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Found 2 results

  1. I am having a strange bug where I just unlocked solar panels in carrer mode and the Engineer Report said "No Electricity Generated" even though I had solar panels. I checked the stats and i saw it said "No info". Didn't test it out, Might later to figure it out. Wondering if this is caused by a mod or something. Gamedata and Bug (Says no info as if the part doesn't work)
  2. The PS4 release of KSP is notable for its abundance of game-breaking crashes and errors. While playing around trying to launch a big orbital scanner satellite, I went to switch to map mode, only to see... my craft flying on Kerbin, with a white circle in the background. The text said "Focus: Kerbin", and I was able to scroll through all the planets, but my orbit path was not displayed. It's irreversible, and the pause menu is also "frozen" in that none of the buttons do anything except "Revert flight"- that one causes the game to freeze entirely. It appears to be linked to the use of larger fairing sizes... I think. So far, both of my largest rockets do this, and they both have the 3.75m fairing piece installed. Oddly enough, it doesn't happen with any other of my crafts. Is there any fix to this? I have yet to try launching my rockets with the fairings removed to see if that's the issue...