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Found 1 result

  1. Many of you will probably not recognize me. I stay in a few of the Mod-development/release forums and that is it. I have been a member of the forums since October 2013 and have over 5000hours of game time in KSP. One of the reasons I have been involved in this game for so long is inclusion. I am here to talk about what I hope is a serious failure in this years April Fools jokes. First, A word from one of our friendly moderators (from another thread) So to start with I saw the TOTM post at 12AM GMT April first. Of course living in the US I didn't realize that an Official Squad (in Mexico) post would be posted on Greenwich time. Further, and IDK if the rest of the world uses this but in my part of the United States we say APRIL FOOLS after the joke.... So TOTM is a failure as a joke to my mind. Then today I went to @CobaltWolf's BlueDog_DB Forum... I had been waiting for him to post a picture from his stream yesterday so I could comment on the awesomeness that came from his stream. GASP 4x Downvotes. what the heck! SO having JUST read the above post from Moderator Snark yesterday, I initially played it off as an April fools joke... A REALLY REALLY bad one. But the more I worked on my post the more hurt and angrier I became. A) Cobaltwolf didn't deserve down-votes in my opinion and B) I was deeply saddened by WHO did the down-voting. I checked a few other threads and saw the same down-vote option If this new Downvote feature is an April Fools joke. It is in the poorest of taste. Not only does it make a Hypocrite out of great MODERATORS like @Snark here, it actively encourages bullying. Something I was lead to believe was not tolerated in these forums. I am not happy about any of the supposed April fools jokes that I have discovered this year from Squad. It wasn't a swing and a miss... Rather Squad took their trusty baseball bat and in one day bashed apart the entire credibility of the forum, and it's staff in my opinion. I know I am an opinionated jerk (but hey I also know they are opinions... I DO realize that they only matter for me and those that agree!) I know I can rub people the wrong way. That is what happens when your primary form of communication is reading lips. I have been half deaf for my whole conscious life. I process both the written and the spoken word differently than the "average" person in my part of the world. I say this not for anyone's pity, but for your understanding. I do not tolerate bullying (and am aghast if someone thinks I am in that roll.) I have been a repeated victim of bullying and discrimination. Anything that opens the door to it should be shamed or avoided at all costs. As Snark so eloquently posted above... if you don't like something vote with your feet and leave I do not know of a single April fools joke from this year that was Funny (coming from Squad) I am tempted to do just that. Pick my feet up and leave the forums. In my day job I am in peoples homes and I routinely encourage parents that KSP is great for STEM edutainment for their kids. I can no longer in good conscious consider doing that going forward, irregardless if this is a joke or a new standard. I will not bash KSP but I will no longer mention it to parents. I have a zero tolerance when Corporations + Kids on the subject of Bullying. By Giving someone partial anonymity(You don't know WHY they down-voted) you open the door to bullying, Squad, and you leave the moderators with little or no recourse to prevent it. Others of you may disagree and that is, in my opinion, your right too. But in the end I hope this mistake (and I truly hope it was an HONEST MISTAKE is quickly rectified!)