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Found 23 results

  1. NO LOGS, NO SUPPORT. This solar system completely replaces the stock system. LATEST RELEASE uses Kopernicus v1.4.3-2 Changelog: v1.6.3.0 REQUIRES GPP_TEXTURES 4.2.0 Fixes to KK sites Added isles for KSP 1.4 launch sites (Larkes and Woomerang) Prevent these launch sites from appearing on Gael in GPP Scondary Added KK launch site for testing rovers Kerbinside is now compatible while playing with GPP_Secondary installed GPP no longer indiscriminately deletes/unloads planets and planet packs that have loaded before itself. It specifically deletes only the stock bodies so planet packs such as After Kerbin, Before Kerbin, Extrasolar, and even GEP, will remain loaded without having to perform MM voodoo Accommodations for new features in GEP 1.0 Updated EVE configs for GPP + OPM installations Minor fixes to Gael in GPP Secondary Renamed Sigma skybox files for Sigma Replacements/Texture Replacer compatibility Fixed some scatterer issues Made Lili 20% more awesome Added detection in resource configs for Kerbin vs Gael for GPP Secondary Terrain Detail Presets are now built into GPP. (May require a fresh settings file.) Make sure you make a save of your stock game. This mod replaces the stock solar system completely. It will probably destroy any ships you had in orbit. Consider this is your warning. DOWNLOADS GPP Download GPP Textures Download Optional No Volumetric Clouds (for better performance) Install instructions, Wiki, and other Important Information can be found HERE Tune in everyday except Tuesday at 8:00pm UTC for GPP career action and live support with @RocketPCGaming and the GPP developers. Thank you to @OhioBob @JadeOfMaar @Poodmund @TheRagingIrishman @Sigma88 for taking time out of their lives and helping me with this endeavor. I probably would have never finished if it wasn't for you guys. It has been a lot of fun. If you would like to help keep my motivation up, then you can donate. Any amount Is amazing, really! This mod is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
  2. Computer Generated Image Of A Space Station In Another World, Dated Year 105 *Editorial Mode On* I have finally decided to get back in to KSP. More importantly, GPP! Since 6.4x seemed a big tough to accomplish (especially with no Realism Overhaul & ludicrous DV requirements), I have since decided to go with 3.2x. The main difference between this and my last GPP save is the introduction of several new mods, and the perspective change. This series will be through the eyes of Jimeno Gaelan (Seen Below), the CEO of Gael Rocketry United, and his decisions in the program, including the progress of the space program. Only every now and then I will step in to provide background or details. Jimeno Gaelan: Age 55 (Gaelan Years) Also, here's the mod list This time, I'm implementing Kerbalism, and a couple new resource mods, including TheGoldStandard. A couple other mods to spice up the game, and my personal favorite for a 3.2x save, Procedual Parts. Always a big fan of making spacecrafts look amazing, and Procedual Parts & it's part textures are the way to do it (I even added an extra texture pack for Procedual Parts). Main features of this career save: Kerbalism (A resource and environment mod which will probably cause me to accidentally kill Kerbals many times) KRnD (A parts upgrade system that uses science to turn into more efficient spacecraft parts) Tourism Plus (A pack which encourages space hotels & other tourism things) The Gold Standard (Which adds Gold and Unobtanium, both things you'd need for a space empire) Scatterer, EVE, SVE, Various other visual enhancers (to make the experience for both me and the readers more enjoyable) Ground rules: Do stuff in the way that any space program would progress (no unrealistic progression) No overusing of the same kerbal in every single mission Kerbal R&D should be used sensibly, not to make one singular OP part Unique names for spacecrafts! No playing around stories. I will try my best to play this as if it was an actual career mode, and not just a novel waiting to be written. Goals for this career save: Build a space empire (with a large amount of funds) Land or flyby every body Not get tired out if I'm stuck at a certain place (or have the struggle of getting back into the game after I need to take a break from pc games, etc finals starting in 2 weeks) Ask the readers for suggestions on as what to do next! Max out the tech tree (duh) One more thing of note is that I may add GEP in the future, but for now am sticking with just the Galileo System Now, let's get into the SCIENCE! (Chapters by milestone, not by what the chapters specialized in) Crew To Gael Orbit Chapter 1 - Shaky Beginnings Chapter 2 - Entering Gael Orbit Chapter 3 - Moving On Up | Chapter 3.5 - Progress Update Chapter 4 - Economic BOOM! Chapter 5 - Iotian Sunrise Chapter 6 - What In The World Just Happened? Crew To Iota Chapter 7 - Daring Leaps Chapter 8 - The Loneliest Gaelan In History Chapter 9 - Another Cold And Lifeless Rock Chapter 10 - New (And Borrowed) Technologies Chapter 11 - Near Disaster In Space Chapter 12 - Iota Bound! Chapter 13 - Almost There Crew To Iota's Surface Chapter 14 - Footprints On Another World Crew To Ceti Chapter 15 - Paychecks Galore Chapter 16 - In For The Long Haul Chapter 17 - Interplanetary + Plans For The Future Chapter 18 - Caught In A Solar Flare Chapter 19 - In The Valley Of Harmony Chapter 20 - What Do You Mean There's No Connection? Chapter 21 - Major Plans For The Future Crew To Ceti's Surface Chapter 22 - Integra To Ceti's Surface Chapter 23 - Reusability In Mind Chapter 24 - New Projects Probes To Other Planets Chapter 25 - Interplanetary Arrivals Chapter 26 - The Cygnus Program First Fully Functional Station Chapter 27 - Station Construction Chapter 28 - End Of The Decade Decade In Review Tourism To Iota's SOI Chapter 29 - Dreams Of Space Tourism
  3. Cironaut Space Agency (A.K.A - Yet Another GPP Playthrough!) So, after reading many of these mission logs/career playthroughs, I've decided to do one of my own. I know there’s been a few done for the Galileo Planet Pack (GPP), but as I find it’s the best planet pack I’ve come across so far, this is the one I’m using! I’m also not changing the size of the system, as I’m also using the GEP and OPM mods, so combined this makes an already gigantic solar system that I don’t personally feel needs to be any bigger. Also, I’m probably not experienced enough to attempt it yet! This is a list of mods and contract packs I’m currently using: Some of these are custom mods that I’ve tweaked, such as: Kerbal Renamer – I’ve modified this so that all the Kerbals/Gaelans have westernised names and surnames and I’ve removed the GPP developers - sorry guys! I’ve also enabled this to be called from other scripts/mods, specifically so that anything that may have used the default/stock KSP naming scheme can instead use this one instead. Contract Configurator – I’ve modified this so that it uses my custom Kerbal Renamer scheme to name randomly generated Kerbals/Gaelans instead of the default/stock KSP naming scheme. Also ‘fixed’ a bug that displayed Gael in lowercase. TRP Hire – I’ve modified this so that it uses my custom Kerbal Renamer scheme to name randomly generated Kerbals/Gaelans instead of the default/stock KSP naming scheme. Far Future Technologies – I’ve recompiled this for version 1.4.3 but I believe this still has issues with heating, which isn’t a problem with this mod but a problem with KSP itself. However, I like the idea of having anti-matter engines on my rockets so hopefully this will work out! New Suits – This is just some of the Replacement mods from GPP tweaked a bit for my own playthrough. The Kerbals/Gaelans have some recoloured suits I’ve made and matching sprites, and I’ve tweaked the male heads a bit so that they use the heads that were for the Admin staff instead. I also tweaked some colours in the descriptions, but this is almost the same as it is normally in GPP. This is all done through Sigma Replacements in the same way the GPP versions were before. Tourism Plus – I’ve removed the contracts that wanted you to take Tourists to specific biomes, as the biomes were specifically for Kerbin. Also given the first tourist a random name rather than ‘Tito Kerman’, as this was not in line with the new naming scheme. Bases and Stations – I’ve tweaked the Life Support-related contracts to support Snacks. I also submitted this as a PR on GitHub which has now been incorporated into the contract pack by its current maintainer (three guesses who that is!). I’m hoping that in this current career playthrough I’ll be able to visit all the celestial bodies in the Ciro system (incorporating the GPP, OPM and GEP mods) either manned or unmanned. I’m also hoping to unlock all the nodes on the tech tree, which considering I’m using the Community Tech Tree mod should probably take quite a while! However, I’m also using the Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes mod so that empty nodes are removed, and to hide the tree nodes that haven’t yet been researched (except the ones that immediately proceed from already researched nodes), which I personally feel is a better approach to the tech tree. And these are the difficulty settings I will be using: So, let’s get the Cironaut Space Agency started! 1. First Launch Whilst most organisations on the planet Gael that are trying to reach space are attempting to use computers to send unmanned craft instead, due to the obvious dangers of sending a Gaelan up into space, none of them have currently perfected this technology and are struggling to even get off the ground. However, the Cironaut Space Agency (CSA) have decided to throw caution to the wind and are planning on using actual Gaelans to fly their craft first! This should allow the CSA to gain a significant lead on the space race. The first batch of Gaelans to join the CSA are David Welch (pilot), Rita Coleman (scientist) and Dale Watson (engineer): The Mamba Program ultimately aims to build a craft that can send a Gaelan into space, orbit Gael, and return safely to the surface - without killing the pilot inside in the process! The first craft is named Mamba I and has a small Crew Capsule (with capacity for 1 Gaelan), a solid fuel Flea Engine, a Parachute and some science experiments on board: First, the science experiments that are onboard Mamba I are run on the launchpad by David Welch, the pilot: Then the rocket is launched from the Gael Space Centre (GSC) into the sky: It eventually reaches a height of 8,436 metres above sea-level before starting to plummet back towards the surface: When the craft reaches about 1,000 metres above sea-level the parachute is deployed, which slows the craft down and stops it from crashing into the surface: The craft then safely lands back on the ground. The pilot has survived, and the mission is a complete success:
  4. My memory is still foggy... all of ours are. No one remembers exactly what happened. The greatest minds from all over the Union were gathered together for this, and now, they are stranded here the same as the rest of us. Andrei and Vladislav are convinced the Empress herself was somehow involved. Me, I'm not so sure. Our prospects now are mixed, at best. We can breathe the air, there is something on the ground that looks like grass, but I don't think we're on Kerbin anymore. And who the PЦҬЇЍ is Toto?? At any rate, we can live here... and the Machine keeps spitting out food. Although honestly the term "food" is a bit of a stretch. But the skies... They are like nothing any of us have ever seen before. An enormous moon hangs in the sky, painted blue and green and red. Other travellers beckon too, but the stars... there are no stars. Only angry, burning clouds of crimson. Somehow, it is fitting. It seems we have all we need for the mission, to build a glorious space program for our glorious Union. But we have not heard from them in... I'm not sure how long. I'm beginning to doubt we ever will again. Yet we will press on, if only for lack of anything better to do. The work will keep idle hands from thinking too long on the situation. From the ground up, we shall forge a space program! We shall reach out to the strange sights in the sky, and learn about this, our brave new world! And perhaps, in doing so, we shall find our own way back to our glorious Union. Could it be so simple? Could these constructs of fire and metal become the bridge between worlds, the vessels to carry us on the long journey home? ЍЧЄҬ.
  5. Hello fellow KSPers. Inspired by @CatastrophicFailure's Alien Skies story, I'm running a career in Galileo's Planet Pack at 3.2x scale, deliberately not looking up anything about the planets. As a request: please don't spoil anything about Galileo's Planet Pack. I'm coming into this blind, using a combination of CactEye telescopes and probes to figure out what the system is like. Other key mods: FAR, Real Fuels-Stockalike, TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, Karbonite (with some custom Real Fuels configurations from some prior 6.4x stock system work), kOS, RemoteTech 2 (currently no communcations delay; that may change if I feel brave), and plenty of other mods. Funds rewards are set to 120%, science rewards to 40%. Note that the early posts are going to lack specific date information and even the year information will be outright guesses, but I'll try to keep better track in the future. Now, onto the good stuff The Astronomers of Gael The First Year: The Climb to Orbit Ciro shines upon us, as the Gael Space Center is finally established. It has been three centuries since the Transplantation, a mysterious event that brought our ancestors here from a world named Kerbin, a world much like our own. Fortunately, it also brought food, a library, many tools, and for some reason, the Kerbin Paper Airplane Museum. We now seek to go to the stars. Our ancestors suspected the Ciro system is in the same galaxy as the Kerbol system, and the answers of how we got here, whether there are still Kerbals on Kerbin, and why the food included RTG-powered freezers full of Minmus-themed mint ice cream await us in space. If the Transplantation was the work of a higher power, clearly, it has a sense of humor. Sounding Rockets to Space Before more complicated missions could be carried out, the Gael Space Agency was tasked with something quite simple: "how high is the atmosphere?" Our early missions peg this world's Karman line at about 98 km, as well as carrying out valuable experiments, such as exposing samples of several proposed propellants to vacuum (no surprise that the liquid oxygen boiled out). No van Allen belts were detected by this early effort, though they probably exist courtesy of Gael's magnetic field and the fact that we haven't all died of cancer. Program Kerbin: Suborbital Manned Flights The Kerballed project begins with relatively simple 1-Kerbal capsules mounted on 6-ton solid rocket boosters. Initial conclusions can be largely summed up as "yep, we can still go to space and zero-gravity, much like our ancestors did with their space program". However, the photographs delivered by Jebediah Kerman have been widely distributed, and the Gael Space Program has a line of tourists paying for suborbital hops... and the actual space program.
  6. JacobJHC

    Loki SSTO from GPP

    Some things to mention - SSTO can barely land without fuel - Aerodynamically unstable without fuel - Is a noodle without Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  7. TheBeesSteeze

    GPP Biome "Goonie Shores"

    I'm currently doing a contract to run seismic scans landed at different biomes on Gael. I've gotten three out of the four required scans, but the last one requires a seismic scan landed at "Gael's Goonie Shores." I've flown all around the planet and I can't find anything like that. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to find this biome to complete the contract?
  8. Original challenge thread is HERE My first video Summary: I make introductions, throw down the gauntlet, and make my first foray into this challenge!
  9. This challenge is inspired by Scott Manley, and emboldened by @marcushouse, @Thrimm, and @Matt Lowne. This objective is simply stated, but hardly trivial: Challenge Objective: Plant a flag on all planets/moons that can be landed upon in the Ciro/Grannus binary system. For an extra challenge, you can install Research Bodies, and the Outer Planets mod. Rules: This challenge is quite an undertaking and dependent upon many mods (as you'll see) just to attempt, let alone actually accomplish. So I will keep things fairly open and lay out these general guidelines: this is a career play through. no use of in-game cheats or HyperEdit please difficulty and other conditions are up to you. while there will be some required mods, obviously, there won't really be any real restrictions other than listed above, unless/until an exploit is found I reserved the right to modify these rules to keep things fun and fair a flag must be planted on every planet and moon that is capable of doing so in your modded playthrough to complete the challenge some form of proof will be required, (screenshots, video, etc) and mission reports are highly encouraged a badge will be made available upon completion, (once I finish making it) but there are a bunch of great flags already here Recommend install: List of mods I have installed and a link to the CKAN file KSP: 1.3 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Toolbar - 1.7.14 USI Tools - 0.9.3 B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - 0.40.13 Community Category Kit - 2.0.1 Community Resource Pack - 0.7.2 CommunityTechTree - 3.2 Contract Configurator - 1.23.2 CustomBarnKit - 1.1.16 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1 DynamicBatteryStorage - 1.1 Easy Vessel Switch - 1.5.6471.31118 EditorExtensionsRedux - Extraplanetary Launchpads - 5.8 Firespitter - 7.6 GalileosPlanetPack - 1.5.1 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.9.3 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.3 Kerbin Environmental Institute - Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.3 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.7.6468.41490 Kopernicus - KronalVesselViewer - 0.0.7 KSP-AVC Plugin - LoadingScreenManager - 1.2 MagiCore - 1.3 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE - 1.0.2 NearFutureConstruction - 0.8.3 NearFutureElectrical - 0.9.5 NearFutureProps - 0.1 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.9.4 NearFutureSolar - 0.8.6 Final Frontier - OuterPlanetsMod-Galileo - 1.2.1 Radio Free Kerbin - 1.2.1 ReentryParticleEffect - DeepFreeze Continued... - 0.23.6 ResearchBodies - 1.9.5 RetractableLiftingSurface - 0.1.4 SCANsat - 1.1.8 Science Relay - SETI-ProbeParts - StageRecovery - 1.7.2 StationPartsExpansion - 0.5.1 Strategia - 1.6 Stock Visual Terrain - 2.0.5 SXTContinued - 0.3.14 TakeCommandContinued - ToadicusToolsContinued - 0.22.1 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8.5 Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.2 TweakableEverything - 0.1.21 TweakScale - 2.3.6 USI Core - 0.4.2 Asteroid Recycling Tech - 0.10.3 USI Exploration Pack - 0.8.2 Freight Transport Tech - 0.7.2 Karbonite - 0.9.2 Konstruction - 0.2.2 USI-LS - 0.6.2 Malemute Rover - 0.3.2 Unmanned before Manned - EVAParachutesAndEjectionSeats - 0.1.14 Waypoint Manager - 2.7 [x] Science! - 5.10 Ranking This will be calculated by time taken overall in seconds, divided by the total of each body landed and flag planted upon. This will be further divided in half if you used any form of life support. Then once again halved if your installed Research Bodies. I highly recommend installing Tarser Space Tech, or it will take years complete research, thus the ranking modifier. Lowest score wins and tops the leader board. Any ongoing attempts will be listed and updated when progression is submitted. I will attempt to keep and running tally Gael and Kerbin have the same day/year cycle. 6 hours per day and 426 days per year. So as and example: time taken overall = 5y 302d 3h 42m = (5x920160) + (302x2160) + (3x3600) + (42x60) = 5266440 seconds 5266440 seconds/ 24 flags planted = 219435 219435/ 2 for using USI life support = 109718 final total score Special thanks to @Galileo without which this challenge would be impossible. His tireless efforts bring so many of us great newfound joy in something we love. He is a credit to this community. Thank you so very much.
  10. This One Goes to Eleven: Reports from a 10.6257x GPP Career Well, I'm either over ambitious or just plain nuts. After finishing my 3.2x GPP career, I've decided to jump into a new career at the ridiculous (but accurate per @OhioBob) full tilt scale of 10.6257x, using SMURFF at full lever. Since 10.6257x rounds up to 11, I thought the title seemed appropriate. If you aren't familiar with the reference, it comes from the 80s classic "This is Spinal Tap": Goals for this save include more exploration of the outer planets (KABOOM Kronicle never really got out past Tellumo) plus more colonization, science, and refueling infrastructure. Mods have changed quite a bit - I've moved away from my more typical SpaceY/Near Future/Orbital Science suite, and will instead be featuring the following: Bluedog Design Bureau, USI-LS, Real Scale Boosters, Kerbal Atomics, Cryogenic Engines, and the Mark IV spaceplane parts. Karbonite is still there, but with no Kerbal R&D to increase the heat tolerance and my decision to delete the large umbrella-shaped collector, resource collection will be very slow unless on the surface. I'll post more in a day or two, but here are some initial images to whet your appetite, courtesy of imgur albums working once again. Also note that this is not going to be nearly as comprehensive as my previous report, since that started seeming more like work than fun. Enjoy. If you want to check out the old thread for reference, you can find it here:
  11. JadeOfMaar

    GPGT Gold

    After so much time largely merely helping build GPP, I think it's time I do the kerbal thing and try to plant flags everywhere. This is Sandbox, of course, and separate from my science game. With a bit of provocation from the amazing @astroheiko who is posting mission logs and tearing up GPP with 100% stock ships, I've finally gotten around to starting this, and developed a 700 ton mobile, landable station. There may not be much story to this, but there will be many nice pictures to view, and they'll be easy on your scroll wheel. Particular mods: GPP v1.2.3 with Thalia Reheat patch. She's nerfed in this version upwards (because players have complained about getting their pants handed to them by the stock heat bug or otherwise), but my personal game has her un-nerfed. OPT Space Plane v1.9.9 Featuring the new H & KH hulls. OPT Legacy Mk2 Stockalike Expansion Decal Stickers Stational Cunstructs (for the ring part) USI Life Support Habitation always off. Karbonite Plus DeepFreeze Continued Near Future Electric Solar Kerbal Foundries Airline Kuisine Ven's Stock Revamp Homebrew misc. patches Stock Ore drills and giant Ore drills "Industrial Strip Miner" take up Karbonite and MetallicOre (the latter is used for ballast); Stock Convert-O-Tron produces only whatever industrial resources I want; produces no fuels or life support resources. "SuperStock" Makes certain Mk1 and other size 1 parts very heat tolerant, and makes Whiplash into a scramjet. The Flags Made by myself and packaged in GPP, there are two grand tour flags. The gold for every last world, and the silver for all except Catullus. Maybe it should be all except Tellumo but I don't know better which is noticeably harder. Both giant bodies require nearly the same amount of launch dV and are incredibly hard in their own ways. The Flagship This ship may not look it, but it's fit to wear the gold flag. It is appropriately named "GPGT Station" and consists of the station body with scanners, a Mk2 spaceplane with no scanners, and a Mk2 rover with scanners. No probes. With the kinds of mods in this, go ahead and call it cheaty as heck.... I have an even more cheaty ship but it won't be much fun to fly in Sandbox and in GPP alone.
  12. I recently started a new game with the Galileo's Planet Pack installed. The planet's are about a billion times more awesome than stock, in my humble opinion. So, after reading reading all kinds of cool mission reports here, I desided to make my own. I'm not going to bore you with the exact delta-V values for every single maneuver. Or even tell you about every single maneuver. This will be more about the journey and the eye-candy, and less about technical details. Except when I do something I consider especially cool ;). Part one is just about getting on the way.
  13. Hey everybody! I will be starting a mission log of my newly created series using the Galileo System! I don't have any exotic mods installed, only those that basically relate to the stock game, with Tourism +, Strategia, Bases & Stations, and a few other mods. I wanted to skip past all of the boring stuff in the beginning, so we could get right into the action! One swift year after the creation of Gael Exploration space program, we sent a Kerbal to another world, the surface of Iota. The funding was exceptional, so that year had a lot of progress. Jebediah Looking out of his visor during the Grissom I Iota Mission Following this incredible mission, a lot of hype for space exploration was lost. We had done what we wanted to. Most of our greatest scientists said "How about Ceti, It is incredibly close relatively speaking, and we don't know a lot about it". Most of the press took this as a statement and a challenge, and were excited to hear more about this fabled "Ceti program". Before then, we need to learn a lot more about space. Most missions lasted 1-10 days, with the longest being Jebediah's Iota mission. For this, Skylab was created. It had enough food to feed a crew of 5 for a month, and was made to test how long one could stay in space for, and to test other effects. The first crew to dock at the space station wasn't a qualified Astronaut at all. It was Tito, an incredibly wealthy Space Tourist. His offer of £100,000 was too much to pass down, and so the first space tourist docked with Skylab! This was very exciting, and the station functioned properly. He is so far half way through his 2 week stay at the station, and despite him not being part of the space program, he will help the program gain more information about long term effects of space travel. Also, We have 2 probes currently out of Gael's SOI, One dubbed Horizons IV, which will preform a flyby of Thalia in the coming months And finally, Horizons III, which was originally made to test deep space propulsion technology, but had enough backup hardware that it was decided to have the spacecraft flyby Nero, an outer gas giant. (It's so lonely out here!) The probe is currently hibernating, but will be woken up in ~13 years, when it is expected to go into Nero's SOI. A long time indeed, but the Horizons III ground crew will be waiting patiently for the day to come. That is all for Chapter I of the Galileo Exploration Program. I will get back to you guys in a few days, when new, better, and more exciting missions will hopefully happen! Bonus Images: Tito's View from Skylab Quite the amazing view from the Sheppard III Spacecraft (Sorry for forgetting to F2) Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to check back in soon!
  14. I installed the Galileo Planet Pack, but all the experiments in every biome give only the default "You record crew's assessment of the situation" -style results. As far as I know the mod should have unique logs for experiments in different planets, so how can I get them to show in my game? Edit: Turns out the custom science reports have been temporarily disabled in the current version of GPP, so this question has been answered for now.
  15. Mods: Backstory: Kerbinorbiter (me) has decided that this (unless my data gets corupted) is my LAST MISSION REPORT, so the mods are above Aims: To provide you, the reader, an insight to how i operate my space program. To provide some (minor) entertainement (but my sense of humor is. bad.) Planned missions: Honrable modder mentions:
  16. astroheiko

    A Journey to Gauss

    This will be a report of how I am doing a manned mission to the Gauss system. The planet Gauss is one of the outer planets from the "Galileo Planet Pack". First of all I would like to introduce you to the planets and moons. I will not be able to do much with Gauss. I will put two Relays in a polar orbit and maybe let my Lander explore the atmosphere a little bit. On Loki I want to explore all biomes with my Lander. If necessary, the mothership will be refueled from here. Catullus is a beast. The gravity is not very strong, but the atmosphere is 5 atm and reaches an incredible distance into space. For this reason I have built a rocket and not an Spaceplane. Perhaps a plane could go, but I try it on another day. Although Tarsiss has a rather thick atmosphere, the gravity is very low. Here an SSTO will be used and also all biomes shall be explored. These vehicles are used: The mothership brings the Lander and the crew. The Survey probe has to explore the minerals of all bodies. The Lander for Loki. Will also serve to refuel the mothership. The SSTO for Tarsiss. Will stay in Orbit of Tarsiss after used. Here ist the Ascending vehicle for Catullus. Looks a bit like an Eve Lander. All vehicles have been completely built with the "stock" parts. I will like the last time (A Journey to Tellumo) describe the vehicles more precisely when they are used. Here is a list of the mods used Greetings
  17. Hello and welcome to my second career mode play-through (which will run in parallel if I find the time for any). This is Gael, the Kerbal's home in GPP (Galileo's Planet Pack). The planet is the same size as Kerbin, but pretty much everything else is bigger or more complicated in this modpack. To up the game a little more I'm also using remote tech in this game (because I wanted to know how it works in conjunction with KSP's own kerbnet) and the engineering tech tree. I will also have to pay for the research cost of every part I want to use. In this first episode I fight a bit with the mods until I make them work. I then proceed with a few launches to fulfill contracts to proceed from out starting tech. Turn out one can make a Stayaputnik go surprisingly far, while only using Sepratrons - our only available forms of control and propulsion.
  18. The next release of Galileo's Planet Pack is finally in sight. One or more of its new features will prominently feature screenshots so I humbly request the GPP fanbase to produce some and post them here. This is not a contest and there's no definite release date quite yet so there's no rush, no competition, no explicit challenge to warrant a post in the Challenges/Mission Ideas subforum. There are requirements, however, and it would be welcome if an established objective (high prestige contract or long-term personal mission) leads to the screenshot happening. At least 1920x1080. In-game detail settings must be very high or full. No visual mods required but are welcome. All HUD elements must be hidden and no Historian overlays if you use that mod. Each participant can reserve one planet or moon and produce two images. At least one of each image must have their chosen body close up behind their craft or kerbal (such as low orbit or flying low/high) or directly under them (such as landed/splashed). In addition to the above requirements, each posted image must show a interesting situation: Whether the arrival of a crewed vessel very far out with or without life support parts clearly visible, a dropship full of probes arriving somewhere, a large glorious base being setup, or some form of milestone being completed, some form of EVA madness or even epic failures and accidents.
  19. Give Aircraft a Purpose doesn't work with Galileo Planet Pack. When GPP is installed, GAP doesn't show up at all in mission control, but the flags still do. Is there any way to make GAP work with GPP? such as with a MM patch? The two screenshots are from the same install of KSP 1.2.2, one with GPP and the other without. GAP and all dependencies were installed through CKAN, GPP and all dependencies were manually installed.
  20. Background if you want to read it, otherwise, just look at the pictures: So I'm playing through my career save of Galileo's Planet Pack and decided to share some of a mission that I've been planning for a while. I had been naming all of my landers and probes after characters from Hamlet but unfortunately, this is named the incredibly unoriginal: Tellumo Plane 2_1. Maybe I'll change the name to Bernardo, who knows. The original version 1 was intended to have an air launched return probe but I couldn't get it to work. I made it to about the 5th iteration when I decided that I didn't want to spend any more time on it because in order to get it to orbit would have taken a complete overhaul. Version 2 was intended to be a one way trip with good low and high speed performance. While I was testing 2_1 I realized that I could zoom climb into a suborbital trajectory so there is a 2_2 wit a Panther instead of a Whiplash that was still in orbit of Tellumo while 2_1 was flying around. Without further ado, the beautiful scenery of Galileo's Planet Pack: This is clearly the best way to travel. Just cruising at Mach 3, 20% throttle, nbd. Finally able to see the mountain range, signifying the next biome. Oooh, pretty... gotta pick out a spot to land... Bam! Landed with some cliffs and some beautiful cirrus clouds in the background. Back in the air, heading for that inland lake to collect its science. I wanted to do a nice close flyby of the cliff side with the Tellumo's rings behind them. Landed on the Northern Range. Unfortunately, I was almost out of fuel and the brakes weren't holding too well on the 15 degree slope. Flying dead stick, I wanted to keep the remainder of the fuel for the fuel cells so I could transmit more science. Just skimming the edge of the cliff face with some mountains and the rings peaking around the cliff side. Well, I'm not going to make it to land again, I guess I will have to ditch it in the water. This is the end of the road for this probe/plane. Big thanks to @OhioBob @JadeOfMaar @Poodmund @Nhawks17 @Galileo for such an amazing mod.
  21. Whenever I have GPP installed, the game takes an extremely long time to load. Is there anything I can do?
  22. "Everyone Explores™" Consiglio Exploration Long ago in another Universe stood a mighty company that destroyed everything. Their name? Consiglio Devastations. They scoured entire Universes clear of life, either by smashing sand grains at FTL speeds. Or by tampering into the code of those Universes to cause stable higgs fields to form, expanding at the speed of light, deleting everything and everyone and rewriting physics... However, like all parallel Universes, there was a 100% chance everything will happen, and happen an infinite times over. This story will take place in a parallel Universe where Consiglio Devastations formed on Gael, a pristine world of water and super-continents located in a weird and unique system, and exist as Kerbals. They are different, less violent than their Universe munching counterparts, however they still have the... Well... full of Consiglioness if you will, inside of them, never flinching from explosions, always cheering when dangerous stunts are preformed. You get the idea.. This is the tale of Consiglio Explorations, and their rise to the stars.. Game Configs MODLIST Chapter 1 - First Flight
  23. Depreciated. Please go to the official release page HERE