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Found 25 results

  1. The title says it all. This is like the "You Know You Play Too Much KSP When" thread. What makes you a nerd? I'll start with: You know you're a nerd when you learn to count in binary on your fingers because it's way more practical than the "standard" system.
  2. Hello everyone! I came here because I wanted to spread the word about this game, please check it out if you like scientifically accurate space games. The game is being funded on kickstarter and there isn't much time left, please contribute if you can, thanks!
  3. This forum game is about trying to say hello in the most creative way followed by the previous poster's username, for example, Hulloh @example First one to post gets to say hello to me! No chatting. Simply put (creative way of saying hello) with @(username of previous poster)
  4. Game rules is simple, players must actually existing city of any country whose name starts with the letter , which ends with the name of the previous city . Example : Player1 : San-francisco . Player2 : Orynburg . Etc... I start. Los Angeles...
  5. Hi, So I made this game where you rate the person above you from the dV from a certain trip. You can rank from 0 to 10 depending on how much dV they have spent on a certain trip. I Start: Mun and back: 6800m/s Minmus and Back: 5700m/s Duna and Back: 7350m/s
  6. The rules of this game is simple, since I'm pretty sure all of you heard of it. You make a wish, and the next person must turn it around on you and give the wish a twist, making it detrimental to the overall goal and- ah screw it, I'll just give you an example: Person 1: I wish for a pizza. Person 2: Granted, the pizza is rotten. I wish for a computer. Person 3: Granted, a computer from the 1990's. I wish for a donut. And so on... If you really want to know everything, here are the rules of the former Wish Corrupter: 1. You have to answers the persons wish above but with a twist. Then you make a wish. 2. No wishing for wishes or wishing for corruptions. 3. No "in another universe", "another world", "another dimension", "another planet" corruption. 4. No wishing for a wish to be corrupted. This also applies to wishing for a wish to not be corrupted and wishing for nothing. 5. No wishing for avatar, username, changes. 6. No "Wish failed." 7. No wishing for this thread to be locked. 8. Be polite 9. No making up random crap that has nothing to do with the original wish or making "instead they gave you" wishes. 10. No repeating a wish because you hate the outcome. Its your fault for making that wish able to come out so horrid. 11. No bringing personal matters into the wishing world. 12. No "wishscripting" or "wishcoding", just say the wish and don't hide it in computer coding. Please don't troll! Got it? Good. I wish for a chocolate bunny.
  7. Is anybody else interested in the upcoming game War of Rights? It's a Civil War FPS with an emphasis on company-sized movements.
  8. This forum game is from another forum. (The original forum shall rename nameless.) Unless you private message me.) The forum game goes like this: The first person says what they insert, then the next person says what they get, then they post what they insert. And it goes on. Example: Guy 1: Inserts ("thing") Guy 2: Gets ("thing" related to first "thing") Inserts ("thing") RULE 1: "thing" can be anything approving to forum rules RULE 2:The "Gets" part must relate to "Inserts" RULE 3:No double posting RULE 4:If someone beats your post, edit your post and say Ninja'd next to the "Thing" I will go first, Inserts coin
  9. Hi! I've been making a small game recently (you may have spotted it already, if you follow me on twitter or youtube), and have finally gotten it finished and released (and by that I mean "made 90% of in august then lost motivation and finally got back and finished it in the last two weeks ish"). It's free! You, too, can get blown up by meteors and experience frustration, which seems like the sort of things KSP forumgoers would be into. So... View & Download on yes sots is still happening sooner or later
  10. Can you win a challenge against the forum community? So the rules are simple you must say any number 1 to 9 and every two challenges the next person can say -2 instead if they want to You challenge by the same way you mention some one ie @Gamax19 and they have to say 1 to 9 and add it to the total and challenge some one else the loser must start again and challenge again with a number. So have fun So i challenge you with 0
  11. Remember when you went up to 20km and then instantly turned 45 degrees west? Pepperidge Farm remembers... Do you?
  12. Okay, so I just randomly came up with this a few minutes ago, and I'd rather not lose the idea. If this exists somewhere else, I'm sorry. Description: Basically, what you do is make a word as close as possible to being correct with a set of randomly-smashed keyboard inputted letters that the poster above you makes. It does not have to be spelled right, it just has to sound like the word if pronounced out loud You do not need to use all the given letters Rules: Keep it clean Do not use a letter more than once Try to keep your random letters somewhere between 5-10 characters You can make short phrases rather than short words, but keep in mind to not use the same letter more than once Example: Poster #1: iunerfoa Poster #2: foany (phony) fgwojwg and it goes on and on... I'll start: ______________________________________________________________________ ohwibvhg
  13. Okay,, you try to make the longest sentence in history. So, for example..Quote:Person 1: IPerson 2: don'tPerson 3: knowAnd so on.Good luck, and I shall start:The EDIT: Run-ons are allowed.
  14. There's a game in the app store that I feel is very underappreciated. It's called WingForce. It's an on-rails shooter heavily inspired by StarFox 64 where the player pilots a high-tech starfighter called the Dual-Wing (which strongly resembles the Arwing), fighting through various enemies in space and across the surfaces of unique planets. While it needs improvements here and there, it's a pretty nostalgic game. The developers of the game said that they don't quite have the budget for any major updates any time soon because of poor sales of the game. The game is about $4, which might seem like a bit much for a game like this. However, if the developers get a boost in sales, they could potentially provide larger updates and build on the game over time, making it well worth the price. I'd strongly recommend giving this game a chance. It would be awesome to see the game improve over time.
  15. In Dusker, you are a survivor on a derelict ship with no recollection of what happened. Pretty normal sci-fi game so far right? But what makes this game different is that you are not a space marine, or space miner, or whatever hands on job they tend to put you into. Instead, you are a salvage drone operator. Your interface is mostly based on what you have on the drones - camera, motion sensors, probes, all of which can be damaged and failed while you have to adapt - and most uniquely, you control all your drones using text commands only! If you ever enjoy those hacking game where you rapid fire commands on keyboard, you will find the feeling here, only even more exciting:
  16. I thought I would share this on the KSP forums because of the common love of space games! I don't know if many people have heard of this game so I thought I'd let those unaware of this game, to now know it exist
  17. Inspired by a recent SMBC comic, I want to ask: Is there a game you can think of where human will always have advantage over a computer, no matter how advanced the programming of the AI can be?
  18. “Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.” ― Douglas Adams The Jirtays Project The jirtays Project is a game, but not like your average, fun forum game. This game is more of a project, a project to see what life would do on other worlds. How far would it go? how much would it develop? The possibilities are endless. And you will be a part of it or not, its your choice to join. The Project is going to be aimed to those who love these sort of projects. Better known as xenobiologists, people who study the behavior of evolution and imagine its potential on other, alien worlds. I am a xenobiologist, and after look at the Sagan 4 Project I too wanted to make my own world, get the community interested and develop a thriving planet filled with lifeforms both big and small. So, i present to you, the Jirtays Project! Rules 1. No animals/plants that are invincible, immortal (cannot die, animals that cannot die from old age is allowed however. as some earth animals dont die from old age, but from other reasons) or downright god-like. 2. No inappropriately shaped animals/plants. (you know what i mean) 3. lifeform submissions must include a picture to accompany it, dont worry, it doesn't have to be grade A+ perfect, a simple drawing on MS paint would do! 4. Lifeform submissions MUST look slightly like their ancestor, either from body plan, color, behavior, intelligence etc. 5. Lifeforms Must have a Latin or Greek name, no other language is allowed! 6. Dont be rude to others. 7. Have fun! Steps and Era`s Steps will be the nickname for the next evolutionary stage of life, when a lifeform becomes too different from its own siblings that it become its own species. That would be classed as a step. steps will not be increased by the amount of species that run into Jirtay, instead it would account for the amount of life before the species came to be. for example, if we were to evolve the precursor of all species, that would be step 2, if we evolve another species from said precursor, that species is also in step 2. however, if a species is evolved from a step 2 lifeform, then it becomes a step 3 lifeform. Get it? If you dont, keep reading that statement until you do understand it. Era`s are basically what they are. Era`s, a time which would separate specific time periods of Jirtay`s. Similar to the Earth`s Era`s, Era`s would also be split into periods. simialr on how we do it on Earth aswell. Gava Era Saltabci (salt-ab-ci) Period The saltabci Period was the time between Jirtays Creation to The beginning of life. during this Era, The landscape was mostly lava and fire, a horrible time at be alive. luckily, anything alive at that time would of been blasted, incinerated and completely annihilated before it could gain a foothold at evolution. In the end, 3 Large seas formed at the equator, and millions of lakes, ponds and puddles had formed all across the planet. Quirtays (Quit-ays) Period The Quirtays period picks up from the Saltabci Period, where 3 large seas and countless ponds, puddles and lakes had formed across Jirtay. Here, life shall blossom... Solar System Valata A large, middle sequence star, about 1.2x the size of the sun. It is, of course, white in color. And has more energetic solar flares than our own sun, its solar wind is slightly more power. and due to its higher heat output, the habitable zone is further away. Hityr A moho mercury like world. It is blasted constantly by the solar wind and heta by Valata, however, it isnt hot enough for its surface to liquidize. kinda sad. It is 2x the size of mercury. And its surface is around 600*C. Kras Another Mercury like world, except Kras is the size of Mars, well near. it is slightly larger. It is actually a binary world With Utiaps. The surface is around 200*C. and has a small greenhouse effect going on. Utiaps Similar to Venus, except the size of mars, it has a high density, so the surface of this world is similar to Earth`s gravity. Allowing it retain a thick, carbon dioxide and methane atmosphere, due to this the heat here is very high, around 575*C. and is in a binary dance with Kras. Jirtays A Earth like world, has 3 moons, 2 large, 1 near asteroid size. It is 1.8x the size of the earth, but with 1.4x the gravity at its surface. Its surface temperature is around 67*C, though its surface is cooling slowly. It has a thick atmosphere of nitrogen, methane and argon. Fitoras A small moon, about 0.7x the size of ours. It is also very similar, rocky, dry, airless, lifeless. it is barren and pocked with craters. Crawsta a desert world, the size of mars. sure its planet sized, but its gravitational influence on Jirtays is so low that it doesn't make it a binary world. It has a thick yet low atmosphere, so the progression in the atmosphere is quicker than here on Earth. It has no oceans, but has a ton of ice locked underneath its surface, out of reach of its very hot surface (which is 100*C+), which is thanks to its atmosphere containing a lot of carbon dioxide. Grivits a small Gas giant, it doesn't have much moons, about 13 small boring asteroids and a small ice moon, nothing much, it has a thin ring system and has a Saturn like texture on it. It helps get rid of most asteroids that are on a collision course with Jirtays... Admins GalacticVoyager - Owner, Thread Maintainer & Management ProtoJeb - Admin Step 1 Prodromus Rubrum (Precursor Red) Creator: GalacticVoyager Size: Microscopic Diet: Chemosynthesis Habitat: All Water Step/Era: 1/1 Taxonomy:Archaea Reproduction: Mitosis The first lifeform on Jirtays, after abiogenesis happened, Prodromus Rubrum was born. At first, the populace was small, but it quickly grew out of control. Prodromus Rubrum is a Archaea, a cell without a nucleus. And also the most basic lifeform in existence. Although being chemovores, they could survive in practically any environment, making it an extremophile. sort of, i cant survive in temperatures higher or lower than -30*C to 80*C+. Prodromus Rubrum somehow managed to spread across all the seas before they all connected, mostly because of meteor strikes sending fragment of Prodromus Rubrum across the planets surface. (you must include a description)
  19. This game is all about word knowledge. Someone will post a word and you have to define it correctly. Looking up words you do not know is encouraged, but you are not allowed to post the answer if you do. Only post definitions you already know. The definitions have to be correct, not imaginary. After defining the previous word correctly, you must post a new word to be defined. Try to post words that are a challenge while being reasonable. - Looking up unknown words is encouraged, but keep it to yourself - Only post definitions you did not look up - It must be real words - It must be real definitions - Words have to be properly defined. No 'has something to do with' or 'it is a thing that does a thing' type replies. - You must post a new word when posting a definition The first word is: chlorophyll.
  20. Some of you may recall the galaxy simulation I was working on a while back. Since then I've made improvements to it and also created an in-browser infinite procedural universe. The simulation uses 3D infinite Worley / Voronoi noise and a pseudorandom number generator (a la Minecraft) to produce an unlimited (other than engine limitations) number of procedural galaxies, laid out in a similar pattern to the large-scale structure of the real universe: Long story short, I just thought I ought to share this with my buddies on this forum and perhaps get some feedback. I'm not currently working on an "official" game involving this at the moment (too busy with other stuff), and I am aware that Space Engine exists, but hopefully this still counts as share-worthy. LINK:
  21. The kerbals are taking a break fro being shot into space on untested rockets with too many bossters and no struts, or being stranded in a tiny Hitchhiker forever, to celebrate Kristmas when Kanta Klause comes and brings presents for any kerbal willing to co-operate with the KSP! Goes like this: Poster 1: On the first day of Kristmas my kerbal gave to me: A booster. Poster 2: On the second day of Kristmas my kerbal gave to me: 2 struts and a booster. Rules: 1: Try not to repeat. 2: Try to make it rhyme somewhat. On the first day of Kristmas my dear kerbal gave to me: A copy of KSP!
  22. If anyone wants to join a nice club on Powder Toy, look no further! You can find it HERE ! Happy playing!
  23. This game is based on the 12 days of christmas! Simple as it sounds. Template : On the 1st day of Christmas my true live gave to me : a copy of KSP. A rule READ FIRST. You are not allowed to repeat the Sentence for the past few days! it WILL be considered as spam! a request stick to the numbering like this: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th etc. Let it begin! On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me : a glowstone for the christmas tree
  24. You just lost it! Anyhow, Any silly ways to make people lose THE GAME?
  25. So apparently there's this 2D physics sandbox game that claims you can make anything from games, spaceships, giant robots, and even a 2D version of KSP if you have enough programming skills. Personally, I've been playing Algodoo for a while now and i find it extremely fun. I'm thinking on learning Thyme so i can make my contraptions better and hopefully build a computer (if it's possible) in it, using Thyme. It's amazing, go check it out!