speed and my speed at that point are easy to calculate. The advantage of this scenario would be a much shorter flying time, and therefore less weight (less life support). What I save on Life support could be added as fuel and increase the Delta-V for the "Flip-burn". On the way back to Earth I wouldn`t have to do the flip burn and use the Delta-V to reduce speed just before Earth-reentry and keep g-forces lower, since I would not have to dive too deep into Earth`s atmosphere. But how do I calculate the "Flip-Burn"? Flip-Burn", because I would stay at the Eclipse until intersecting Pluto`s orbital plane and change the inclination ("flip" my trajectory) there. How do I calculate my speed and my distance from the sun when intersecting Pluto`s orbital plane with my AP at his PE ? Any hints are welcome. Maybe someone has done and posted their math before, but so far I couldn`t find any. Cheers, Whateverest
  21. Kuansenhama

    Request/Idea: Flag Panel

    Ya know how your flag can appear on some parts? (All the stock command modules, and quite a few modded parts make use of this). Can someone please make me a part that is just a lightweight metal panel that you stick onto the side of your ship, but has no function outside of displaying your flag where you want it. (Ideally with the longer dimension of the flag being ~.75m) I need to stop posting the part ideas that come to me while I'm in the shower.
  22. This topic should be closed, I can't put a mediafire link or anything like that for the download, I'd appreciate if the mods could shut this down for me.
  23. I just installed the 1.1 release, whenever I mouse over certain parts, the flag's backdrop becomes transparent, showing the scenery behind the part. I'm running a fresh install of KSP 1.1.1230
  24. DolphinDude3

    Which flag is better?

    Hello KSP Community. I've been trying to decide which flag to use, I've used this one for a while: As you can see it's basically just the Kerbin-Mun flag with Minmus and the name of my Space Program added, but after seeing this video... ...I decided to make a completely new and simpler flag, this is the result: But I'm still trying to decide whether I should use this new one or continue using the old one, what do you guys think? -Dolphin.
  25. nosirrbro

    The One True Flag

    I recently got in the mail the real life flag version of the KSP flag Blorbs, my flag of choice (Also the first flag I picked when I started my first save ever), and the flag of my nationstates nation. What'd you guys think?