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Found 1 result

  1. A few months ago, I created this medium tech ssto, the Voodoo Ray, based off Panther and NERV tech only. I got worried that it's too challenging too fly for your average pilot, because my instructions talk about flying it with pitch trim to maintain target AoA within a few degrees. It probably won't make orbit if you deviate too far from the optimum. So, I set about making the Auto Ray. It's wings are angled so it makes enough lift to fly when the SAS is set to prograde hold. However, it has a trim flap, deployable via action group (RCS button), which toggles the plane between high lift mode (nose about 2.3 degrees above prograde even when set to prograde hold) and low drag mode (nose follows prograde almost exactly). Other than making occasional aileron adjustments to keep wings level, it is possible to fly this to orbit without touching the flight controls at all, only staging engines and toggling the trim flap at certain flight regimes. Here's the thing - should i give instructions telling people exactly when to toggle the flap, or just tell them to play it by ear and trust their judgement? Here's the "play it by ear" version of the launch advice - And here's the craft file - Video of me launching it -