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Found 2 results

  1. CREDIT TO @daniel l. FOR THE ORIGINAL GEMENI ALSO CREDIT TO @Thomas P. AND HIS DEVELOPMENT CREW FOR KOPERNICUS Gemeni is a mod thought up by @daniel l., and he has let me continue this mod. Now, it changes the Kerbol system into a smaller, binary red dwarf system. List of Planets: Download from SpaceDock License: CC-BY-SA
  2. Spacedock Download License: CC-BY-SA This mod adds a binary sibling to kerbin (Hence the name gemeni) The planet's name is Kerbanon, It is a barren desert, And while dry and dusty it has an oxygen atmosphere and is very suitable for colonization. Kerbanon is almost entirely supportive of career mode as it has complete sciencedefs and biomes. This mod supports (Can work without): Planned: Coming Next release, Planned Eventually., Small Asteroid Moon, (To replace minmus as kerbanon's moon) Surface Easter eggs, Support for scatterer, Known Bugs And Oversights: Main menu screen is bugged. (Not a serious problem at all... Really it isnt.) Intense Lag spike on EVA. (Help?) Visible seams on terrain. Changelog \/ Produced in collaboration with @The White Guardian