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Found 2 results

  1. Nano Gauges tiny ana1og gauges for kerbalnauts current version: 1.10.0-3463 There are already some plugins that add gauges out there. SteamGauges by Trueborn for example or an older version from Bucky: Bucky-s-Instruments. Well, Bucky's Instruments are no longer updated and the Steam Gauges are nice, but way to large for my personal taste. So I decided to add an alternative: NanoGauges. They look similar but a bit smaller than those by Bucky and his gauges have inspired me to create my own ones. Readable but less space consuming gauges was the design goal for this mod
  2. Hello community. I recently reinstalled KSP and I am looking for an app or a mod that will allow me to check my in-game stats at my android tablet or second screen. I hate that I am not able to see my altitude and vertical speed at the map view, and the fact that I have to click at the fuel every time i want to check it annoys me as well. Is there any working mod or app that supports v1.3.0? PS:I already tried Kerbal Gauges for android but it seems abandoned and not updated. PS2:I don't want to install extra mods just the gauges. Sorry If that's not the right category.
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