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Found 1 result

  1. Getting an email when new content is posted is great, but they tend to be rather useless for mission reports: Author posts 10-screen episode (which is, don’t get me wrong, absolutely awesome) I get an email with this. I'd rather see it in all it's glory on the forum here, and of course there's a link. So far, so good. Now, scenario two: Fan posts reaction (good) Fan posts reaction, quoting the entire posted article (not good) Another reaction Another full page post Author posts new episode Now the notification has lost its function. There's no way I'm going to scroll through 20 screens of content I've already seen, so I'm not aware that there actually is new content as it's at the very bottom of that email that I'm not scrolling through. But Kerbart, surely you are jesting, it's not the forum's fault that people quote an entire post after all? Why no, but you can't stop that (annoying as it is) from happening. What the forum can do though, is provide an option where the email that I'm getting is just providing a link to the new content (and who posted it), with maybe the first two lines of text with images stripped out (the re for that shouldn't be rocket science, and if it is, well, we're here, right?) and nothing else. That would keep my updates for mission reports short and sweet, and allows me to see if there's content that is essential to be checked out now now now, or that it can wait until later in the day.