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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. And welcome to Lets Count. In this forum game just post a number one value higher than the previous post. However you cannot post more than one number per post. And please wait 5 to ten minutes before posting again. Thank you for playing and enjoy! Current Goal: 100,000 Exmaple: Post 1: 1 Post 2: 2 What we have done so far… We have reached 10 posts! (Completed on 7/23/2022) We have reached 100 posts! (Completed on 8/5/2021) We have reached 1,000 posts! (Completed on 1/5/2022) We have reached 2,000 posts! (Completed on 5/5/2022) We have reached 10,000 posts! (To Be Completed Soon) We have reached 100,000 posts! (To Be Completed Soon) We have reached 1,000,000 posts! (To Be Completed Soon) We have reached 2,000,000 posts! (To Be Completed Soon) Now I will go first. 1 Let the game begin!
  2. This thread is when someone posts and Flight sim aircraft and the person below them replys with an aircraft the one ups that aircraft i will start Laminar Reasearch B747-400. person below me Zibo 737-800 ect it begins Laminar Reasearch B747-400.
  3. Guest

    KSP's next sequel

    I have heard people area already talking about KSP 3 and what they want it that. I was confused, so I made this game. Rules. -Make a sequel to the game. -Make sure it follows the rules of the forum -You can only do one per post -Make sure it's in sequential order(ex: no story modes, no prequels, just KSP 2,3,4,5,6 etc.) -Also, we are all here to enjoy a game we aren't here to tell what KSP's game should be prioritizing Here we go: KSP 1: Space Agencies KSP 2: Interstellar Colonization KSP 3: Alien warefare Ok now you go LIST OF GAMES: KSP 1: Space Agency KSP 2: Interstellar colonization KSP 3: Alien Warfare KSP 4: Breakthrough KSP 5: Kraken vs Transformers KSP 6: Submarines KSP 7: Boom event simulator KSP 8: Cookie clicker rocket edition KSP 9: Scott Manley's Human Space Program KSP 10: EA edition (they don't add anything new to the game and make everything purchase required) KSP 11: The NES edition.
  4. This is the Really Really Really Deep Basement. Inspiration was from Really Really Really Tall Building. Here's how this is gonna go. 1. No having floors that send you back up, or far down. 2. No floors that trap you. 3. Floors don't have to(and should not) be related to the previous floor. 4. Don't be ridiculing other floors. This is how we start! I will say floor -1. Next person -2. Then -3, and so on. Let's begin! Floor -1: As you walk down here into the first basement, you see that there are 100+ doors. You try them all, but only one works. It leads to a hallway lit by neon signs. These signs all read 'Hooray, you wasted your time!' You continue to the next floor in anger...
  5. It's simple, let's try to make this the megathread! Post whatever you want. Can we achieve 10000 pages before KSP2 releases? Not gonna happen. (Edit): Rules (As stated by moderators):
  6. Welcome to the forum game, did you know. The point of this game is to post a fact about a random thing, time, or anything. Post your random facts here. And remember to follow all forums guidelines. Ill start first. Did you know songs from 1924 are copyright free now?
  7. Choose A Team Game By: @miguelsgamingch Its A Simple Game, You Will Choose A Team Comment below what team you are and the member count. RULES: 1. Abide by the Forum Game Rules 2. 1 Team Per Player, And Can Change Teams If They Want 3. You Can Create 1 Custom Team Per Week, This is to avoid Team Spam. 4. The Higher The Member Count, The Winner Your Team Gets And 5. Good Luck! Here are your teams to pick: 1. Neutral Team - Just A Normal Team, You can choose this if you dont know who to choose. 2. Good Team - You wanna be a good kerbal, choose this team 3. Bad Team - You Wanna Break Your Kerbals To Pieces, choose here Custom Teams A Feature In The Game Where you Can Make Custom Teams, Beacause 3 Teams Would Be Just Boring (Ask me if you want your custom team in my list of custom teams) List Of Custom Teams: Team Name Leader Name Member Count Team Confused @The Doodling Astronaut 2 Leaderboard For Non-Custom Teams Team Name Member Count Neutral 3 Good Team 0 Bad Team 1 News: October 10th 2020 - Currently Neutral Team is Number 1, Then Bad Team. November 10, 2020 - 1 New member at team Confused I Go First, Since i made this game, im going for Neutral Good Luck!
  8. Guest

    Achievement made!

    This might be easier if you have a discord server with the Dank Memer bot or you can post it in text. RULES: Forum rules apply Has to be short Has to be funny. Could reference to Minecraft or Not. I'll start
  9. This game goes like this: first, you find some tiny disruptance/problem/whatever, and turn it into a conspiracy theory. Then, you have to answer the person above's thing with a perfectly logical explanation. For example: Person A: A cockroach skittered over my desk, and since a cockroach is flat, the Earth must be too! Person B: No way, because the Earth's gravity is enough to pull itself into it's sphere. Unless Cockroaches have the ability to Manipulate spacetime, this is impossible. ... I'll start it off: Today, my rice was a bit undercooked. Well, that must mean that the CIA sabotaged my rice cooker through the Government's 5G Skynet and is trying to kill me!
  10. so i got this from something i forgot, if i remember, i'll say, but i cant so the rules are simple, you take the words of the person above you, and change all the words to synonyms, except for kerbal, which has no synonyms in the english language so heres a example: excellent superb those are only one word ones, but you can do sentences, like kerbal is awesome, but if you cant find a synonym for a word like kerbal, then just leave it i'll start pie is good, so i eat it for dessert, but not for dinner, because that would be strange
  11. The goal is to count to 100 or -100, sorta like the number game. However, instead of just adding one or subtracting one, like the number game, you can also multiply the current number by -1. This makes it so you have to be more strategic and you can't just spam posts until you eventually get to 100 or -100 because the other team could always just turn all of your spamming into their win. ANYWAYS HERE'S THE RULES: You can make one turn per post. You can add one, subtract one, or multiply by negative one when you post. DON'T DOUBLE POST! Remember to follow all forum rules. Have fun. Whenever a team wins, ping me and then you can start a new round. Wins: Team: Date: I think I'm not forgetting anything. Please tell me if I did forget something. GO! Okay bye. 1 (-)
  12. The first poster posts something that someone on the forum has said, like this: The next poster must try to guess who said it, like this: Then they post another quote for the next poster, and so it continues in a loop. Please post quotes as above, and don't post quotes like this: Also, you must quote the entire post, and no editing! Oh, and you could look it up but that ruins the fun, so don't look it up before guessing! Let's see how this goes. Who said...
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