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Found 2 results

  1. BEFORE SOMEONE SAYS 'YOU CAN'T POST THIS TYPE OF THREAD HERE' I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I AM NEW TO THE FORUMS AND I HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO PUT THIS. Thank you. I give a challenge to all of you to build me a type of ship with specific requirements. I'm just looking for ideas from you guys and gals. (Note: You can keep the craft file of your creation for yourself, you just need to give me a copy.) Requirements: 1000-2000 Ton Payload Capacity (Mods can be used to see whether it can hold such an amount) Able to refuel. Must be able to get from Kerbin to other planets/moons. (Minmus at the least, and I would prefer if it could get to Duna) Can actually take off from the runway and get into space. (About time I note that it does NOT have to be an SSTO but I would like if it was.) At the least, 100,000 LF, 40,000 OX, 10,000 EC, 10,000 MonoProp, 5,000 Ore Capacity and 10,000 XenonGas. Science Equipment Must be able to land. Must have atleast one rover and scout ship. 10-30 Crew OPTIONAL: Make it a tough kitty. I am probably NOT going to get this built for me... I will also note that I might edit the craft. The only mod that can be used for parts is OPT.
  2. Dboi's Dev Thread This is where I will share updates of current development. As well as a cataloge of current and past projects. Cargo Freighter Licence- All Rights Reserved Reviews SketchFab Collection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cargo Freighter Original Concept Post