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Found 3 results

  1. I'm starting a new question (this isn't really a question but in fact a topic, but it's related to this but you can only ask questions here), and it is about the WORST bugs and glitches. Post your worst bugs and glitches here, and also, if possible and if you know how, a solution to the problem. I have had so many that it's not even funny. I'll provide a little background about the bugs and glitches I experience, and why they are SO ANNOYING for me.I work two jobs, and when I get home at 5pm (Australian time), I usually have until 9pm until I need to get ready for a 10pm night shift until 1 am. Anyway, getting off topic. So I have like four hours and I devote that time to playing KSP. For some reason, when I load the game, it will freeze, and I'll have to restart it. That happens around 3, 4 or even 5 times before a successful load, and that's not all. I am writing this in frustration, as the game froze twice, but then loaded on the third time (third time lucky?), and when I loaded my science mode save file, everything went fine, and I saw that I had some science points left, so I spent them. Also, when I'm in the science tech tree, when I click on a node and press 'Research', the science will be spent, but the node will still be grey, like if I haven't unlocked it yet or something. I found out that if I just exit the science tech tree and go back in, it will be green and I'll own the parts. But that's not the major problem. When I clicked 'Close', to go back to the KSC and build a craft with the new parts, as you usually would, it didn't close. The top menu stayed on the science tech tree, but 3/4 of the way down at my screen, it had the KSC menu where you can timewarp to the next morning or whatever. I suffered through the loading screen freezing twice before I got back in, and this time I steered clear of the RnD building, thinking that it must be a rare bug or glitch with the science tech tree. So when I clicked on the VAB, the same thing happened. I clicked on it, but it wouldn't load. It was then unclickable. I tried the SPH, and it happened again. Trying every single building, but no, once I clicked on a building, it was unclickable again. I then pressed the pause button and tried clicking on 'Exit To Main Menu'. And, when I clicked it, it didn't exit. It was ALSO UNCLICKABLE. I tried every button in the pause menu, and they were unclickable once I clicked them even once. I am VERY frustrated, and I am trying to see if I could fix this by just reloading the game. But, it has now froze twice, and I don't know what to do. I work for eight hours in an office job, and KSP is the only thing that pulls me through, just thinking 'at least after 3 more hours of Excel spreadsheets I can go home and attempt a rover landing on Eeloo, or work on my asteroid base or whatever' keeps me from going insane at my boring workplace. Sorry for this LENGTHY forum post, but yeah, I'm VERY frustrated and I want to just uninstall the game, again.(I had to uninstall it the first time because of a modulemanager glitch where it reloads the database, and it deleted every flag, part, save file, sound, resource, and basically every single item in the Kerbal Space Program folder except for the patcher and actual game). Why does this happen?! Why?!
  2. where do I report glitches?
  3. I'm pretty sure many people are familiar with this one glitch that "spaghettifies" your poor Kerbals. It was long thought to be lost, until two things happened on July 30th, 2016. The first is...well... The second happened to me when I was visiting the planet 99d in Kumar's Dwarf Stars (because reasons). I had a large warp-drive vessel with two inflatable heat shields entering the atmosphere of that planet. However, everything except the capsule and one expanded shield survived the initial entry. Jeb "bravely" got out for reasons, but he got stuck in the shield for about a minute before being tossed out by physics. That's when he started spazzing and spaghettifying so much that he elongated into some glitchy abomination from 1 km to 13 km to 100 km to over ONE THOUSAND KM in only a few dozen seconds. Then the surface of the planet turned into a black hole as Jeb fell in and hit something 5.2 kilometers below sea level. So, the Spaghetti Glitch is (kinda sorta maybe I guess) back! It is time to figure out more relating to this glitch and see how else it can be replicated, besides Danny's Transcendence Device and the evil inflatable heat shields. Also, feel free to share your own experiences with this glitch and others relating to it.