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Found 55 results

  1. Help me please, I think my game is glitching out. I'm playing with galileo's system replacer, using a station and a probe. I've put the station in the same orbit as Lili but shifted ahead (a large asteroid in the belt of a large planet) and want to use the probe to find ore deposits. the station is in a stable position - I've accelerated time and watched them orbit, they stay the same distance apart. The trouble begins when I actually go to use the probe. I get it into a capture of Lili, and then the station's orbit changes. it goes from stable and separate to falling straight down to the planet, and when I use Hyperedit to place it back in the same orbit as Lili, it starts Falling towards it. I've looked at the velocities, and they're the same. Lili is orbiting at 455,000m and 3578.5m/s, I'm orbiting at 449,000m and 3578.5m/s. When I switch to target mode, I'm moving towards Lili at around 200m/s. How can I be moving in the same orbit and same velocity as a celestial body AND be falling towards it? also, when I fall towards it my orbit doesn't show a transfer into Lili's SOI, I just crash and explode. Can anyone explain what is happening?
  2. hi ! i think i have a glitch ,when i load on my lander (with my kerbals) i can't "quicksave "or save (echap + Save Game) but i can load (pressing F9) the button space center don't work (same with echap + space center , nothing...) and when i go on map i can't switch with other vessel but i can switch in front of me and voila.
  3. KSP Glitch

    Whenever I start drilling it makes me go underground, then once i enter into "physics" i get thrown into the air On Ike Video Above P.S. Jebediah Died
  4. Whenever I leave the atmosphere, as I increase speed, the joints on my craft begin to shake and tremble. When I use hyperedit, It increases. This happens in my stock game aswell.
  5. Hi all, I spent around 2 hours building a large battleship with SM Marine, WW2 Warships and NAS, and when I launched it, I just heard a large explosion, the screen went black, the altimeter went blank, and, because it's the Hell Kraken, the navball, instead of the blue and orange, was just black. Every few seconds the game would freeze, and I just closed it. Because the game didn't crash, but I encountered a serious bug, it didn't provide an output_log. Suggestions and possible fixes?
  6. I built this Munar rover for a kolony I'm working on. Unfortunately, it randomly shakes until a wheel breaks. When I repair it, it shakes until a different wheel breaks. This repeats indefinitely. Here's the .craft file so you can try it out yourself - By the way, control from the docking port clipped into the top of the lander can. Also, some parts are "floating"; here's how I did it in case you're curious or mess something up -
  7. I have no idea what has happend to my map, but it is really annoying. I have tried to restart the game and uninstall some mods, but it still looks like this
  8. Hello. So i have a problem. Not always, but quite often, when i land on any celestial body (Kerbin included) after getting close to the ground (like 10-15 seconds before touchdown) the ground tiles start disconnecting (clearly showing their boprder lines), and then some of them shoot up to the sky. It looks cool, but unfortunatelly it messes my landings, as all indicators show distance to the tile, regardless if that is the distance to the actual ground. After reaching the tile, it disappears and show up in the correct place just to start rising again. The whole thing is shown in the GIF linked below. The link Have anyone encountered this and if so, do You know what causes it? I have tried to disable all mods that potentially could change anything in terrain (anything that isn't just adding parts), but for now no success and so, here i am.
  9. For some reason after i updated KSP to 1.3 all parts and kerbal jobs were relabeled as #autoLOC_50010. Even on new saves before the update. I do not have any mods. May someone please help?
  10. Since Friday my KSP was plagued with these weird "3D"ish style, strangely it only happens during gameplay and the main menu not the loading scenes. I also checked the setting and there is no "3D mode". And I'm suffering from jagged orbit lines. If you know how to fix it please tell me in the comments. (Follow this topic if you know how to fix this)
  11. Alright so for a while now I've been messing around with a heavily modified version of KSP. Not too long ago silly me accidentally modified some stuff in the GameData folder while the game was running and absolute hilarity ensued (and a very furious me). I was unable to find anyway to fix the problem so I literally had to go and build the game from scratch again (downloading a new KSP, downloading all the mods, modifying them to how I like, etc.). It took quite a long time to rebuild it. Now I'm finding I'm having the same issues I had in this new fresh build (phantom forces, parts partially clipping and spazzing, random accelerations or decelerations while in the tracking station, stuff exploding, etc.). So before I throw my computer out the window I was hoping some other people might have experienced a similar problem and hopefully may have found some sort of solution (or can at least tell me what the problem is). I'm more than happy to provide log files, screenshots, etc. if needed. I'd really like to figure this out as I'm trying to start a miniseries here on the forums and this keeps delaying it. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide! Cheers, Taylor
  12. emergency of KNOWLEDGE

    So I was landing on duna once and I was at angle like that of a slash (/) and with my bottom end towards duma coming down to the surface about at 12.8 m/s and suddenly I touched the surface and blasted out of the Kerbol system in less than a few nano seconds, I was going 8,000 NaNm What is that abbreviation for? also when I went back to the space center you could see the stars through the buildings and through kerbin and the sun never came up. Was I victim to a Kraken Attack? I need to know!!!
  13. This only started happening to me recently, and it involves undocking or going EVA in space. Basically, when I undock a lander from a ship, it will fly away, accelerating, despite the engines being turned off. I can't focus a different vessel either, since you can't switch while under acceleration. Because of this, I now almost always quicksave before undocking. When I forget and this happens, I feel like ripping my hair out. It also happened once when I went EVA. Has this happened to anyone, and how did you fix it?
  14. Bug?

    Alright, say I build this marvelous rocket with 300 parts to go to Duna. Then, I wanna go on eva, come back get on ship, but all my stages are messed up. Why? And I think it does this too when you switch vessels then back.
  15. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  16. Hi everyone, Since about a month or two ago i have some problems with KSP, and perhaps one or two other games. The problem is there are some strange graphical glitches on the screen, like strange lines. I have a video showing the problem in the link on the bottom of my post. Strange this is, i've tried recording it using AMD ReLive to post the problem here (ReLive is the screen recorder built in to the AMD Radeon control panel) but the problem magically went away while recording. It didn't just disappear from the recording, the glitches actually stopped happening. Until i stopped the recording, and the glitches immediately returned. Now the only other game i've seen this problem occurring with is RuneScape (yeah i know) using their 'new' desktop launcher. But i don't play a lot of games lately so it might affect some more. My computer specs are as following: GPU: MSI Radeon R9 290 CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 Pro Monitors: 2 Iiyama 1080p monitors KSP version: latest Steam version (1.2.2) I hope this is enough information, if you have some idea's and want to know more specs just ask please. And if someone have seen this problem before and knows of some ways to fix it: please let me know! Video showing the glitching:
  17. Hey guys, So... I captured my first asteroid using the grabber and I pushed it into a Kerbin orbit... I left it on it's journey to Kerbin with an alarm set and went off to other missions... I went to check on it days later and now the front half of the ship is inside the asteroid! If I release the grabbers then the whole ship blows up, If I EVA a Kerbal I can fly them around inside the asteroid but they can't get out of it, nor can they get back into cockpit. I reloaded save file so the are back in cockpit now... I've never lost a Kerbal and I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose one now! lol... Is there a way to edit the save file so the vessel is back attached to the outside surface of the asteroid, or floating near it?... pics below showing attachment and heading back to Kerbin, and pics showing what I found days later when I checked up on it...(The last pic is simply moving the camera inside the asteroid allowing me to see the front of ship and I could EVA a kerbal and fly him around within his prison of space rock and metal
  18. Erroneous Funds Career Mode

    I have a great number of mods installed. When I complete a recent mission in career mode I suddenly have 2million in funds. I'm having a hard time identifying which MOD is causing this issue. How do I identify through debug menu or output log or some other means where the Funds are being awarded from? Any help is appreciated. I've figured it out. I'm not sure how to delete this now.
  19. There is a glitch happening with Extraplanetary launchpads; Whenever I try to build a craft, the progress bar UI shows up but nothing happens, it remain at zero percent complete and the timer says zero seconds, I just can't build any crafts. The mod worked perfectly fine until the 1.2.2 update. If anyone has the solution, please tell me.
  20. Whenever my craft is on a suborbital trajectory out of atmosphere (landing on minus/Mun) and I physics warp my craft teleports across the planet in the direction its flying this isn't just my active craft orbiting crafts (polar orbiting probes) teleport too if anybody knows what mod is doing this/what the cause is please reply list of mods that possibly cause this: Hyper edit Mechjeb near future mods (probably not) airpark these aren't all the mods I haven't listed purely part mods if you need the full list/and extra info please tell me
  21. KSP version 1.0.5 doesn't actually pause when the pause key is hit. The timer stops but picks up where it should be after you unpause (timer is 6:20, it'll be 7:20 if you wait a minute to unpause), and the craft just keeps on going but you can't control it! I have the other versions but this is the only version where I have good aerodynamics AND Kerbal Foundries!
  22. a glitch I found

    I was recently playing kerbal space program and I wanted to see if I could penetrate Jools surface. So I built this and hacked it into a low jool orbit. Then I gave it unbreakable joints, unbreakable parts and ignore max temperature. I then did a retrograde burn and started falling towards the surface. I turned off the sas and let it fall. It was taking a while so I turned physics warp to 4x and waited. Suddenly it spazzed out and I was flying around in empty space. The navball was going crazy. The speed was fluctuating like crazy and was is the quintillions or something and the altitude was spazzing out as well and had the letter P next to it. It did this for a while then it all stopped, the altitude said 0 and the speed said nan. I reverted the flight and when I was on the launchpad again the terrain was this spiky wavelike pattern and it covered all of kerbin. I tried it several times and it happened every time. sometimes all of kerbin was that spiky wavelike pattern, sometimes none of it and sometimes only the water. please help. it crashed once but I don't know how to copy files into here without copying all the text.
  23. I've been working on this huge mobile rover base with the Kethane, Karbonite, and Extraplanetary Launchpads mods and when I spawned it onto the runway, the entire left side was missing, save for a drill which was missing on the other side. I tried to fix it in the SPH to no avail, instead, it wouldn't even let me re-place the parts. I've tried re-installing the game and I'm having the same issues. This didn't happen with the H.U.L.K.K. I, only the H.U.L.K.K. II
  24. This animation glitch has been there since as long as I can remember, is it so hard to fix? From my observation it appears the game is trying to play two animation layers at the same time, one designed for 'flight' and the other for the 'landed' state. For some reason the 'flight' layer is still active when landed. Please, heal our Kerbals! P.S. Is there anyone here from the QA team, was it reported to Squad devs already in the past?
  25. I CANNOT OPEN THE LAUNCHER!!! I came to try to update and got THIS error message: Could..... not preload global game manager #0 i=0 What the F### is going ON?!??!?!? P.S. I am using a modded install. is this making a difference?