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Found 2 results

  1. NavBallAdjustor For KSP 1.8.x Description NavBallAdjustor mod allows you to adjust scale/colors/priorities for navball markers and configure collapse behavior. You can disaccustom navball to hide on Map View or force it to be afraid of the mouse cursor. How to use 0. Unpack ZIP to KSP game folder. 1. Start the game and click on "gear" icon on the top of NavBall. Adjust any NavBall option. 2. Go back to forum thread and like this post. Done. Change NavBall markers colors instructions Short video demonstration Pictures Options: Ghost markers: Download SpaceDock GitHub Also mod is available in CKAN Source code GitHub Licence GPLv3 Change log Please see the GitHub releases page
  2. This has been happening for months and has caused me to quit KSP each and every time. When I build a ship that is even remotely complicated, it slams the stick into some direction that it likes whenever I turn off SAS. Of course, this means docking is completely impossible. It is an INPUT ISSUE, so if I have RCS thrusters on the ship, guess what, they're going to start blasting juice to turn into that direction, and it has nothing to do with how the ships are designed or from aerodynamic forces. I have no idea where to even start. Here's an exhaustive list of the mods I'm using, coming straight from my gamedata folder, even though they aren't going to tell you jack because this is an input glitch and I would be very surprised if any one of these could possibly be making my ships turn without user input. AND YES I HAVE AN ANTENNA AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE CONNECTION IS GOING DOWN AND I'M PITCHING THE SHIP AND IT KEEPS PITCHING AFTER I LOSE CONNECTION I AM NOT GIVING IT ANY INPUT