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Found 1 result

  1. TheJangleMan

    Forum Feature Suggestion

    So, I was wondering if you could make the forum topic adder/editor have it so that you can choose different methods of inputting text and crap, like, there would be the default in the first tab, HTML coding in the second, CSS in the 3rd, and JavaScript (or other html compatible coding languages) . this would help us make our forum posts unique, and appealing (only if you have knowledge of such coding languages) The main reason why I think it's a must-have feature is because I'd like to be able to add custom graphics into my forum posts, and, be able to do other stuff like animations on the forum post. If I could use CSS/JavaScript on the forum, I'd be able to make a REALLY nice forum post, and be able to present the information even better . Final Thought: You should make it so that people have to have had their account for a certain amount of time AND for each rank in the forum, be able to add more features. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you consider soon...