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Found 16 results

  1. NO MORE SCIENCE! Here's my first mod. It introduces a new strategy that exchanges Funds for Science points. I made it because KerboKatz is not updated anymore and I think it was a great mod that changed the way I play career mode. WHAT IT DOES: You don't have to do science experiments anymore. Just keep hoarding money from contracts and when you're ready to unlock a new tech tree node just buy some science with cold hard cash. The exchange ratio is 1000 : 1. Here's the Google Drive link (because I've been waiting for the last 6h for SpaceDock to send me the confirmation email!): [Download link snipped by moderator, pending posting of source code; see note below] All you have to do is put the 'SciencelessCareer' folder into your GameData folder. Screenie: NOTE: It depends on your playstyle and how you want to use it but I recommend trying it with minimal science rewards. License: CC BY-SA 4.0
  2. The Gold Standard! Version 1.5.2 (2017/06/18) (Now with full SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack Compatibility!) This mod adds the pursuit of gold and an extremely rare resource called Unobtainium to the game! Gold Ore now appears on planets/moons Gold Ore can be mined and smelted into Pure Gold with the Smelter Return either Gold/Gold Ore back to Kerbin for profit Gold is heavier than Gold Ore, which is heavier than Ore Full integration with Vanilla drills and scanners Vanilla Drills and Surface Scanner available slightly earlier in the tech tree Only 8 parts (Under 10Mb download), low memory usage. Get over that mid-career fund grind in a fun and challenging way! What is Unobtainium? Unobtainium is an extremely valuable resource that generally spawns on high-G and extremely distant worlds. You can mine Unobtainium using the vanilla drills without needing a converter in-situ. Drills mining Unobtainium operate much more efficiently with both a scientist and engineer aboard. Unobtainium is a little more dense than gold, so ensure to bring adequate Dv! Finally a monetary reason to land on Eeloo, Eve, Moho/Icarus, or any of the other seldom visited worlds! This mod is not meant to be an easy cash cow; rather, a difficult alternative to contract spam. There is no gold on kerbin, and be careful when choosing a mining site as only deposits of >2% (mini drill) or >1.5% (large drill) will yield gold ore. The gold ore can be returned for an okish profit, but be aware that gold ore is basically 9/10s ore. So there are obvious benefits to smelting in-situ. The Smelter needs power, cooling, and an engineer to function at its full capacity. Pure Gold is, by design and irl, HEAVY! Feel free to post any working ship/base designs! Note on returning with your space booty: Land near or on the space center to avoid diminished returns. Supported mods: - Scansat - Galileo's Planet Pack Downloads Version 1.5.2 for KSP V3: SpaceDock Available on CKAN! *ModuleManager included and required Planned Features Will be adding one more resource beyond Kerbin's influence Community Tech Tree integration Further Weight/Cost Balancing (need feedback) Change Log Update 1.5.2 •Packaged the latest version of MM to bring the mod upto 1.3 Update 1.5.1 •Complete Compatibility with SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack •Changed the way resources spawn on planets (more small concentrated veins, less large low concentrated blobs). Update 1.5 •Improved Weight/Balance/Distribution of resources. It should now be a little easier to make money, and more worth it to make a trip out farther. •Fixed the Unobtainium texture •Cleaned up files •Improved compatibility with Scansat and Galileo's Planet Pack (Thanks go to Jadeofmaar for helping me here) Update 1.4.2 • Fixed stupid typo ftw. Update 1.4.1 • Fixed a value that was preventing unobtainium from spawning in large enough quantities to be mined. Update 1.4 • Finally got of my butt and updated the mod to 1.2.2 • Added Unobtainium • Added support for GPP and Scansat Update 1.3 • Updated to for KSP 1.2 • Fixed a potential problem with unlimited output for both gold smeltery and stock miniISRUVersion 1 Update 1.2 - Updated some part descriptions - Slightly reduced concentrations of gold on Minmus - Made orbital scanner unlock earlier (The satellite targeting gui is disabled until survey scan) - Adjusted Smeltery Output to prevent a very minor exploit Version 1.1 - Cleaned up textures - Fixed radial attachment points - Added Mission Flags Version 1.0 - Release License The Gold Standard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license does not apply to the bundled plugin ModuleManager. This is my first mod so if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
  3. ok this may not be the best place for this question but what are funds worth? I think paper money is a representative of a commodity like gold, silver, platinum. now in terms of ksp we have liquid fuel, oxidizer, monopropellant, solid fuel, Xenon, and Ore. so how do you determine what value the money is worth. on the wiki it says that ore cost 0.02 VF per unit of ore and if you fill one tank It only amounts to 30 VF so what is the worth of one fund unit?
  4. Current version is v1.0.7 Play Your Way frees up your imagination to explore the way you see fit. That,s not all, though! Play Your Way also rewards you with REP and pays you FUNDS based on any science points you accumulate while you explore. Also, how much you get paid is completely up to you! Want to get paid 1,000 FUNDS for every science point you collect? You got it! 500 REP for every science point you collect? Go for it! Just make the necessary changes in the cfg. So, basically, you get paid whatever you want for doing whatever you want! This can either make the game really hard or really easy, depending on how you set your cfg. Default Settings are: 1000 Funds for every science point 1 Rep for every science point Download and install Contract Configurator to pick and choose which contracts you want to spawn. ENJOY! Download Source This is basically a continuation of @Ippos ScienceFunding but with a few tweaks. This mod retains the same license as ScienceFunding. License: Public domain
  5. As mentioned here: There are many problems with career mode at the moment. I decided to open a new thread since the subject is more complex than just too much science funds. From Kerbin to Mun Orbit: - recieved 180.000.000 funds - recieved 19.000 science - did not recieve any Kerbal XP (still only 2 = orbit Kerbin) - did not achieve any milestones Additional problems: - Missions that require changing zones (Kerbin to Kerbin suborbit e.g.) do not complete randomly. Sometimes they do. - Randomly getting huge amounts of science / funds for absolutely no reason - very low FPS due to NullReferenceException-error overload Saving and loading stops funds and science from being added. But doesnt change broken missions, milestones or Kerbal XP, doesnt remove science and funds either. Problem seems to be a code typo: [EXC 20:15:06.212] NullReferenceException KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].Refresh () KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListData`1 item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.UIList.InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListItem item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessageInternal (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean playAnim, Boolean queue) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessage (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean animate) ProgressNode.AddOrAppendWorldFirstMessage (System.String title, System.String body) ProgressNode.AwardProgress (System.String description, Single funds, Single science, Single reputation, .CelestialBody body) ProgressNode.AwardProgressInterval (System.String description, Int32 currentInterval, Int32 totalIntervals, ProgressType progress, .CelestialBody body) KSPAchievements.RecordsSpeed.iterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTree.IterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTracking.Update () This just spams the log, as expected with NRE's. Will there be a fix any time soon? PS: Checked with debug: Even when I complete a quest through the cheat console it throws an NRE. PS2: Found out why Kerbals where stuck not leveling up. Here is why: These tags are added to the kerbals in the savefile. On removal Kerbal XP is working again. So if you (fellow players) go to the savefile and remove these lines for all Kerbals that have their XP stuck, it will work again afterwards and they will update accordingly. EVACHUTE { name = ModuleEvaChute isEnabled = True chuteYawRateAtMaxSpeed = 1 chuteMaxSpeedForYawRate = 50 chuteYawRateAtMinSpeed = 1 chuteMinSpeedForYawRate = 1 chuteRollRate = 1 chutePitchRate = 1 chuteDefaultForwardPitch = 9 semiDeployedChuteForwardPitch = 25 chutePitchRateDivisorWhenTurning = 1 chuteRollRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 chuteYawRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 persistentState = STOWED animTime = 0 minAirPressureToOpen = 0.0399999991 deployAltitude = 1000 spreadAngle = 7 automateSafeDeploy = 0 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { DeployAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } CutAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  6. Alt Funding v0.3.0 Alt Funding provides an alternative approach to funding your KSP career-mode playthrough: configurable, regularly-occurring payments. I recommend combining the mod with Kerbal Construction Time and a life-support mod, but they are not required. I also recommend turning down/off contract rewards. Features: Configurable payment period (by default payment occurs every 30 days). Uses a configurable, flexible formula to determine how much money you are given. Configuration can be adjusted per-save (including disabling the mod for individual saves). Download available on github. License: MIT Version History: v0.3.0 (2016-10-21) -Updated for KSP 1.2 -New UI -You can now change the configuration from within the game. -Historical payments and the next ten upcoming payments are shown in the budget window. v0.2.0 (2016-05-08) -Added a mode for reputation-based funding. -Made the UI slightly more compact. v0.1.0 (2016-05-03): -Initial release Q&A Q: Is this just free money? A: Yes. On a schedule. There is an option to include a reputation loss with each payment received. Q: Why would I want to play this? A: With the stock contract system the question is "will this launch be completing contracts and effectively creating funds instead of costing funds?" But with this mod funding is turned on its side and the question becomes "how much can I accomplish with my funding for this year" or "will I have enough funding for the launch I want by the next launch window" or (with life support) "will I have the funding to launch the resupply mission in time to save my kerbals?" Q: Is it balanced? A: Balance is subjective, so I've provided a spreadsheet to help you conveniently analyze how much money you will get over time if you tweak the configuration. Play-testing with Kerbal Construction Time installed is still t.b.d., so I don't know how well it balances with that. Q: The payments seem small... A: This is intentional. Since you are paid every 30 days it may not seem like a lot of money, but you actually get a fair amount of money over the course of a year (note the YTD, e.g. year-to-date column in the spreadsheet). One does not simply launch multi-million-fund rockets every few days. Q: How do I change the configuration? A: You can change the settings file directly, you can make a Module Manager patch that changes the settings, or you can modify your save file. There is currently not a GUI for changing the settings, but I will probably add one at some point. Q: Can I use this for an existing save, or do I need to start a new save? A: It is not required that you start a new save. If you are far into an existing save the mod will catch up by skipping any payments you've already passed (so you will not receive a giant lump-sum of money). I would very much appreciate any feedback on the balance (especially any experiences from actual playthroughs with the mod).
  7. Whenever the "analog" funds display is shown it is pushed left once by a grey box, this is on all scenes where it is shown. Clean install, no mods, new game, no past saves or crafts. build id = 01586 2016.10.11 at 12:55:15 CEST Branch: master output_log.txt
  8. This Thread is closed now! I will setup a new mission in a while!
  9. I'm getting funds each day at the start of the day. Usually between 25k and 75k but it varies. While I love funds that just feels way too cheaty. I'm posting my CKan list here in hopes that someone can spot the problem. Ive been over it several times but cant figure out why I would be getting funds. On another note I'm not getting any rescue missions and I'm not sure why. They have always been my bread and butter farming contracts. So if you can see why that might be that would be nice too.
  10. I would love to know how to get funds coming from a new player. (besides bail out grants and selling science)
  11. Hello world SirLaurenceNZ here and I recently had an idea for an interesting concept (if you know of anyone who has previously brought up this idea up previously I'd love to know and knowledge them.) The idea placing your rockets from the VAB on the launchpad with empty fuel tanks, then using a vehicle with the appropriate mining equipment to refuel your rocket prior to launch. This can be done using a set of radial decoplers with fuel cross feed on and a docking port (which can be ejected before launch.) Alternative ideas that might be worth investigating in terms of refueling is having a helicopter type plane with jet engines and rcs for lateral translation. this would help you to refuel things from above if refueling if the angle on the launchpad is not an option. Below is an example which I had tested on the grass next to the runway and also on the launchpad (the launch pad is significantly more difficult.) Note, the three of those fuel tanks would refuel in approximately 7-8 days (ksp time) adding essentially a construction time for fueling your rocket. (anyone know how to directly attach an image?) I'd just like to thank Marcus House for highlighting fuel costs in career mode in the most recent episode of his great LP (180k funds in fuel,) cheers. Marcus's channel here --> (suggested improvements is using the claw instead of the docking port, cheers Marcus)
  12. BackStory time: The KSC has almost run out of funds but because they were focused on other planets the didin't check the mun or minmus. Challenge: Get to the mun or minmus (which you prefer) flyby or orbit or landing with the least expensive rocket you can Rules: No hyper edit. Can Be Kerbaled. Needs pics or video (i lost my proof in freak accident with hard drive) NO PART MODS. Mech jeb and KER but MJ for readouts only. Sandbox mode. Scoring: Funds divided in half and if gone to minmus x2 and return x #(if flyby then 1 if orbit then 2 if landing and return with kerbals 4) = Score ScoreBoards: 1: @Reactordrone 66215 points / 3107 2:@Signo 1700 points / 4800
  13. I've been out of the loop for a bit of time and I can't recall if there is a stock feature to do this. All this mod would do is inject [X] funds every [Y] Kerbin days. - This way you could play a contractual career game without actually needing to fulfill any contracts. - In vice versa this would be like playing a science save but with funds to limit how quickly you could make things. Sounds simple enough in principle, but then again I can't code . Could someone quickly write a .dll and .cfg for this? - If you wanted to make it a more versatile mod, it could inject more funds the more parts you have unlocked or more locations you've visited.
  14. So the idea is to launch a payload to LKO with as low funds/ton as possible. There will be 3 categories: 1. Disposable lifters. No recovery 2. Recovery allowed. No airbreathers 3. Anything goes Some general rules: 1. Stock only. Visual and informative mods are ok. 2. No cheat menu or other funny business. 3. You must launch from launch pad or runway. 4. You must achieve a stable orbit. Pe >70km. 5. Payload must be separated from the lifter once in orbit. Decoupler used for this can NOT be a part of the payload. 6. Payload can have 1 pod, cockpit or probe core but nothing else that contributes any thrust, fuel or control authority to your craft. Also no lifting surfaces in payload. 7. Your score is (funds you used - payload price - recovery costs in categories 2 &3)/(payload mass in tons) 8. Screenshots or video required. 1. DISPOSABLE LIFTERS 1. You don't get any funds from recovery. 2. You can use ANY stock parts you like. 2. RECOVERABLE. NO AIRBREATHING ENGINES 1. You can use any stock parts except airbreathing engines. 2.You can recover any parts of your lifter that you can for a refund. 3. If you return parts of the lifter from orbit you don't have to land on runway or launchpad for 100% refund. Just land somewhere on kerbin and you can count 100% refund. This is because (IMO) once you are in orbit it is trivial (but time consuming and boring/irritating) to land at KSC. 4. If you return parts of the lifter that are dropped while suborbital or in atmosphere you must land them somewhere in the KSC area (not necessarily on the launchpad/runway) for 100% refund (KSC must be within sight from your landing spot). This is because again precision landing is boring/irritating. But now you can't land anywhere you want since while suborbital/still in atmosphere it is not necessarily trivial to get anywhere near KSC. 3. ANYTHING GOES 1. You can use any stock parts. 2.You can recover any parts of your lifter that you can for a refund. 3. If you return parts of the lifter from orbit you don't have to land on runway or launchpad for 100% refund. Just land somewhere on kerbin and you can count 100% refund. This is because (IMO) once you are in orbit it is trivial (but time consuming and boring/irritating) to land at KSC. 4. If you return parts of the lifter that are dropped while suborbital or in atmosphere you must land them somewhere in the KSC area (not necessarily on the launchpad/runway) for 100% refund (KSC must be within sight from your landing spot). This is because again precision landing is boring/irritating. But now you can't land anywhere you want since while suborbital/still in atmosphere it is not necessarily trivial to get anywhere near KSC. LEADERBOARDS: DISPOSABLE: 1. Tseitsei89 636.17 2. Maccollo 642.10 3. Cunjo Carl 753.50 RECOVERABLE. NO AIRBREATHERS: 1.Tseitsei 312.78 2. 3. ANYTHING GOES: 1. Tseitsei89 83.11 2. 3. And here is my entry for the disposable category to start things off: 103 436 total cost 25 028 payload cost 117.15 tons payload mass => 669.30 funds per tonne Flight profile: 1. Start all engines 2. Tilt a little bit towards east to start gravity turn using twin boars gimbal and click prograde hold on 3. At around 120m/s shut down twin boar 4. When SRBs burn out you should be tilted at about 40 degree mark (see screenshots). You can activate twin boar again when SRBs are still burning if you threaten to tilt over too quickly. 5. After SRB separation just keep burning prograde and try to hold your "time to Ap" at about half of your remaining "burn time". 6. When your Ap is >70km shut down engine. At this point your Pe should already be positive or at least very close to zero if you flew well. 7. Coast to Ap and circularize.
  15. Basically, the challenge is to have a very light and cheap rocket to go to other planets/moons. Scoring is carried out in this fashion: the cost of the rocket = score lowest score wins going into negative points is ok. orbit: -150 pt. mun landing -575 pt. minmus landing : -500 pt. landing on another planet -10,000 pt. returning to kerbin from: orbit : -150 pt. mun : -575 pt. minmus : -500 pt. another planet -10,000 pt. alt + f12 : +99999999999 pt. if you go somewere not on this list, tell me were, then I will score it appropriately scoreboard: (nobody yet, I am going to attempt this challenge myself)
  16. Hi, Ive seen this concept discussed in other forums, mods and stock alike, but it always seems to be buried pages deep and then over shadowed by whatever other topics have evolved by that point. Forgive me if I am resurrecting an idea that has already been discussed, dismissed, or for which a solution already exists. I like games with logistics management aspects. Games where you need to carefully collect or manage resources to unlock new capabilities. The addition of Funds and Science to career mode are a great start but as has been discussed in many forums only really limiting early game. Once I can start science spamming Minmus or leaving probes hanging in orbit to collect those 'perform x at y' contracts I dont have to worry about either again. That makes me sad. And yes I know I could exercise self restraint and just not do those cheaty/spammy things but if that was the way I was going to live Id be 30lbs lighter and not playing games in the first place. Im imagining a solution where those techniques some people call 'cheaty' get turned into actions called 'necessary'. Science is already covered by tech tree mods and science unlock scaling and I cant think of any better ways to handle that. Im proposing a solution for Funds, a user scalable, periodic funds deduction that is modeled as the operating cost for running a space program. If I had the knowledge or the skill to make a mod for KSP I would do it like this: (default values or rationalization) -Period fund deduction calculated from factors below (monthly) -Cost of KSC buildings and levels (balanced against running out of money after 1 month in the game not doing anything and then scaling by each building level so a maxed out centre costs enough that you have to run a few lucrative contracts per year to maintain) -Cost of kerbals (10% of hiring cost * lv with some additional costs for kerbals on missions) -Cost of active vehicles (10% launch cost with some additional cost for distance from kerbin) This would force me, and other(s) who think(s) like me, to not rely on warping for science in the MPL, carefully consider the benefit of leaving probes throughout the system to cash in on random perform x in orbit of y contracts and generally taking mission cost and payback into consideration. I am fully aware this may not be everyones cup of tea. I can imagine very few people would enjoy coming back from a 7 year long mission to find out the space centre has been repossessed by KerbBank and turned into a housing complex. But that is the beauty of a mod solution, especially one that is user scalable. Your Thoughts?