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Found 4 results

  1. This is a stock clone of the Cylon Heavy Raider from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica Series. It’s heavy at 182 Tons, but will manage Orbit and Return to KSC without difficulty. It is difficult to fly in atmosphere as the offset cockpit means it will pull to the right on high G turns. You have 3 large Docking ports. 2 External, one internal. 4 Medium Docking ports, 3 internal, one external. 1 small external docking port. (This should allow you to dock crew containers, equipment, extra fuel tanks etc to allow multi role operations) 4x Aerospikes should allow STOL landings, or VTOL from most moons and solar bodies. To achieve orbit, reach 12,500m altitude, put the nose 20 degrees down and accelerate past 450m/sec, and slowly pull up. You should aim to be accelerating and level no lower than 6,500m. Climb out to orbit. Engines are manual toggle, so throttle completely back when airbreathing mode stops, and apply throttle in stages, so the craft does not flip end over end. Extend out to orbit, and have fun. Action groups are. Toggle Rapiers between open and closed cycle. Toggle Aerospike Engines for landing mode. Toggle Rapiers on and off. Hosted on KerbalX here.
  2. A stock copy of the Pierre Drolet designed Classic Raider from BSG Razor. It's heavy at 72 tons and requires work to achieve orbit, but it will make orbit, and return to KSC just fine. Get to 12k altitude, drop the nose, at 300m/sec approx engage the twitch engines, and once you're past 400m/sec turn them off and climb out. It does wobble heavily when docked, due to the high part count, and the nature of construction, so be advised. If anyone can help cure that with me, feel free to advise! Action groups are as follows. 1. Cycle RAPIERS between closed and open cycle. 2. Toggle RAPIERS on and off 3. Toggle Twitch engines on and off. 4. Toggle Puff engines on and off. Hosted here on kerbalx Enjoy, and comments are welcome.
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread. The purpose of this thread is to chronicle my development of the best damned Vipers in KSP. I've seen a lot of VIper attempts over the years since KSP released...and while decent attempts, none of them ever looked quite right, So i set out to build the best, most screen-accurate ones i can muster. Be warned: I'll likely not ever be providing craft files, i'm doing this for fun, not proliferation. I am using quite a few mods, to get the desired results. I work on my own schedule. Now, with that out of the way... Here we have the first stable, mostly screen-accurate of my Mk II builds. the v.1 is an atmospheric-only flight demonstrator. It has dummy guns, the wings are a mashup(this will likely never change), and uses air-jets from a mod, for it's RCS system. I have a v.2 on the backburner, which i'll be outfitting with actual RCS thrusters, and engines that will work in space. When it's done, and can fly, i'll be sure to post it here. I put the v.2 on the backburner, because last week Richard Hatch (Apollo, from the original BSG) died. As something of a tribute, i'm building an original series Colonial Viper. I'll post that here as well. It's proving to be more of a pain than i had anticipated, but it's coming along nicely.. Now...for the pictures.
  4. Galactica 'An interstellar mod' Description: Galactica is a mod which (only for now) adds a binary solar system, Kerbol-Kerbrus. Kerbrus is distant from Kerbol, however not outside of its sphere of influence. There are no planets orbiting Kerbrus, but it is accompanied by a small brown dwarf, heated from Kerbrus' light and radiation. In Kerbol's planetary system, however, there are four planets and three dwarf planets (although this may change). Currently the only major objects in order are: Istrocene, a semi-ocean and desert planet, holding with it one purple desert moon, Hyomascae. Menochiton, the largest planet with four moons. Menochiton has a large ring system, although no large objects are within it. Its moons are Euranum (sandy moon), Neupheia (ocean), Ceuliene (home planet), Curea (scarred moon). Azarmea, a toxic/acidic planet with green rings. It has one moon, Ochrae. Styre, which is a purple gas giant with three moons, all of which are ice moons. As for dwarf planets: Predail, a small lonely planet burning up near Kerbol. Femmon, a larger dwarf planet with Remailas as its primary moon and Sneodas, a captured asteroid. Nismah, an ice planet orbiting between Azarmea and Styre. Outside of the solar system is Slago, a supermassive singularity which (doesn't) contain a vast accretion disk from a former blue star. Compatibilities (Suggest which mods I should add compatibilities to) Distant Object Enhancement Scatterer Planetshine (buggy) Upcoming/Suggestions (Open to development team) Soon, I hope to add asteroid belts and periodic comets/inter-Kerbrus asteroids, which are in an orbit distant enough to be influenced by Kerbrus. EVE Compatibility. Timewarp limits SciDefs Nismah Credits: Thomas P: Kopernicus Compatible-Mod developers (making this mod better than it otherwise would've been)