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Found 3 results

  1. Whenever I design a space plane I almost always find that it'll want to pitch down when full of fuel and pitch up on re-entry and almost empty of fuel. So far my solution has been either have the wings way back which makes the pitch down even worse and take-off's a pain or have too much fuel so that I can move it all forward on landing which is wasteful (and uncontrollable if very low on fuel). So I've been playing around with a third option, have some flaps which pushes the nose down on reentry/landing (so more like a trim tab). I've had inconclusive results so far, it does seem to push the nose down but often not enough to stop the plane flipping upwards. Am I onto something here and just need more/bigger/better positioned "flaps" or is it a wasted effort?
  2. Hi guys!!! I have a very simple question I'm sure you airplane experts will be able to answer easily! I am trying to incorporate flaps to my airplanes to smooth my landings - I place control surfaces and activate the flap buttons but I do not see/feel any effects on my craft - would anyone be kind enough to teach me how to set flaps please? Many thanks in advance,
  3. Hi everybody. Ever Since version 1.1 I'm having trouble flying my spaceplanes. I really have to pitch slowly in order avoid flipping the entire vessel .i've tried lowering and increasing the authority limiter but that didn't help. The only workaround seems to be to use more SAS units, which doesn't feel right ... is there something I'm missing?i hope ypu guys can help. Here's an example of a typical plane: