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Found 1 result

  1. Oceans of Emptiness We must Explore the Darkness *The screenshot above was created by @m.kerman Table of Contents 1. Porpoising through the sky 2. Spoilers..........Explosions! 3. Liquid Fueled Rockets are Fun! 4. Make it or Break it 5. Last Chance 6. A Few Too Many Explosions 7. A Thin Line Between Arrogance and Optimism 8. Just a Couple more Failures.............. 9. Project Kerbonaut 10. "We will try again and again until we succeed!" 11. "Kathdred, ready to fly?" 12. "Third Time's a Charm" 13. "At Least it wasn't a Complete Failure" 14. "Don't Push it, Obberty." 15. "Forget Project Goby!" 16. "Olei.....Olei Olei Olei! Olei!" 17. "The Time of the Brotherhood has Begun!" 18. "Brotherhood has Landed" 19. "Brotherhood is Terminated!" 20. "Another day, Another Launchpad." 21. "Running on Fumes!" 22. "We Failed." Game Settings Mod List Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Transition To those who want to read the story of Mr. Kerman, the link is here. Introduction The Kraken Struck Our entire world disappeared before our eyes. Our entire solar system disappeared. And was replaced with a new one. The Kraken, whom we thought had retreated, had only really been preparing for such an apocalypse. How did we anger the Kraken? Did we explore too much? Or did we not explore enough. These are questions that must be answered by the exploration of this new solar system. And hopefully, we can discern the past from the present. Who knows what lingers on these worlds....... What wonders, what horrors await kerbalkind's exploration to the stars? Only time will tell. - Roland Kerman, Alias Mr. Kerman. Lost Prince of Ollusionia Happy Explosions!