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Found 36 results

  1. Mods to spice things up!

    Ksp is kinda getting repetitive. You know, launch, orbit, escape kerbin, and so on. So I'm looking for any mods that could help spice things up a bit. Things like RSS and solar system rescale mods. Things that add a whole new way of doing things. Things that add another aspect. If you know any good mods to shake things up post them here!
  2. Parts would have minimum temperatures, and some would passively radiate heat. When minimum temperatures are reached, the parts wouldn't explode or anything. They would merely stop functioning. However, based on a setting in the difficulty options, if a command module or spacesuit reached minimum temperatures, the kerbals could be at risk of freezing to death. Different kerbals would have different time limits for staying below minimum temperature, basically like gee tolerance. Something else that should be added would be parts specifically meant for heating the spacecraft. Drills, converters, fuel cells, RTGs and active engines would passively generate heat. Liquid fuel tanks and idle liquid fuel engines would have an incredibly low minimum temperature. Landing legs and airbrakes, as well as xenon tanks and ion engines would have a fairly low minimum temperature. Wings (whose aerodynamics would simply not work quite right when too cold), command modules and passenger modules would have a medium minimum temperature. Probes, batteries, solar cells and reaction wheels would have a high minimum temperatures. Finally, surface temperatures. Planets would all have ground temperatures, including the ones without atmospheres. However, part temperatures would be affected by the ground much more slowly than by the atmosphere. Therefore, you could probably last on Eeloo or Minmus for days without a heating system. You wouldn't have to worry too much about Jool's moons, as they are heated by tidal forces. With Duna you would probably want a heating system, seeing as it has an atmosphere. Also, unlike atmospheric temperature, surface temperature would change depending on whether it was day or night.
  3. Hey all, been thinking about this idea awhile. That is why not make the water biomes more interesting. The idea is that the KSP developers should add stock parts to build small science submersibles, and then make the terrain under water more interesting. This would add a lot more things to do in the game. Though some people might say that submersibles have nothing to do space and planet exploration, I disagree. My reasoning is that to planets (besides Kerbin) are at least 50% water (I know Laythe is more) Without anyway to explore under the water, Eve and Laythe are mostly barren planets as there is nothing to do on the water except float. And hey if it means that you can explore the ocean on Kerbin, that's just a bonus. Thoughts?
  4. At first: Sorry for my bad english (..) Dear KSP Community, I'm new to KSP and making my steps in the Carrier Mode (Normal Difficulty, newest Steam version, no mods) There are a lot of Contracts where it is displayed, that you get as example 6 Science Points for completion. Why? Do i have to do something special to get these Contract Science Points? Do i have to complete these Contracts in the first attempt? (I use revert flight when i crash) Thanks for you help
  5. Hey guys, my idea here is to add parts to construct actual planet bases, with a life support system. I know you can get both of these things in mods, (In fact I'm running a mod that gives me planetary base parts) but I think they should add a life support system and base parts to make them stock. One because it would add so much more to the game, two because I know for some people mods can slow their game down, and I think something like this should be in the game anyway. Plus as I found out with an earlier idea, that the game developers try to keep the game realistic (Which I totally understand) and this would not really be detracting from the realism of the game, in fact a life support system would make it more realistic (if people new to the game found having to add a life support system to their ships to hard for them the game developers could make the life support system an option when a person is creating a new game) Any comments?
  6. Hey all I was playing my KSP and in the middle of capturing an asteroid, when I had this idea. Why not make it possible to land on Jool? I was thinking that they should keep the green gas cloud totally around it to impossible to see anything but green, until it disappears like 150M from the surface and then give Jool a planet surface that always looks like it is night time. I thought this would be fun challenge to, not only make Jool a Kerbal destination, but to also make a cool challenge for someone to try and land on a planet where you can't see the ground until you've almost landed. Any thoughts?
  7. How to make a video?

    I see a lot of cool KSP-in-action videos posted in these forums. Could someone give me some pointers on how to make a video like that? I'm specifically interested in recording my attempt at one of the KSP challenges. Thanks!
  8. This mod introduces astronauts' health management to KSP. You have to consider health implications when building vessels, planning and executing missions. It covers various factors affecting health including living space, microgravity, radiation, diseases, accidents and more. It is highly customizable and works well alongside most popular mods. Download latest release for KSP 1.3.1 Wiki Source Unsupported releases for older KSP versions: v1.0.1 for KSP 1.3.0, v0.5.3 for KSP 1.2.2 Features Every kerbal has Health Points (HP). Maximum HP increase with kerbals' level. A newbie has 100 HP while a 5-level kerbal has 150 (by default). Kerbals' HP change, including in background and in timewarp, based on a range of factors such as living space, presence of crewmates, gravity, and specific ship parts. E.g., a level 1 kerbal will typically survive 11 days in a 1-man pod before becoming exhausted and turning into a Tourist. Kerbals need time to recuperate at the KSC between flights to restore full health. If a kerbal's health goes under 20%, he/she is exhausted and becomes a tourist. They will go back to work when health grows back to 25%. If a kerbal's health falls to 0, he/she dies! Kerbals experience radiation, both cosmic and artificial, which permanently affects their maximum health. You can protect from radiation by using shielding and choosing safer mission profiles. Kerbals may fall sick, have health accidents or panic attacks: prepare for contingences! Health Monitor lets you check on all your kerbals in KSC and in flight. Health Report in Editor helps design comfy and healthy craft. A configurable low health alert will warn you when you are about to lose a kerbal. Compatibility patches support a range of parts mods (see below). All of these settings are easily changed or disabled in-game and with ModuleManager patches. Health Factors The following factors may affect kerbal's health: Assigned (kerbal is on a mission): -0.5 HP/day Crowded (scaled effect): -3 x / HP/day Loneliness (only 1 kerbal on the vessel, badass kerbals are immune): -1 HP/day Microgravity (orbital or suborbital flight or under 0.1 g conditions, e.g. Minmus): -0.5 HP/day EVA: -10 HP/day (don't abandon your kerbals outside for long!) Sickness (the kerbal is marked as Sick, cures after some time): -5 HP/day Connected (having a working CommNet to home): +0.5 HP/day Home (on Kerbin at altitude of under 18 km): +2 HP/day KSC (kerbal is recuperating in KSC, i.e. available): +5 HP/day These values, like most others in the mod, are adjustable in Difficulty Settings. Certain parts (Hitchhiker, crew cabin, and the Cupola) can reduce the effect of a health factor (e.g. Crowded or Loneliness) allowing for much longer and healthier flights. It often requires EC though. Hab rings (e.g. in MKS) can help overcome microgravity issues for long-term stations and interplanetary missions. All these features can be changed using ModuleManager patches. Health Recuperation and Health Decay Certain parts (such as the Cupola) provide Recuperation bonuses. If a kerbal receives, say, a 1% recuperation bonus, he/she will recover 1% of their lacking health (i.e. of the difference between their current HP and the maximum HP) every day. This change works in parallel with the normal health factors above. Example: A 5-star kerbal (maximum HP = 150) currently has 40 Health Points and is in a vessel that gives him 1% recuperation. The vessel has 10 units of living space and he has connection and he has a crewmate. Therefore he recovers (150 - 40) x 1% = 1.1 HP per day and loses also (0.5 + 3 x 2 / 10 + 0.5 - 0.5) = 1.15 HP per day. It means that the marginal change balances out the "normal" change and his health will stay around 40 HP (27%) until the situation changes. As you see, this mechanics may allow some kerbals to stay relatively healthy indefinitely. It may look cheaty, but the point is that: (1) there should be a way to design long-term missions without spamming crew space, (2) it requires a lot of heavy parts and therefore still difficult, (3) the balanced health level is usually far from 100% and may fall lower if circumstances change (e.g., new crew arrives and fills the station), (4) these bonuses require a lot of EC, (5) radiation still keeps mounting (see below). Note that, since v1.1, Recuperation is not stacked and has crew cap. It means that one Cupola provides 1% Recup for 2 kerbals, 2 Cupolas give 1% for 4 kerbals (not 2%!), etc. If you have more kerbals than the crew cap, Recuperation will be split among them evenly (e.g. 4 kerbals with 1 Cupola will get 0.5% Recup). Radiation All kerbals on missions are affected by radiation, which slowly but permanently reduces their maximum HP. Radiation is measured in banana equivalent doses (about 1e-7 Sv), or simply bananas. 1e7 (10,000,000) bananas reduce max HP by 25%; 4e7 bananas kill a kerbal. Currently, there is no way to reduce the dose and, if it is added in the future, it's going to be really hard. The amount of radiation a kerbal receives depends on many factors. Most importantly, it is determined by their location. Planetary magnetic fields and atmospheres reduce radiation substantially; being very close to a celestial body may screen half of the rays too. E.g., radiation level at Kerbin's surface is 2,000 times lower than in interplanetary space just outside Kerbin's SOI. Cosmic radiation is also greater closer to the Sun. Being on EVA takes away all the protection your ship provides and dramatically increases radiation level. Artificial radiation is created by certain part like atomic engines and nuclear reactors. You can protect kerbals from radiation (both cosmic and artificial) by adding shielding to the vessel. It is provided by some parts, like structural panels, heat shields and mk3 cargo bays. These parts and most crew pods can be improved by adding Radiation Shielding to them in the Editor. You can never eliminate all radiation, but you can reduce it significantly. You may use this tool to calculate radiation effects. Copy it to your Google Drive or download as XLSX to edit. Random Events Kerbals' organisms, like ours own, are not always predictable. Sometimes, very rarely, you may see random events that can impact your whole mission. Now you need to prepare for contingencies like real space programs do. You may completely disable or fine-tune the event system in settings. Sickness/Curing: a kerbal can become sick and start losing health quickly. This condition heals itself after some time, but you may have to evacuate the kerbal to KSC (or bar him/her from flights) before their health falls too low. On average, kerbals catch flu once every 200 days and cure after 20 days or so. Note that these diseases have incubation periods, so it may be wise to quarantine kerbals for several weeks before sending them on an interplanetary trip. Panic Attack: when your kerbal's is on a mission, he/she may epxerience a panic attack and become uncontrollable for up to 3 hours. This event's probability depends on the kerbal's health (the lower, the more likely) and courage (the lower, again, the more likely) of the kerbal, the maximum average frequency is once per 100 days. Accident: your kerbals loses a random percentage of their current health (20 to 50%). This event's chance depends on kerbal's stupidity, but generally happens very rarely (every 1,000 days on average with 50% stupidity). However, it can become an important factor for very long missions. Requirements Module Manager Supported Mods Kerbal Health should work well alongside most other mods and will try to adapt to them with smart MM patches. Some have better, native support though: B9 Aerospace Blizzy's Toolbar Bluedog Design Bureau Deadly Reentry Continued DeepFreeze Continued Deep Space Exploration Vehicles FASA Kerbal Atomics KPBS KSP-AVC KSP Interstellar Extended Spacetux Recycled Parts (Atomic Age, FTmN, FTmN-New, RSCapsuledyne) SpaceY Heavy Lifters USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) USI-LS Conflicts & Incompatibilities Any mod, which can temporarily make kerbals Tourists, can conflict with Kerbal Health if both mods change kerbals' status and then rutn it back. In some situations it may mean that your kerbals will remain Tourists indefinitely or become active too soon. Kerbal Health tries to fix some of these situations, but cannot prevent all of them. It is recommended to disable habitation mechanics of USI-LS' (and other mods') as these largely have the same goal as Kerbal Health. RemoteTech's connection state is not supported for the purpose of the Connected Factor status. This issue will be resolved once RemoteTech 2.0 is released. Meanwhile, you may disable both Connected and Assigned factors to keep balance. Future Features New mechanics: injuries, medical supplies, quarantine, and whatnot... API for collaboration with other mods Feedback & Bug Reports I love feedback! Tell me what you think about the mod, what ideas, suggestions or complaints you have. If you have a bug report, please provide an output log while in Debug Mode (use in-game settings to enable) or at least give exact instructions how to reproduce it. License: MIT Changelog
  9. Introduction Interplanetary Colonization represents one of the largest technological and logistical challenges on the horizon for manned spaceflight. USI's Modular Kolonization System (MKS) provides a huge array of new gameplay systems and supporting parts to support the experience of designing, building, and maintaining interplanetary colonies in Kerbal Space Progam. For over three years, MKS has been the definitive Colonization mod for KSP, with continued refinement of the parts and core systems (including the resource system now integrated in the stock game) based on extensive community feedback and continued development and design. MKS is not a parts pack. It is a gameplay mod that adds a massive amount of end-game content for KSP, and can serve as the perfect capstone for your career save. It can be soul crushingly hard, and as unforgiving as gravity. But it can also be an incredibly rewarding gameplay experience, bringing back that sense of wonder and accomplishment that many of us remember from our first Mun landing. If you want a parts pack where your idea of a colony is landing a single ship and call it a day, this is probably not the mod for you. If you want something that transforms your gameplay, and gives you unapologetically difficult goals where you have to juggle planning, logistics, and the harsh constraints imposed by space, then you will likely get as much enjoyment playing MKS as I have received building and designing it. Features MKS adds a rich array of new features to support the challenge of building interplanetary colonies, including: A huge assortment of parts suitable for surface and orbital bases and stations, drawing inspiration from real-world parts and concepts from Bigelow, NASA, and others. A clear progression of parts, from simple outposts and mobile bases to larger manufacturing complexes and permanent colonies. Extended ISRU operations with more resources and more complex harvesting, refining, manufacturing chains, and new mechanics. Discoverable resource lodes for more interactive resource harvesting and exploitation Customizable and field-configurable converters and harvesters to allow post-launch customization of your colony. Tools for handling large bases, such as ground tethering and automated resource transfers for disconnected bases Tools for building out your base In-Situ with harvested resources, whether it's by expanding and kitting out modules, or through in-situ construction via the bundled Ground Construction mod by @allista Parts and tools for contructing bases including weldable ports, magnetic couplers, and heavy construction equipment via the bundled Konstruction mod. Parts for mobile bases via the bundled Karibou Expedition Rover Expanded Kerbal traits and effects in support of Kolonization Comprehensive and seamless integration with USI Life Support, including life support, habitation, and homesickness. Kolony rewards, providing ever increasing efficiencies as well as tangible bonuses in career mode, as your Kerbals gain experience colonizing other planets and moons. The ability to support permanent colonies as well as ark-ships as your Kerbals expand their knowledge and become more experienced with off-world colonies. Part disassembly and recycling Wireless power transmission and Geothermal wells Equipment wear and tear along with manual and automated maintenance tools And much more! FAQ I hear MKS is really complicated - is that true? MKS has significant depth and breadth, but provided you don't try to do everything at once, you will find the learning curve can be pretty reasonable. Start with life support, and don't get fixated on trying to build everything at once. The patterns learned with a small base quickly scale for larger ones. What about documentation? Thanks to @dboi88, MKS enjoys full KSPedia documentation. There's also an excellent community maintained wiki available here. MKS Documentation even has its own development thread here. I can't seem to fit a 100% self sufficient base in a single launch - what am I doing wrong? Building a self sufficient colony is hard. Like... REALLY hard. It's going to take a lot of launches and a lot of work. The idea of MKS is that it is not about plunking down a base and being done. Rather, it's the journey to get to that point that is the fun bit. So yeah... you are going to need a few more rockets. I can't find a place to create my base that has all of the resources! Good. Now you get to enjoy some of the challenges that result from resource constraints. Do you ship things in? Do you set up multiple bases? Or use low-efficiency harvesting to get trace materials and salvage the rest from scrapped components? I feel overwhelmed... I try to make a base, and it seems I just need so many different parts! Start small. Start with just a habitation module or two and ship in supplies. Then add some agroponics and ship in fertilizer. Once you get those down pat, you are ready for more complex systems. I am still lost - where can I get help? Ask in this thread. A lot of the folks here have been using MKS in their games for years, and are a pretty friendly lot. This looks amazing, and I didn't have any plans for my weekend anyway - where do I get this stuff? Great question! Links are below Download Links Use any of the links below to download this mod, or pick it up via CKAN. Source Code and Change Log Donation Info! If you like what you see, and want to help out (or just buy me a beer!), please consider donating, either via PayPal or Patreon. License Information Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license (see attached). Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely This mod redistributes Firespitter, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes ModuleManager, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes Ground Construction, which is covered under its own license. NOTICE: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.
  10. Hello, let me start off with saying I am really enjoying this game so much. I have had so many fun adventures in this game, and this game is captivating me so much. Now off to the topic - I recently sent a payload with my part 1 of my mun outpost. However, halfway through I realised the morons at VAB forgot to add landing struts . So I needed to improvise my moon landing. Things went relatively well but with all the chaos I somehow couldn't uncouple my couplers. Now I am on the moon but my couplers are still coupled. How would I go to decouple these manually? A screenshot might explain things better : Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. A tribute music video

    A tribute video to Kerbal Space Program
  12. >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! KAS 1.0 is a direct descendant of KAS 0.6.0, but it's not just another version of it. New KAS inherits the main idea of connecting two vessels into one, but does it in a different way. All code has been re-written from scratch, new parts designs were invented, new models developed, and physics has been significantly re-factored. Here are main points in KAS 1.0: All connections between the vessels are physical. They have mass and volume, and they interact with the world's physics. New parts are engineering wise correct. I.e. they look and work as they would behave in a real world (at the extent the game allows it). New KAS should be easy to use by third-parties. Ideally, it should be a no-brainer to create own KAS-like part or interact with KAS from the other mods. KAS API is being developed, and the docs will be published soon (here is the very first preliminary version). Full feature parity with the old KAS is not expected but the goal is to cover all aspects of joining vessels together. Since it's a beta for now avoid using these parts in your main game. While parts design is pretty stable the exact properties may change (e.g. break force or minimum length). Current plan of development TJ-1. Rigid joint part that makes a durable fixed connection to another vessel. DONE. TJ-2. Rigid joint part that makes a durable connection that keeps some flexibility at the connection points. DONE. Extra: TB-60. Rigid joint that designed specifically for towing vessels. DONE. HJ-1. Rigid joint built of two hydraulic cylinders that allow changing length of the link after the connection is done. TBD. JS-1. Socket to connect with rigid links. DONE. RTS-1.Part that allows connecting vessels at greater distances with a flexible pipe. It doesn't provide any structural strength. Used for transferring resources. TBD. PCB-1. It's a portable cable brace. Basically, it's just a durable rope between two parts: you cannot stretch it but in all other directions the parts can move. DONE. W-1. Light winch. It's a replica of old IW-50 on the new code base. IN PROGRESS. W-2. Heavy duty winch. It's a replica of old RW-50 on the new code base. TBD. Hooks, harpoons, and magnets are in design stage for now. Installation Download this binary form Github. Delete old KAS-1.0 folder from GameData folder if any. Unzip folder KAS-1.0 from the archive into GameData folder. KAS 1.0 is totally independent from the old KAS and doesn't conflict with it. You may use both. Some more videos and images Movie clip demonstrating vessels towing with TB-60 prototype: Towing two vessels with the final version of TB-60 (0.7.2 Beta): Towing multiple rovers with TB-60 and TJ-2: Wire rope part (PCB-1) demo: Demo of the initial versio nof the winch (W-1 part): Known issues For issues being worked on see Github pages. Here are some low priority issues that are noticed but not to be fixed for now: In interactive mode link collider is disabled which may result in physics triggering if there was a collision prior to the mode start. TJ-1 and TJ-2 models looks too similar. GUI is available on a controllable vessel even when no EVA kerbals are around. License New KAS code was created by @IgorZ. The code is released under Public Domain license. Note, that old KAS code is still under restricted license. New KAS models and textures were created by @Shatten and @Enceos. They are released under Public Domain license. Old KAS models and textures (that are still used) were created by @winn75 and are released under Public Domain license for KAS 1.0. See license file for more info. Sources live in the main KAS Github repostory.
  13. After discussion with @KospY, who is the original author of this mod, we agreed that I should take ownership over the mod to continue maintaining and developing it. And I am happy to take on this responsibility. The original forum thread can be found here. Last updated September 28th, 2017 - v1.9 for KSP 1.3 >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! KIS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory system and EVA usables items as tools. You want to build a rover on Duna from scratch? Now you can... >>> PLEASE, READ THE MANUAL BEFORE USING THE MOD!!! The manual can be found here. If you want to download a PDF, use this link. You can also bring this manual to the flight by adding the "KIS for Dummies" item into the inventory. This way you'll be able to read it without leaving the game. >>> WHAT TO DO IF IT DOESN'T WORK? Start from reading the troubleshooting guide. It covers 99% of all the issues that usually happen to people. It will only take 5 minutes for the reading. How to install Recommended: Install and run CKAN. Search for "Kerbal Inventory System" or just "KIS", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update KIS (and other mods) to the latest version. Manual: Go to the files list on Curseforge and download latest release archive. Unzip release archive into game's GameData folder. Note, that names of the folders must be exactly like in the archive or it won't work. Release archive contains a version of ModuleManager. Drop it from your game folder if you have a more fresh version. Release archive contains a version of CommunityCatgeoryKit. Drop it from your game folder if you have a more fresh version. If you upgrade to a fresh version then you must delete the old files, do not just copy over! Extra parts. If you like fun parts (like taco, beer, boom box, etc.) you may install fun parts pack: Download Fun Parts Pack release archive. Extract into your game's folder. Note that fun pack lives in own folder and won't be automatically removed when KIS is deinstalled. >>> IMPORTANT! Dependency mods KIS requires some mod dependencies: ModuleManager. CommuinityCategoryKit. Note. When installing via CKAN these mods get deployed automatically. Main features Visual and user friendly inventory interface using drag and drop system. Unique EVA usable items as Screwdrivers, Explosive charges or extra EVA fuel tank... Use tools to attach or detach part from your vessels in flight. Use tools to build rockets, rovers or anything else from parts stored in containers in flight. Inventories for Kerbals. Stock alike containers and parts. Containers Mounts for easy container detachment and reattachment. Item stacking. Put/remove kerbal helmet. Career compatible with research progression and container content recovery (science point and part cost) Sounds effects. See more images here Other useful EVA mods Easy Vessel Switch (EVS). Simplifies switching between vessels/kerbals: Preserves camera position when changing active vessel or kerbal. Allows switching to another vessel/kerbal by simply clicking on it. Kerbal Attachment System (KAS). Allows combining two vessels into one: Hook vessels with a cable using winches. Attachable struts and pipes to keep vessels together. Capture objects by a magnet or a hook. Surface Mounted Stock-Alike Lights for Self-Illumination. EVA work on a dark side is always challenging. Stock lights are designed for illuminating objects at large distances and they are inconvenient when you only need to get some ambience light around your base or station. These surface mounted lights fill the gap: Small and compact omni light source can be easily mounted where needed. It takes little or none energy and gives enough light to see the parts you're working on. Low energy spot lights let illuminating objects at small distances (5-10 meters) without producing annoying glares. Fun facts The "E-SD80 Electric Screwdriver" part has a real life prototype: NASA engineers use the "Pistol Grip Tool". And this tool is different from a regular mechanical screwdriver which many people believe they can use. Next time you'll ask yourselves "why, the heck, this tool is only usable by an engineer?", just read the article. Videos Using KIS, KAS, and Planetary Base Systems modules you can build a nice looking Minmums base. Use it for refueling your station and drones. Changelog Authors @KospY Plugin design and development, C# coding. The original author and creator of the mod! @winn75 Graphic design, 3D Models, textures. @IgorZ The current owner. Maintaining and development, C# coding. Localization For now KIS supports the following languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. If you feel you can translate from any of them into your own language, feel free to do it and suggest the translation to the author. The Localization tool may be a great help in your translation endeavour. In nutshell, if you want to translate the mod, you need to get the localization file (either English, or Russian), and provide your own strings for the language of your choice. Sources are available on GitHub.
  14. The Gold Standard! Version 1.5.2 (2017/06/18) (Now with full SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack Compatibility!) This mod adds the pursuit of gold and an extremely rare resource called Unobtainium to the game! Gold Ore now appears on planets/moons Gold Ore can be mined and smelted into Pure Gold with the Smelter Return either Gold/Gold Ore back to Kerbin for profit Gold is heavier than Gold Ore, which is heavier than Ore Full integration with Vanilla drills and scanners Vanilla Drills and Surface Scanner available slightly earlier in the tech tree Only 8 parts (Under 10Mb download), low memory usage. Get over that mid-career fund grind in a fun and challenging way! What is Unobtainium? Unobtainium is an extremely valuable resource that generally spawns on high-G and extremely distant worlds. You can mine Unobtainium using the vanilla drills without needing a converter in-situ. Drills mining Unobtainium operate much more efficiently with both a scientist and engineer aboard. Unobtainium is a little more dense than gold, so ensure to bring adequate Dv! Finally a monetary reason to land on Eeloo, Eve, Moho/Icarus, or any of the other seldom visited worlds! This mod is not meant to be an easy cash cow; rather, a difficult alternative to contract spam. There is no gold on kerbin, and be careful when choosing a mining site as only deposits of >2% (mini drill) or >1.5% (large drill) will yield gold ore. The gold ore can be returned for an okish profit, but be aware that gold ore is basically 9/10s ore. So there are obvious benefits to smelting in-situ. The Smelter needs power, cooling, and an engineer to function at its full capacity. Pure Gold is, by design and irl, HEAVY! Feel free to post any working ship/base designs! Note on returning with your space booty: Land near or on the space center to avoid diminished returns. Supported mods: - Scansat - Galileo's Planet Pack Downloads Version 1.5.2 for KSP V3: SpaceDock Available on CKAN! *ModuleManager included and required Planned Features Will be adding one more resource beyond Kerbin's influence Community Tech Tree integration Further Weight/Cost Balancing (need feedback) Change Log Update 1.5.2 •Packaged the latest version of MM to bring the mod upto 1.3 Update 1.5.1 •Complete Compatibility with SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack •Changed the way resources spawn on planets (more small concentrated veins, less large low concentrated blobs). Update 1.5 •Improved Weight/Balance/Distribution of resources. It should now be a little easier to make money, and more worth it to make a trip out farther. •Fixed the Unobtainium texture •Cleaned up files •Improved compatibility with Scansat and Galileo's Planet Pack (Thanks go to Jadeofmaar for helping me here) Update 1.4.2 • Fixed stupid typo ftw. Update 1.4.1 • Fixed a value that was preventing unobtainium from spawning in large enough quantities to be mined. Update 1.4 • Finally got of my butt and updated the mod to 1.2.2 • Added Unobtainium • Added support for GPP and Scansat Update 1.3 • Updated to for KSP 1.2 • Fixed a potential problem with unlimited output for both gold smeltery and stock miniISRUVersion 1 Update 1.2 - Updated some part descriptions - Slightly reduced concentrations of gold on Minmus - Made orbital scanner unlock earlier (The satellite targeting gui is disabled until survey scan) - Adjusted Smeltery Output to prevent a very minor exploit Version 1.1 - Cleaned up textures - Fixed radial attachment points - Added Mission Flags Version 1.0 - Release License The Gold Standard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license does not apply to the bundled plugin ModuleManager. This is my first mod so if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
  15. Picture poor Jebediah sitting inside a MK1 capsule atop an overly complex rocket (aren`t they always?) waiting on the launchpad. He is smiling despite knowing that he is being sent to Duna on a one way mission (or at least until the Space Program decides to send another vessel to collect him) all on his own, within a space suit, within a tiny capsule and with no other entertainment than a minute window that will show nothing but cold cold space for the whole 200+ days of journey. Once within Duna`s sphere of influence Jebediah can look forward to a couple of days of achieving orbit, landing and performing a couple of experiments on the surface. After that, nothingness... nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to speak to... alone in the planet, the omega kerbal. So, you guys get what is bugging me: we have great mods to deal with the lack of life support gameplay, great mods to give us more realistic aerodynamics and soon communications networks in 1.2 all fine and dandy... Kerbals however seem to have 0 mental health needs, they will happily be put into a capsule for months on end... You might say it is an acceptable break from reality, but I for one make sure that any mission that is going to go longer than 1 month HAS to have at least two kerbals in it and a some kind of crew cabin (usually the hitchikers storage container). It is not neccesary for the game mechanics, but it makes me feel like I am at least giving my little kerbalnauts the chance of leaving the cockpit and taking a shower, sitting down, just plain go somewhere else. Still, even that might be "less than enough" for missions that count their duration in years instead of months... what to do then? Well, send a robot instead! And I am not talking about those crude drone core`s than can pilot a ship and even land it, I´m talking about humanoid robots that can do everything (well, almost) a Kerbal can do without the mental breakdown that should come from being in an enclosed capsule with no company or entertainment for years. Hell, you can even send them to distant planets to set up surface bases, get them going, and then send the actual kerbals. Robots would not consume life support (great advantage) but would have no specialisation or leveling in career (big disadvantage), they wouldn´t be able to send crew or EVA reports, but they would be able to take surface samples and take experiment results from sensors just fine. They would be unlocked in career mode with one of the later drone techs. I would love to build a mod that offers precisely that as I think it would add an interesting role-playing edge to the game that, as of now, is lacking. I worked as a 3D designer for a few years so I offer myself to build the models (the idea is to use the current mesh, textures and animations from Kerbals and make some changes to make robots out of them, piece of cake!), I am however painfully ignorant when it comes to building mods and what it entails, I would need help (plenty of it) in that department. Any takers?
  16. If you are running a successful space agency, you will be flying to Kerbin-Orbit a lot. The Kerbal Space Transport System (or KSTS) will allow you to record launches of your transport rockets and planes to be used in automated missions later. It will allow you to transfer resources, crew-members and even deploy brand new ships directly into orbit. And because the cost of launching your payload is only as high as the cost of the mission you've previously recorded, you will benefit greatly of building reusable space planes without the hassle of landing them by hand every time. You can for example record the launch of a space-plane and deploy a payload with a mass of 2.5t at an altitude of 286km before returning back home: Afterwards you will be able to pick this recorded mission-profile and launch new vessels with a mass <=2.5t into an orbit with an apoapsis below 286km for only the cost of the fuel used by your space plane: The new ship can be deployed at any orbit of your choosing that is within range of your mission-profile or right next to an existing reference-vessel, making your life in low-kerbin orbit much easier: Features: Record transport- and deployment-missions for rockets and planes. Deploy new ships directly to Kerbin-Orbit (must have less or equal the mass of the payload from your reference mission). Transport resources to vessels in Kerbin-Orbit (provided they are in range and have compatible docking-ports). Use multiple transport missions to construct new ships at space stations in Kerbin-Orbit. Transfer kerbals to and from vessels in Kerbin-Orbit. Compatible with KRnD (newly launched ships will always use the latest part-upgrades). Compatible with CLLS (modifications on vessels and crews are communicated via game-events). In-Game help which explains how to get started and how it works. Known Incompatibilities (this mod skips the usual launch phase, any mod which depends on this might not work correctly): ModularFuelTanks (tank-configuration does not work) USI Life Support (some timers connected to the launch-time don't work) You can download the latest version of this mod from GitHub: 1.9 (for KSP 1.3.x): 1.7 (for KSP 1.2.1):
  17. Ksp Help iMac

    I have a late 2007 iMac running OS X Lion, or 10.7.5. It has 4 gbs of ram. I have ksp's graphics and everything else on the lowest quality. How can I make it run better because it runs like crap.
  18. After discussion with @KospY, who is the original author of this mod, we agreed that I should take ownership over the mod to continue maintaining and developing it. And I am happy to take on this responsibility. The original forum thread can be found here. Last updated May 26th, 2017 - v0.6.3 for KSP 1.3.1 >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! KAS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding winches and eva attachable struts/pipes. It gives some purpose to EVA and can be used for many things. How to install Recommended: Install and run CKAN. Search for "Kerbal Attachement System" or just "KAS", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update KAS (and other mods) to the latest version. Manual: Go to the files list on Curseforge and download latest release archive. Unzip folder KAS into game's GameData folder. Note, that names of the folders must be exactly like this or it won't work. If you upgrade to a fresh version then you must delete the old files, do not just copy over! Features Resource transfer. Towing parts. Base/vessel interconnections. Vessel consolidation. Cranes. Airship anchoring. Skycranes. Elevators. ...and more! See more images here Other useful EVA mods Easy Vessel Switch (EVS). Simplifies switching between vessels/kerbals: Preserves camera position when changing active vessel or kerbal. Allows switching to another vessel/kerbal by simply clicking on it. Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). Allows bringing parts into the space and attaching them to the existing vessels. With this mod you can expand KAS with new abilities: Attach/detach connectors from EVA. Store hooks in containers. Mount hooks on winches from EVA. Attach hooks from EVA. Attach ground pylon on the ground. Surface Mounted Stock-Alike Lights for Self-Illumination. EVA work on a dark side is always challenging. Stock lights are designed for illuminating objects at large distances and they are inconvenient when you only need to get some ambience light around your base or station. These surface mounted lights fill the gap: Small and compact omni light source can be easily mounted where needed. It takes little or none energy and gives enough light to see the parts you're working on. Low energy spot lights let illuminating objects at small distances (5-10 meters) without producing annoying glares. Videos Using KIS, KAS, and Planetary Base Systems modules you can build a nice looking Minmums base. Use it for refueling your station and drones. Change log Authors @KospY Plugin design and development, C# coding. The original author and creator of the mod! @winn75 Graphic design, 3D Models, textures. @IgorZ The current owner. Maintaining and development, C# coding. Sources are available on GitHub.
  19. KSP Physics

    I was watching MythBusters the other day and came across... The original video - Basically (if these links don't work) the bees can't lift the laptop because of a few reasons but a major one being Newtons 3rd law. If the bee is pushing air down it can fly up, but if the air is hitting a large surface it pushes the surface down, and if the surface is attached to what ever is trying to fly up, it won't fly. I asked myself, is KSP's physics realistic and good enough to prove this law, I set up a rig as the following (sorry for no images) 1. Simple probe core 2. Fuel tank 3. Rocket engine strong enough to lift the whole thing 4. 2 long metal girders which hold a large flat surface made up of structural sheets of metal I ensured that the metal sheets were far enough from the engine to be able to see the flame, I proceeded to offset the metal sheets to ensure there were no gaps. I went to launch it and to my surprise it did not generate thrust, I tested numerously to see if it was a glitch in the launch pad, I remade the rig with the metal sheets separated a little. This caused the metal sheets to wobble (closing and opening its gap) each time it opened the thrust fluctuated from 0 to almost normal engine thrust. After seeing the results I flipped the girders upwards (lots of air resistance) yet it was able to lift off (this entire experiment was also done with hacked gravity which made no effect on the 0 thrust). I am really proud of Squad for having these very realistic physics in the game which I can imagine to be a pain (Results from newest release 1.1.2ish I think) Serious JOB WELL DONE! (I don't think physics were this good in the past KSP versions though)
  20. Last updated September 17th, 2017 - v1.4 for KSP 1.3 The stock game doesn't offer a consistent model of the camera positioning when the active vessel is switched. EVS does. Now, your camera won't jump randomly as you switch between the vessels. Additionally to that you get some more features. Download From CurseForge. From CKAN: search for "Easy Vessel Switch" or just "EVS". The sources can be found on GitHub. Features Highlights currently selected vessel with a colored border. It helps navigating using keyboard. Allows selecting target vessel with a mouse click (by default: Alt+Left Mouse). Prevents random camera orientation on the new vessel: For close vessels there are three different modes that allow keeping the context. The modes can be switched from the keyboard (F7 by default). None: Enable the KSP default behavior. KeepPosition: Preserve the old camera position and only rotate the camera to keep the newly selected vessel in focus. KeepDistanceAndRotation: Preserve the same relative camera rotation and distance between the switches. For the vessels that are too far away from each other the camera is adjusted so what the new field of view has both the new and the old vessels in the focus. Allows defining an arbitrary part as a camera target. To set a part as a target: Hold the part focus key (O by default). Hover mouse over a part you want to be a new target, and click Left mouse button (same as for the vessel selection). To reset to the default focus either select a new vessel or hold O and click anywhere in space (follow the hints displayed when you hold the key). Shows brief info on the vessel being hovered when in switch mode (Alt is pressed). Detects KIS items that are attached to the ground and reports it. Almost anything can be configured via the settings file that's located at: EasyVesselSwitch\Plugins\PluginData\settings.cfg. Known issues On *Nix operation systems Alt+Left click may not work. You can workaround it by changing either the modifier key or the mouse button in the settings file. Tutorial video Other videos Part focus feature demonstration. Change log License Public domain. For more information, please refer to:
  21. So recently I've started going to other planets in ksp but I haven't been able to get a good periapsis for aerobreaking and always fly off into solar orbit or crash. I was hoping someone could provide a cheat sheet for a good place to put the periapsis for a capture. Ps: I know aerodynamics affect it so just give a range like between 10-20km
  22. Just a curious question, will the game support the vr such as oculus or HTC in the future? It is a really cool idea for us to seat inside a vessel, pretend we are kerbals and get ready for the suicide mission.
  23. Greetings, I've started the clean install with 1.1 and I've got a question - is there a way I can relocate the app launcher bar when in flight mode? Can I move it to the bottom edge of the screen, for example, can it be positioned horizontally, for example? Or is it fixed?
  24. Trying to get the hang of powered vertical landings. Playing Demo. I built a small test craft with eight pre-extended, suspension-locked landing legs and a couple of liquid-fueled engines, put RCS thrusters with plenty of propellant on the capsule up top, and stuck Jeb in it. I launch, navigate to a smooth landing area, and throttle the engines down until I start to drop, then tell Jeb to use RCS to maintain retrograde alignment. Then I just play with the throttle to try and stick the landing. I've gotten a couple of landings, but it's hit or miss (well, I never miss; I just hit too hard). I know how to sit down and calculate out exactly what I need for a true suicide burn, but for landings on the fly, what's the best way to eyeball my altitude and speed to pull it off smoothly?
  25. I *want* to enjoy progressing through career mode, even though my ultimate goal is always simply to unlock all the parts. I crave a reason to slog through the tech tree instead of loading up a sandbox game. Sometimes I think that KSP could offer players like me more satisfaction. In general I would describe these two suggestions as ways to "individualize" each career mode playthrough, so each iteration of the Space Program is more unique. First suggestion: give the player random starting Kerbals, and makes Kerbal stats & roles more important. The idea is to make the player more attached to the employees of their space program. Currently they feel very interchangeable and impersonal. It would be great if (for example), when given a certain contract the player would naturally think "X would be perfect for that mission, but Y isn't really suited for it." To achieve this, give Kerbals randomized personal goals similar to contracts. Fulfill them in order to level up the Kerbals (instead of the old way of leveling up). Jeb wants to be the first Kerbal on Minmus, Bill wants to collect atmospheric data from Eve, etc. Could also include negative goals, such as: Jeb hates flying alone (if you send him alone he won't level up), Bob wants to talk to his kids (he won't level up without an antenna on the craft), etc. Achieving a goal would level up the Kerbal and unlock another goal to be pursued for the next level. (Bonus idea: generate contracts for specific Kerbals based on their achievements: "Have Jeb take tourists to the site of his historic Minmus landing" etc.) My other suggestion is the gradual improvement of parts based on their use in the game. The more often a part is used, the better use your program can make of it. The idea is that these would be very minor improvements to things like mass, Isp, fuel capacity, drag, etc, and they would be randomized so that each playthrough would offer different bonuses. Maybe implement it this way: each part has three phases of use: Phase 1 - Experimental, is a short period in which the part is not being used to its full potential and has randomized deficiencies. A small number of missions that are recovered with the part on board could move it onto Phase 2 - Mass Production, during which the part has "stock" values. It would take a good amount of use and recovery to move onto Phase 3 - Fine Tuned, when the parts are given randomized bonuses. I believe that the career game could feel much more rewarding with something like this implemented. TLDR: the bolded stuff. Maybe it's too ambitious or against the spirit of the game. Maybe it's an awesome idea. I'm just throwing it out there, let me know what you think.