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Found 33 results

  1. If played KSP for longer than, I don't know 4 minutes you could have noticed that the performance can be a bit bad, because I also suffer from these problems I compiled a list of useful ways to improve the performance. This is a continuous collection if you have anything to add just post it below and I look into it. Contents: 1. Software 1.1: KSP Graphic Settings 1.2: KSP Physics Settings 1.3: Mods 1.4: Graphic Driver Settings 1.5 Additional Software Tricks 2. Hardware 2.1: CPU Overclocking 2.2: Computer Parts 2.3 RAM-Caching Notes: Looking for Help! ↓ 1. Software 1.1 KSP Graphic Settings (+10 FPS) 1.2 KSP Physics Settings 1.3 Mods (+15 FPS) 1.4 Graphic Driver Settings (+5 FPS) 1.5 Additional Software Tricks (+10FPS) 2. Hardware 2.1 Overlocking 2.2 Computer Parts 2.3 RAM-Caching:
  2. Hi, I've been wondering about my game's performance. The main things that are bothering me (in order) are the loading times between scenes, garbage collection stuttering, and low FPS at ground level. I know I have a lot of mods installed. I am wondering if this is a case of just being too greedy or if there is something else at play? If it is a limitation of the game at this time, then ok (although it is sad, because there are so many good mods ). The game uses up about 9GB of RAM on start up. I am using memgraph. I have SVE installed with Scatterer. I have my antivirus set to exclude my install path. I am running from an SSD. I get about 20-25 FPS at the launchpad with a reasonably detailed 3.75m ship. Stuttering gets worse the longer the game runs (memory leak?). I am running full shadow cascades, full pixel lights (turning these down makes little difference tbh), with full texture resolution and full terrain detail. I have 32GB of RAM i5 7600K @ 4.42ghz max nVidia GTX 1060 6GB Here is my log: Are there any other things that might be affecting performance and loading times?
  3. Hello everyone! Recently I have experienced a problem with FPS in KSP. But it's quite unusual. Ihave launched a probe to Duna. Everything was going fine until the moment I started braking to get into a Duna orbit. My FPS from about 55-60 dropped down to 15! BUT, the FPS goes back to 60 when I timewarp (10x or more). I switched to another satellite orbiting Duna, but everything is ok with it. Any help would be appreciated, because it is a bit uncomfortable to play with such FPS.
  4. Paul_Productions

    Physics Processing

    I was wondering, does the KSP physics engine utilize the GPU processing capability and computational power? Or is it all CPU?
  5. Hey. I'm having a massive FPS drop near space stations or planetary bases since KSP wants to calculate every single unit, making the game unplayable (docking at 10fps with only the first docking port unlocked was a nightmare!) I was thinking about some solutions, and 2 possible solutions came to mind, although the 1st is a more definitive one: Disable physics calculation for every single object. We simply don't need the game calculating everything in a base or station. So if I already have a base built or a station in orbit and stable for x seconds, the game should just stop calculating everything but the main parts (maybe this could be activated once we rename the ship and make it a station or a base, each having it's own parameters to disable physics calculation); Bring Max physics delta-time per frame back. Why is this not available in the console version of the game? We need more performance options in the game setting. For the ones that don't know what this is, it basically slows time down so the computer can better calculate the physics. For example, if the physics calculation is pretty heavy on the CPU and frames start to drop, the game will basically slow down time (so 1 second in game takes 10 seconds in real life). The problem with this is that it would take more time for things to happen, but the experience would be way smoother (no more trying to click on a tiny ship part at 10fps during emergencies with the cursor controlled by the analogue stick axis).
  6. I am doing a manned mission to Duna and back. I have only one mod installed, which is Kerbal Alarm Clock. Here is my problem: when I am looking out into space from Duna orbit, FPS is excellent. When I look at Duna's surface, FPS crashes down to about 3 FPS. Here are my graphics settings: My "Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame" is 0.04; I have tried lowering it to 0.03 and even tried 0.12, and all attempts have resulted in no improvement. My computer specs: CPU: Intel i3-3120M (4 cores, 2.5 GHz) Integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000) 6 GB RAM OS: Xubuntu 18.04 (Linux) I have tried launching the 64 bit version of KSP, which resulted in the same amount of lag. I have also tried lowering the texture quality to 1/8. Moreover, I have tried disabling V-Sync and setting the pixel light count to 0. The game has been reinstalled, to no avail. Furthermore, I have noticed that CPU usage decreases when I look at Duna, which makes absolutely no sense at all, considering the extreme lag. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this horrendous lag? It is difficult to land and takeoff with the lag. Thanks for any help!
  7. 1158/5000 Hello everyone ! At the moment I have a problem of FPS that I can not solve! I play with the version 1.3.1 in 64bits without mods, on laptop. I have a big drop of FPS with big ships (200 to 400 parts) which is normal, but there is more important than usual! I realized something: when I use the touchpad of my PC to zoom in / out (instead of the wheel of my mouse), instantly there is no problem! FPS go back up to 60, but only for a short time (15 seconds) before falling again ! I need to use the touchpad again for FPS to increase again Here is exactly what happens: (sorry for the quality) the FPS are reduced because of the video capture system, in fact it turns around 16fps when it lag and it rises to more than 40 once I zoomed with the touchpad I tried to uninstall and re-download KSP, but that does not change anything Did you know what's going on? thank you (sorry for my bad english, I'm french)
  8. Ksp v.1.3.1 every time when exiting minmus soi I take a huge fps hit is this a common issue? What mod could cause this? Switching vessel and then returning fixes it just a little annoying.
  9. Hello Fellow Pilots, I have a little maybe known problem. I have annoying microlags every 10 seconds. a little freeze frame for maybe quarter a second. the length of the freeze extends with the progress in the game (more spacecrafts, satellites.. etc) I heard this is a RAM issue. But do you guys have other solutions for me? Its really anoying. Thanks alot H0FF1
  10. So, my frame rates are less than 5 when I get high part counts, which is predictable. However, I have a decent rig that can handle most games on ultra to high. My settings are at about mid to low, give or take, as of yesterday, when I tried to see if that would help. With those lowered settings, I'm still under 5 fps and just found that my CPU and card aren't even passing 60%. This just in, I literally see my GPU ramping up to 97% while typing this, for some random reason, so I know that is CAN surpass 60%. So far, I've OC'd using MSI AB and gone into task manager and given KSP_x64.exe "high priority" as opposed the the "normal" it was on, both changing nothing. You can also see that my PC chills at like 30 degrees C, which is great. It's an MSI RX 580 OC 8gb and my video memory is sitting at 1500mb +/-. I can't deduce why this is happening? I get 60fps at the space center, but it's like my PC is too lazy to ramp up when KSP is more demanding. Any help is appreciated.
  11. I played KSP quite a lot about 2-3 years ago but had to drop out due to RL. Since then I'm back with a brand new pc and bought the game on steam. Played stock for about a week but the lure of adding my old mod list was always there (I do love mods). Now I have installed a lot of the common mods (listed below) and things were fine for a few days but I kept adding more and more. Some of these mods are dev versions but I searched all through the forums and found fixes or workarounds posted to make them work with 1.3. At first the performance was acceptable. Without mods the game runs at max fps in all situations. With some mods (I tested with a clean environment for KSPRC, AVP, Kerbinside separately) the game runs around 45-60 fps. It's with all the mods added that the problem appears. The problem I'm having now is that in game it takes 5-10 minutes for any scene change, sometimes more (loading a save game, going from KSC to tracking center, tracking center to KSC, launching a craft etc). Also in game fps is around 15-20. Sometimes drops to about 5-10 for a second or so suddenly before going up. If someone can please look over the list and tell me if there is a mod that could cause the spikes and long load times I'll be really grateful. It has now gotten to the point that I prefer end tasking the game rather than quitting it normally as that takes so much time. My initial game loading time is high too but I'm used to that from the early days so that is not an issue. PS- I followed themaster401's suggestion as outlined here. It actually increased fps by a little but the loading time problem was there even before I did this. PPS - I run with forced DX11. My specs are Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz 8192MB RAM (KSP takes about 5gb when running) Windows 10 Home 64-bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Output.log
  12. Recently I found a strange bug - I've noticed that I have 30 less FPS with the same craft on a runway in career mode comparing to sandbox. I run heavy modded install, so I investigated mods could be involved in this (contract configurator, strategia, etc.) But even without mods influencing career directly performance drop was the same. Wasted several hours and found a culprit - it's building levels! Enabled cheat and maxed out space center - +30FPS gain.. Funny thing that it's happening with only runway (and does not depend on level of runway) in view and without other buildings. Screens: Also, reproduced in stock (less noticeable) : Update: I've found the building causing FPS drop 15-30 in situations on screenshots above. Also, space center view is also affected. Culprit is launch pad level 1 and level 2. Once upgraded to level 3, +15-30 FPS gain. Crazy stuff... Update: still don't believe my self, but it made my launches so much smoother... Because with rocket on launchpad difference is 35 FPS and 60-65 FPS
  13. So, I finally came back to playing KSP, gradually and carefully built my mod list... only to realize that the game is unplayable with my mod setup (nothing excessive, mind you - all fits under 2Gb). I have not "the latest and greatest" but still a pretty decent CPU, GTX780, 16G ram. EDIT: Removed "observations from prior versions" comment because I did proper testing with 1.1.3 and found that it was just false memory on my part - tendencies are the same in terms of slowness (except that 1.1.3 is ~25-30% slower overall). Now in 1.2.2 (identical behavior in 1.2.9, at least for those mods that work with it) I see huge performance hits. Example: a 300-part airplane on the runway: 1. Full stock: 50fps, down to 35 over ocean (btw, why such a drastic drop in fps, when there is little to render and nothing has changed in physics/parts?) 2. Scatterer: 48-35 fps 3. Scatterer + Kopernicus + SVT: 41-29 fps 4a. SVE + SVT (+EVE, Kopernicus, Scatterer)): 21-12 fps 4b. Same mods, but flying Aeris 3a: 60-44 fps (!!!) 5. KJR only: 31-12 fps (!!) So, these are heavy visual mods and one physics mod, so one would expect a performance hit (even though it was not nearly as noticeable in 1.1.3). BTW, at no point do I get 100% CPU core usage - at most it goes up to ~75%, with a couple more cores at ~25-30%. Graphics is definitely not the bottleneck either (see 1 and 4a/b above). So, what if we install a few essential and light-weight mods that should, in theory, have minimal impact on in-flight performance? 6a. MM, Toolbar, Better burn time, Better time warp, KAC, CCK, CRP, CTT, AGX, EasyVesselSwitch, EditorExtensions, KAS, KIS, MechJeb2, Docking alignment, Vanguard Parachutes, no KJR, same 300-parts airplane: 31-25fps (just a reminder - 50-35fps in pure stock). 6b. Same mods, but flying Aeris 3A: 60 fps (limit!!!). At some point I tended to blame the total memory footprint as being the culprit, but it does not seem to be the case - although total RAM consumption and part count (existing in game, not on vessel on in the scene) does have some effect, it is nothing compared to number of mod DLLs installed. Conclusion: what (tf) is going on here? Why mods that should not work on per-part basis (visual enhancements, utility non-physics mods) slow the game down proportionally to the size of the craft? And even if, for some bizarre reason, they are called on each part, why the execution is so slow for what is essentially just a few lines of code (from my long-past days of hands-on programming, this feels like every call to third-party procedures is wrapped in several layers or extreme debug exception handling - btw, no exceptions reported in the log)? Do you experience something similar, or perhaps you have 200 mods and more than 5GB in GameData folder and yet everything runs just as smoothly as in stock? Either way, please report your experiences here (keep it civil, avoid excessive quoting, and include your rig configuration and specific test results if available).
  14. SpaceEnthusiast23

    Slow KSP

    I need help because ksp is very slow. I made the setting minimum but I am still getting a lot of lag please help. PC specs: Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 39 °C Wolfdale 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard Hewlett-Packard 3048h (XU1 PROCESSOR) Graphics E2242 (1920x1080@60Hz) Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (HP) Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (HP) Storage 232GB Seagate ST3250318AS ATA Device (SATA) 29 °C Optical Drives hp DVD A DH16ABLH ATA Device Audio High Definition Audio Device
  15. Parv Kerman


    Hi , Does anyone has started loving an FPS Game? Well mine are All Counter-Strikes And COD:Black Ops 2... ..
  16. Hi all, I've got a fairly strong gaming desktop, and I can get >100 FPS on average even running a few mods (KER, MJ, KIS, and KAS) on my main career save. The problem is that I'm now reaching the point where I want to launch large ships (All-in-one Stations, Motherships, etc.), and my FPS is dropping to literally 7 FPS on average starting from pre-launch and continuing into orbit. I'm running: Intel Core i7 6850K (not overclocked other than the standard native OCing that happens under load to about 4GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 16GB RAM SSD 1920x1080 Fullscreen I've dropped all settings to the lowest, uninstalled all mods, and started a new Sandbox. I've set the Process priority to Realtime via Task manager. I've confirmed that nothing is running that should strongly affect performance. During launch, I monitored CPU and GPU utilization - my GPU is only reaching maybe 20-30% utilization, and most Processor cores are sitting between 10-30% Utilization with one core reaching at most 60% utilization. Temperatures are low. I can't seem to find any bottlenecks based on utilization and temperature. I don't really know what else I can tweak here, and I'd really like to be able to start using larger ships and larger part counts. I don't understand why my machine is struggling this much given that normal ships sit well above 100FPS on average. I can understand it dipping to 30-60 FPS, and I'd be perfectly fine with that performance drop. I'm getting literally 7 FPS, however, and I'm getting periodic FPS drops even below that to the point where the screen appears to lock up/stutter. It doesn't make sense, especially since I reverted to Vanilla with the lowest settings. The ship I used as a benchmark is the first (smaller) of Mark Thrimm's Single Launch Space Stations shown at the start of this video: I found other topics that were from years ago, and trying their suggestions didn't make any significant difference. I really appreciate in advance any tips or suggestions you can provide.
  17. I might be getting a new graphics card soon, so in the mean time, or if I don't get it, are there any tips to have a higher FPS when you're using EVE and scatterer?
  18. I'm running a heavily modded (178 mods) installation, and lately I've been having an enormous hit to performance (both FPS and physics rate) on and around Minmus. Everything else in the Kerbin system is fine. With this particular ship (a Garage Hangar from @allista's hangars mod, with a return vessel and launch vehicle attached, a Feline Utility Rover and Trailer from @Nils277 in the hangar, but unloaded until touchdown), I get about 40 FPS and 80-90% physics rate during launch. Once I get to orbit, it goes up to 60 FPS and 98% to 100% physics. It stays there all the way to Minmus SOI. Once I'm in Minmus SOI, I'm okay until high-detail maps start to load. At that point, it drops to about 30 FPS and 70% physics, and then progressively gets worse and worse the lower I go, despite shedding more and more parts. By the time I'm near touchdown, I'm down to maybe 25 FPS and 50% physics. Then I launch the rover, and drop to 20 FPS and 40% physics. Then I launch the trailer, and drop to 15 FPS and 30% physics. The thing is, I can run this exact same setup on the Mun, or on Kerbin, at smooth framerates and 80%+ physics rate. Plus the part count is fairly low (<90 at launch, <50 for landing, ~50 for the full rover and trailer, and many of those are science parts). It's Minmus specifically that's tanking it. I read in an ancient forum post from like, 2014, someone who found (I think with @RoverDude's help) that a certain robotic arm from a certain mod had changed the physics range to 100 km, and thus the entire moon was in physics range, and that was the culprit. Could it be something like that? How would I check for that? What kind of config file would change physics range globally? I run an FX-8350 and a GTX 970, with 16 GB of RAM, so I'm quite sure it's not lack of horsepower. Something's going wrong... Mod list (All installed via CKAN (except for Kerbin Side, which was installed manually), all up to date according to CKAN and AVC)
  19. The FPS drop ONLY happens when there is a Kerbal present in the craft, or is on EVA. Any other time and I get 40+fps (usually 60, but muh viduals). Sound is also muffled, which is annoying because I can't find out what mod added that. (Maybe Texture Replacer??) At first I thought it was maybe because of the B9PWings (and I've tested other craft, both stock and custom) but I get the same problem. And not just on this install, it happens with my other install (career-focused-mods install) too. They both have the same mods. Some of them anyways. (like TexRep, Scatterer, ect) After some more testing I found FPS will increase if: I move the Kerbal out of LR of the craft they started in. Destroy the Kerbals vessel. Not sure why that is, but it is. Still would like to get this fixed so I don't have to do either. Also, I only tested this with 1 Kerbal and 1 vessel. Not sure if it'll be the same with multiple Kerbals. Screenshots below show the Performance menu in the ALT+F12 menu. Imgur album: I have about 55 mods (including various dependencies). Mods: Screenshots: System Specs: Intel Core i3-4170 3.7gHz EVGA GTX 750ti SC 2GB 8GB RAM
  20. I started playing KSP on the 2012 mac book pro which ran it (albeit at low settings) relatively well for what it was. Now I'm not sure on the exact specs of that laptop but they weren't anything to write home about. In the summer of last year I purchased a new computer with considerably better components: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz, 8.00 GB Ram, 64bit, GeForce GTX 960M. You should by now know, through the way I typed that, I'm no technical wiz kid but I do know it should be more than enough to run the game at at least low settings. However whenever I boot it up (no mods btw) it stutters to the point where it's unplayable. Incredibly frustrating. I've watched and read many articles explaining how to fix it. Even downloaded a performance fix. But nothing. I've racked up a considerable amount of time on the game and love it to bits but this is making me want to build my own rocket and fly into the sun tbh. Please send help any information is much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hello ! A strange problem appeared two weeks ago, no significant change to the game were made and reinstalling it didn't fix the issue ! I play KSP in full screen mode, and when I unfocus KSP (opening my browser, alt-tabbing etc..) the game starts to lag tremendously, I get like 3 FPS... Which is really inconvenient as you may imagine ! I have Kerbal Engineer, SSTU, persistent rotation, probes plus, decals, Direct launch vehicles and Space shuttle payloads.. Running ksp in vanilla doesn't fix the problem, I've checked the logs, no errors when the lag occurs... Good day, -Luca
  22. My FPS drops by 64 in the VAB for some reason, and I have no idea why it is happening. I believe some parts or mod is causing this issue. I am unsure how to figure out which mods are causing the issue. But the only way to fix the FPS is to delete the file generated by ModuleManager in GameData and then restart the game. The FPS drops as soon as I scroll through my saved ships. Even after deleting all my ships and opening the load list where both are empty, the fps still drops. However, when I don't load a ship and instead start the game and create a new one from scratch and add all the parts from my mods, the FPS does not drop. Even after disabling all the mods, the same problem occurs. I think my save file is bugged as well since removing everything from GameData but Squad hasn't fixed my problem. Here's the zip of the career: Here are some warnings from the debug menu: [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at Mark1-2Pod, index 7: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... This is from loading a ship. And even after clicking new, the FPS still remains low.
  23. Maybe it was asked thousand of times, but I'm building a space station, which is starting to be a bit complex, to be honest the pieces are all the same, but It starting to be very difficult to play 'cause FPS are closer to 10 !!! O.o So, please,please,please if you have any TIPs or advice to save tens of hours spent to build this things... p.s. To the Admins: Sorry I realize too late that I've post it on the wrong place, apologies
  24. So I was thinking I could just play ksp one day but when I did the game had insane fps lag. I'm not sure what exact fps I got but previously I had 60 or more easily. I thought removing mods could help. nope. reinstalling? nope. I have no idea what happened but it's only happening in 1.1.3 1.1.2 was fine and all versions before. I know it's not part count or anything like that it happens with just a pod. I tried setting the fps limiter to different values and no help. so far that's all I've tried but I don't feel like anything else can help as nothing was wrong before this. system: amd FX-6350, 16 GB ddr3 1600, asus strix NVidia GeForce GTX 960 4gb gddr5, windows 10 home 64 bit,
  25. I am experiencing poor fps, around 20, when entering the game. Sometimes, the game starts with 60 fps, but upon entering the VAB, framerate drops. It continues when launching. I have noticed that if I CTRL+ALT+DELETE while the game runs or is paused, the log file shows that the graphics device is lost, and reset. When entering the game again, the framerate is normal, at 60+. This happends both in the VAB and after launching. I also see that there is some shader problems in the start og the log file. Any suggestiongs? Has this been solved already?