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Found 44 results

  1. Ammonia borane (H3NBH3) is a compound with properties analogous to ethane, but with a higher point of fusion. Basically ammonia borane is solid at room temperature and pressure, unlike ethane that is a gas. Ammonia borane has an special property: it will release hydrogen while is heating (being transformed to H2NBH2, next to HNBH) until degrade to nytrogen boride at 1000 "C. If ammonia borane isn't degraded to nytrogen boride, it can be recharged of hydrogen. This is a good thing, since a ammonia borane volume is able to store much more hydrogen than the same volume of liquid hydrogen. Then, it could be used for build light reusable rockets, as well as compact high hydrogen density cells of cars, and like hydrogen batteries for jet engines. Currently the ammonia borane is being studied for its possible application for hydrogen batteries of future, the main problem is the production of this substance, together logistical problems derived in the extraction and recharge of hydrogen gas from it.
  2. Fuel expenditure

    My plane was doing 0.13 fuel units per second, so i figured i'd time how long it takes to expend a unit of fuel, it took 23.56 seconds. But my calculations predicted far different from that result. My calculations are bellow. 0.13 units/s 1/.13 = 7.6923076923076923076923076923077 (seconds delay between each unit use) As you can see i predicted ~7.69 seconds, but i expirienced 23.56 seconds. A ~206.37% increase. I've added a screen-shot i took around the time of calculations in-case it helps. Can anyone tell me where i went wrong in calculations or if something like my frame rate is causing odd updates or something? (I had on average 11 FPS, and i timed the fuel expenditure with a stopwatch with 1/100 second accuracy. Also note that in the screen shot it has .09 but at the time of calculation it had .13)
  3. I've built a big ship for a manned travel to Mars.It's powered by 3 nuclear engines with Liquid Hydrogen as fuel.The complessive burn time is around 2 hours and the fuel is just enough to the whole trip to Mars and return ( no errors or DeltaV waste possible).So , what's the best way to save as much DeltaV as possible in maneuvers by doing them efficently?Are there any rules that I have to know on how to save fuel? The ship plays a lot on throwing away empty tanks ( life support and fuel), squeezing DeltaV to make the vehicle lighter.Start mass : 600 tons. End mass (from Mars to Earth): 150-200 tons.
  4. Best Liquid Fuel Engine?

    I love putting the RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Engine in my rockets, but since it's the heaviest are there any best liquid fuel engines for first stages out there? (no mods please) I use the 'Skipper' Liquid fuel engine for my second stage.
  5. A continuation of a continuation Previous thread, Original thread. Thanks to Gaius and Geordiepigeonowner. This mod lets you assign "pump levels" to fuel tanks (and more!). Higher-level fuel tanks will flow automatically to lower-level tanks. Equal-level tanks can be set to balance automatically. Compare and contrast with TAC Fuel Balancer and PWB Fuel Balancer. The stock fuel priority system in KSP 1.2 controls how fuel is drained by engines. It never moves fuel from one tank to another, which is what this mod does. Download for KSP 1.2: Curse, SpaceDock, Github Download for KSP 1.2.2: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.1.3: old version at Github Sources: Github License: GPLv3
  6. Ever wonder why you can't use the hydrogen you can harvest with Nils277's Kerbal Planetary Base Systems to power Nertea's Cryogenic Engines? Wound up with excess LH2 and yet somehow you can't power your TAC Life Support Sabatier reactions so now your kerbals are dying of thirst? Hydrogen Compression is a simple way to work across these, and other related mods. Now, your 1.25m and 2.5m Convert-O-Trons can compress hydrogen into liquid hydrogen, evaporate liquid hydrogen into a gas again, or even choose to refine ore into gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid. As of version 2, it now also handles oxygen (liquid/gas, ore processing), and flags. If you're inclined, feel free to pick it up. Hosted on Curse, Spacedock, and theoretically on CKAN.
  7. I thought of a great concept for a mod, but realized everything i had to do to make it and realized "Damn, this takes too much work", and need a lil' bit of help with making it a reality. My Idea is to make a fuel tank that can hold more than its share of fuel. "One day, While Daquan Kerman was working on his new Experimental Engine, The Black Hole Drive, accidentally failed miserably, instead making a fuel tank. He soon realized that this fuel tank was holding way more fuel than should be possible. He took this new tank, and hoping that it would return the fuel put into it, Succeeded in creating the BH001 Black Hole Tank. Unfortunately, Due to its shape, it happens to be an aerodynamic nightmare. The other difficulty's with the tank, it retains all of its mass, and requires power to keep its fuel accessible. he soon realize it would work well for Planetary bases and refueling stations, and began marketing immediately." Its About 3.5 meters wide, and in the shape of a D20, and requires 20 EC/s. I think it should, at max hold about 10,000 fuel (LF with the correct proportion of Oxidizer). I want it to retain its mass so people don't launch it as a main engine and give it a base mass of 15-20 Tons. I also want to make one for ore. BTW I really like my stories (the Part Desc.) and would like to keep them if at all possible. The other two stories follow "After have made more than a usable amount of money off the BH001 Drive, his assistant questioned why Daquan had put the 001 after BH. Daquan also wondering this, headed out to the back of his office to the original BH Tank, Decided to throw a rock into it and see what happened. Surprisingly, it went in. Daquan, borrowing a truck from one of his employees, decided to see how much would fit, and again found it held way more than an object its size should. He quickly patented the BH002 Ore Tank, bought that employee 3 brand new trucks, and began selling again." I think the LF/O tank should be a 550 science, and the Ore a 1000. comment if your either interested in coding, or just want to see this come into existence.
  8. I was wondering if someone figured out a formula that would predict fuel consumption in a flight around the world. I already have the required numbers needed (0.30/s fuel, ~200/ms, Altitude of 2,000 m). Is there any available formula or technique for finding the required fuel?
  9. The title says it all. (Seriously though, my mission to TRAPPIST-1 is doomed if I can't find it)
  10. Following up from a thread in gameplay, my suggestion for the next release is a revision of the fuel transfer mechanism. Instead of the rather rudimentary ALT+click to fill a tank, you should be able to specify how much fuel/ox/monoprop you would like to transfer. This could be acheived (I'm guessing) by making the fuel/ox/monoprop sliders manually adjustable, as they are in the VAB. It would also be helpful to be able to lock liquid fuel and oxidiser together so you could transfer in the right ratio. Another option might be to be able to specify how much fuel you would like to transfer from tank A to tank B (eg manually enter a value - say 30 monoprop - to be transferred. There may already be a mod that does this, but as someone who tends to play stock, it would be nice if it was included in the main release. KSP is a stupendous game, good work devs!
  11. I've built a vessel to mine fuel on Minmus and return it to a tanker in LKO. I did my mining, flew back to LKO and transferred all my fuel into a big orange tank - all fine so far. I now want to transfer a small amount back to my mining vessel, equally distributed between some radial fuel tanks (with equal amounts of fuel and oxidiser) but this seems very difficult to do. I only want to transfer enough back to get back to the surface of Minmus, but it seems fiddly to get an exact balance of fuel between tanks so that weight distribution is equal. Any tips? I'm using stock and career mode. Ideally, I'd like to able to predetermine the amount of fuel/ox to be transferred into a specific tank... Thanks!
  12. Is it possible to refuel a vessel while landed near a ground base? Is there a "fuel hose" mod for that, perhaps? Besides some fancy flying maneuvers to dock to a ground station, of course, I'm not capable of that Thanks!
  13. This is the first real mod I would like to build: something to really take advantage of any and all oceans. I normally spend my KSP time making sci-fi ships and overblown stations or bases and try to harness resources in unconventional ways--and spend more of that time testing things than doing missions with them. I love the concepts of producing fuel from [resources; situations] other than [Landed; Ore] and you'll be seeing the fruits of this knowledge in the mod that I'm helping to develop: Galileo's Planet Pack. But before that mod is finished (at least, it reaches release 1.0), I want to expand on or complete this exact knowledge and develop my own little thing to gift to everyone. I've tried to build boats and in my experience it's bothersome that feature-filled sea vessels or simply any that can go far need to be super-massive or have a support craft deliver fuel to them [such as amphibious crafts taking the Elcano challenge], and I've tried to build things that can refuel themselves in ocean, especially Kerbin's ocean. The Karbonite mod has parts for this but Kerbin itself is very scarce in karbonite and I don't want to hack that and theoretically poison the planet with karbonite. Then again, kerbal oceans might as well overflow with that instead of typical salts. They can get the salt for their non-sweet snacks from some other place. Outline and Progress The method/intention is this: I want to utilize the IntakeLqd and Water resources, add these capacities to all intakes and stock LF tanks, augment air-breathing engines (especially the low-altitude turbofan type) to use IntakeLqd and Electricity, and I would like to have LF, LFO, LH2 options facilitated via Electrolysis in the Convert-O-Trons. I've already taken a few shots at it but I'm not seeing any hint of progress yet. I've produced 5 config files so far but they're little more than scraps with the tweaks I hope for and attempted clones of the Whiplash engine and short Mk2 LF tank, and attempt to add modules to all intake and ISRU parts. The mods that have inspired me are @5thHorseman's MM patch collection (namely the ISRU Ablator patch), @MatterBeam's SimpleConstruction mod (stockifies EL), and @Nertea's Near Future Propulsion: I've lovingly made ships that run on only ArgonGas and with atmo scoops they can refuel while landed--no drills, no worries about landing where the resource is scarce. Goals The purpose of this mod is to provide a stockified or stock-based means to make Kerbin's ....(and yeah, Laythe's oceans!) very useful: to provide a whole new mining experience, and make it easier for boats and amphibious vessels to run much longer--run as long as their batteries are charged, and to refuel while splashed down while keeping the Vanilla rating high: if this mod goes absent, no ships get crippled, no kerbals go MIA.
  14. Hello, this is my first post, so please be nice to a noob I am on my first career in KPS (well actually my first anything at KPS in general) and I've been able to get to both the Mun and Minmus. Next planned step is a round trip to Duna, but the next transfer window is 230 Kerbal days from present time. So I decided to try and build some orbital stations in the meantime, to fully explore the two Kerbin moons and maximize midgame science. The question is: what is the most efficient way to bring fuel to the orbital stations? I read somewhere that is better to send big empty tanks and make multiple flights with small tanks to fill the big ones. I made some calcuations, though, and noticed that in many cases (i.e. same brand) there is no difference in the full/empty ratio for liquid fuel tanks. So what's the point of sending many small filled tanks in different flights instead of a minor number of flights with big filled tanks? Consider I can only send FL-T and Rockomax with my present science level... Second question: since I planned to build orbital stations orbiting both moons, either for the fun of it and to help with ground exploration, is it worth to build an additional 'starting' orbital station over Kerbin? Thanks
  15. I'm trying to work my way up the tech tree towards space planes, because my designs tend to require a fuel stop in Kerbin orbit. But until I get there, I have to make do with wasteful trips to my station at 250km. I've considered building an ore refinery on Minmus, but it sounds like a lot of work. I have a design that delivers about 1,700 units of Liquid Fuel (and matching Oxidiser) at a price of 47.9 per unit. I tried experimenting with recoverable rockets, e.g. by adding 12 parachutes to my design, but the recovery cost didn't make any sense when return costs were factored in (500 liquid fuel left in for deceleration, plus apoapsis/mass losses on the way up due to the parachutes). I was getting about 10,000 - 15,000 recovery. I challenge you to do better, my refuel ship is attached! (has an Engineer Redux) This translates into 75.85 / unit at 100km orbit of the Mun (I can send 6480, with 4092 arriving).
  16. Is there any mod out there that allows the storage of any kind of liquid/gas-based fuel in all types of containers that previously were only capable of holding a single type? For instance that mod would allow the storage of monopropellant in fuel tanks that are strictly for liquid fuel and the other way around. Using the search engine looking for "fuel" yielded over 120 pages worth of mentions of that particular word and I couldn't come up with any better search term. I am asking for this because I am playing science mode and I lack certain container sizes for certain fuel types. I could probably easily satisfy that requirement would I be playing regular sandbox which in turn leads me to question the soundness of my request in the first place.
  17. Erm.. Question?

    So basically, I wanna use the "Thud" engine on my Shuttle but the "vector" uses the fuel for the thud, any way i can stop this?
  18. I currently can't afford to get Kerbal space Program, so I'm messing around with the demo. Is there a way to have infinite fuel on the Demo version? I know there is a debug menu but I'm pretty sure it's only on the full game.
  19. It would be nice if we could disable the automatic fuel crossfeed system that always steals fuel from the closest adjacent tank. You can choose whether or not fuel passes through a decoupler, but there's no such option for crossfeed between tanks. My second stage was a bundle of 7 orange tanks with Mainsail engines, but some of those tanks were probably considered to be "closer" to certain particular other tanks due to tiny floating point rounding errors. The result was that some tanks were running out more quickly than others, and I suddenly got an asymmetric flameout with empty tanks on one side and half full on the other. I know I could solve it with fuel lines, asparagus staging etc. (and I probably will since it will be more efficient), but it would have been nice to simply disable this crossfeeding. Just add an option to each fuel tank to optionally isolate it from adjacent tanks, like the option to let fuel pass through a decoupler or not.
  20. Hey, Have have a spaceplane with fueltanks next to each other, but i want one engine to use one tank and another to use a different tank Plane seen from the side ----< ----< Right now both engines (represented by '<') use the fuel from both tanks (represented by '----') and i was wondering if it was possible to disable the link. between the two tanks, since one consists of liquid fuel and oxidizer while the other dont. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello! In short, recently I created a heavy rover and a tanker ship in the career mode. When I landed the both on Minmus and docked them together, I suddenly discovered that I cannot transfer fuel+oxidizer from the rover (any of its 2 tanks) to the tanker ship (any of its 2 tanks) or vice versa. I still can transfer monopropellant between those, and I can transfer fuel+oxidizer between tanks of the same vessel, but when I try to do that between the vessels, no "In" and "Out" buttons appear. I've restarted the application, have docked and undocked the vehicles - and apparently nothing helps, which brings my Kerbol system exploration to a halt. I am attaching an archive with relevant screnshots, the save file, the vehicles and some technical data. My game version is a 64-bit Windows one from Steam. Thanks for help.
  22. I'm about to send up my first refuelable vessel in 1.2. I know the fuel transfer rules have been changed (I got bit by that at one point trying to transfer between tanks), but I wasn't sure exactly how. I experimented with the fuel overlay and found things marked in green that I didn't think should be. Okay, I figured, maybe the overlay doesn't mean what I think it means. So I built something I was pretty sure wouldn't fly but that looked OK in the overlay, and rolled it out on the launchpad. And got this: pretty sure that didn't work before, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to now. It's certainly ridiculous. Is this a bug? Or intended behavior?
  23. Content Request: Originally this was going to be a singular request as follows: A "red" fuel line that would balance tanks. Simply change the color of the existing FXT-2 External fuel duct to red (White arrows would be nice) . . .and this would represent a fuel flow to balance the two(or more connected) tanks based upon remaining fuel. The two following ideas came to mind, and closely related enough to include here: Another balance format may be better to represent with another color (say green), that would balance based upon the size of the tank (or pressure related). I'm going to simplify the numbers on the FLT-400 and FLT-800 for illustration purposes of how this would work. Adding both the Liquid fuel & oxidizer you have a total volume of 400 and 800 respectively. Say you've connected these two tanks with a pressure fuel duct . . . and used 1/2 of your fuel (600 remaining) instead of balancing the tanks at 300 & 300, the remaining fuel would balance at 200 and 400. This brings up a "Fuel control unit" that would be nice to link two tanks with an action group, and upon activating, would transfer "out or in" the remaining fuel. In my mind, I picture this as a dark blue fuel line with yellow arrows, and having a white 'hexagon' that sits in the middle of the fuel path. This hexagon, slightly thicker than the fuel duct, would be selectable when entering the Actions menu, and could be set with action groups of "transfer out" or "transfer in".
  24. There is something I'm not getting about fuel flow priorities; check my Munar Flyby Mk I vessel: Fuel priority values are, from top to bottom: 17, 18, 19 and 20. The same for every stack. Looking at the arrows of the fuel flow, it seems like the bottom tanks get drained first, and then two of three immediately on top of them, and then repeat all the way until the leftmost stack is drained the last, from top to bottom. But in reality, what happens is that all three stacks are drained simetrically, from bottom to top. So; looks like fuel priority numbers are showing the real flow, but arrows are not. Am I right? Anyone out there as confused as me?