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Found 29 results

  1. The Ultimate Challenge...A massive boulder...whoever beat it literally beat the game, and i'm currently into it. Here's The current Challenge Thread. Werhner finished all the Landers, he later called Simone, Jeb, and their friends to discuss about the names, and where each of them will go to in the mission. "Alright, here is The Eve Lander, it's 44 tons and will take a Kerbal to Eve surface and get to orbit with its own power from above 2100 meters ASL, who will get there and what shlould we call it ???" Werhner said. "We can't let Simone hog all the glory, we'll show him what we can do !" Said Jeb, others replied "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH", and Simone responded "Whatev, give me a break and i'll leave everything except Eve and Tylo to you guys, i'll call it 'Grizzly Reaper'". "This is our Duna Lander, it will also Land on Vall, who wish to get there ???", Val replied "MEEEEHHHH, i'll be using that Lander all the way in this mission, i'll call it 'Vendetta' and i'll go with Duna, Ike and Vall". "This is our Moho Lander, we don't have to worry about electricity in Moho, it'll also be used around Eve system and Duna system, who wants to land it ???", Bill answered "Me, i'll land that on Moho, it'll be fun, i'll go to land on Gilly, Moho and Pol, and won't use anything but EVA pack to land on Pol, i'll call it 'Electra'". "This is the Ion Lander, it will take on Eeloo, Mun and anything smaller, who wants it ???", Simone replied "Jeb and Bob will need that, i'll call it 'Megawatt'". "Our best Laythe Lander up to date, who wants ???", Jeb replied "Yes, me, like Simone said, Bob and i'll need the Megawatt, i'll call this 'Hex' and i'll go to Dres, Eeloo and Laythe, Bob will go to Mun, Minmus and Bop". " are you going to call your private Tylo Lander ???", Simone answered "Big Boi it is". "This is how the smaller recoverable Landers being recovered. Simone, you have my trust and you're allowed to recover The Landers" Said Werhner, which Simone agreed hesitatelessly. -Mothership : (2 Types) Mercury (Moho and everything else, has only 1 or 2 Landers attached to it, released in Eve). Joologist (Jool 5, bigger Mercury with real pods, more engines, more tanks and has 4 Landers attached to it). -Lifter : Sheep v3 Ascent Stage (AKA Chimera). Conclusion : 5 Kerbals to a WHOLE Kerbolar System Tour and back...With NO ISRU !!! Landings for each Kerbals : -Simone Kerman : Eve, Tylo. (+Anziephus, Spade, Putto) -Jebediah Kerman : Dres, Laythe, Eeloo. (+Ebenus, Rheis, Arane, Nuu) -Valentina Kerman : Duna, Ike, Vall. (+Pherph, Tekcate, Dhar) -Bill Kerman : Gilly, Moho, Pol. (+Epam, Oorma, Phoe) -Bob Kerman : Mun, Minmus, Bop. (+Eiwei, Tekili, Tekova, Mez) Status : Done !!! Commencing extra Landings... (Overall 30 Landings)
  2. After designing my previous craft, the Eve Infinity ( I thought that this craft could be altered to make a grand tour possible. The main changes were a full mining equipment also in the upper stage and two landing legs so that the upper stage could land vertically. The result is the Reusable Grand Tour Vessel ( The mission is performed on a new sandgame game with normal difficulty. The surfaces of the bodies are visited in the order: Minmus, Mun, Minmus, Ike, Duna, Dres, Laythe, Pol, Tylo, Val, Bop, Eeloo, Gilly, Moho, Eve, Gilly, Kerbin. Mission Report: The kerbals on the mission a the pilot Jebediah and the Engineer Bill. Firstly the whole craft flies as a single stage to the surface of Minmus. There the upper stage decouples and flies to the Mun surface. This landing one the moon is the only one where no mining is done because the upper stage still has enough fuel for the way back to Minmus. Then the whole craft flies to and lands on Ike. After that the upper stage lands on Duna and docks back to the lower stage in Duna orbit. On the next destination, Dres, only the upper stage lands. The craft reaches the Jool system with an intercept tangentially to Laythe orbit an can easily aerocapture and land. The ascent from Laythe takes quite some fuel so the next stop is the low gravity moon Pol to get full on fuel again. For the Tylo landing the lower stage is left in an elliptical orbit. The Tylo landing succeeded on the first try. The fuel runs out as the craft is hovering closely above the surface and it lands without damage. Back in orbit the lower stage is about 20m/s short of reaching the other stage. The other stage only has reduced control because it has neither long range antenna nor a kerbal on board. So Jebediah goes on EVA to fly to the other stage and bring it back. Flying from elliptical Tylo orbit to low Val orbit it does not take that much delta-V so there is enough fuel left to be transferred to the upper stage. After the upper stage has visited Val the whole ship flies to the last of the Joolean, Bop. The next stop is Eeloo. Only the upper stage lands there. Now Jebediah and Bill would like to go to Moho. But the delta-V requirements for going directly are way too high and the ship isn't even full on fuel. So Bill has the idea to stop at Gilly to refuel. But Jeb responds: "We don't have enough fuel to reach Gilly either." "Then let's use gravity assists." Bills responds. So they leave Eeloo and head for Duna. After leaving the SOI of Eeloo they notice that the Duna encounter won't get them anything useful. So they change their plan and make a course correction to make a Kerbin gravity assist. That works and brings them on a course to Eve. At Eve the speed is more than 5km/s and too high for an aerocapture. So the capture is mostly done by retroburning at an height of 81km above Eve. The apoapsis is now on the height of Gilly. After putting the periapsis out of the atmosphere and correcting the inclination to match the one of Gilly they notice that they don't have enough fuel left to reach Gilly. But Bill has an idea: "Lets transfer fuel to the upper stage, so that it can reach to Gilly and shuttle fuel back to the other stage." That works and after redocking the craft has enough fuel to reach Gilly as a whole an finally get refueled up completely. The craft leaves Gilly at a point in time where Eve's and Moho's orbit intersect. The ejection burn contains a normal component to match the inclination of Moho's orbit. When the craft reaches its Kerbol periapsis which is at the height of Moho's orbit, Moho is not there. Performing some retroburning in deep space however gives an encounter with Moho one orbit later. When reaching orbit around Moho, Bill and Jebediah notice that they don't have enough fuel for landing the whole ship. So they do the same trick as for reaching Gilly. After two shuttle missions there is enough fuel for the whole ship to land. After refueling, the ship ascends to low Moho orbit. Bill notices: "Going to orbit has cost us quite some fuel. We could shuttle more fuel up by using the lower stage. I don't want to get stranded in deep space." Jeb: "You can do that if you want. I stay in the orbital stage while you do that." After around seven refueling runs the ship is as full on fuel as possible. Jeb got routine in doing so and by using the board computer he found it easy to rendezvous back and dock back with the orbital stage even without maneuver nodes. Jeb even risked putting less than 1000 m/s of delta-v into the tank some times when leaving for Moho surface. Nearly full on fuel it is easy to transfer to Eve. There is even enough fuel for lowering the Eve apoapsis with a retroburn instead of mulitple aerobrake passes to save time. They make a final retroburn of more than 1000 m/s to descent to the highest mountain of Eve. They decided not to land directly on top but at the side of the mountain because there is a better landing area. After mining a bit of fuel they roll up to the very top of the mountain. Now it is time to say goodby for Bill and Jeb. Bill would stay on Eve to operate the lower stage that can push an upper stage into a suborbital trajectory. Jeb promises to come and visit Bill soon. Bill takes a seat in the lower stage and Jeb in the upper stage. They disable the fuel crossfeed so that the upper stage is full on fuel when decoupled. The craft takes of horizontally and quickly climbs to an angle of around 70 degrees then switches to prograde for a gravity turn. The throttle is at 100% all the time. When the fuel runs out in the bottom stage the vehicle travels at around 1700m/s and has an apoapsis at around 105km. Jeb pushes the upper stage into orbit while Bill returns the lower stage to the surface of Eve. The high wing area of the lower stage is needed to survive the reentry. The speed vertical component exceeds 1km/s at times and the resulting g-forces reach 9g. Nevertheless Bill manages to land it safely. Jeb flies the upper stage from low Eve orbit to Gilly. When approaching Gilly Jeb becomes a bit worried. The current speed relative to Gilly equals the remaining delta-V left. Jeb decides to continue anyways but without capturing into an orbit first. He waits with the burn until he is very near the ground. After burning all his fuel, the speed is down to 1m/s and he is 3m above ground, safe for Gilly. After landing horizontally he puts the lander up vertically using the reaction wheels. This is only possible to the low gravity of Gilly. The vertical position has the advantage that the craft does not mystically wise sink into the ground when time warping during mining. Full on fuel again Jeb heads back to Kerbin. He descends at a steep angle because the craft does not glide as well on Kerbin as on Eve. With the landing on the runway of the KSC he has completed the 'Grand Tour' in less than 60 years. Screenshots of the mission:
  3. Explorer: An Extended Grand Tour After over two years of development, testing, failure, and rebounding, I am proud to finally show off my grand tour of Kerbal Space Program. This is an extended grand tour, so in addition to the stock planets and moons, I also hit up some planet packs. It took about 2-3 months to complete, and one of the most difficult things about it was launching all the fuel I would need in one go, as this was one single launch. In the end I didn't return to Kerbin as I still have lots of fuel left and plan on traveling to more planet packs in the future with this same mission. Basic Mission Profile - Launch - Separate craft into main hub and two fuel reserves, keep launch stage in orbit to use it's fuel if needed. - Decide to keep Hub attached to one of the fuel reserves - Land everywhere PART 1 - Stock System and Outer Planets (33 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - Stock planets - All OPM moons/ planets (by @Galileo) - The Spud Moon mod (by @MrChumley) - The More Gas Giants Mod (by @Alaygrounds) - The Apollo System Mod (by hihowareya) To everyone who made these planets, thank you for making the ride more interesting. PART 2 - Dwarf Planets (34 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The Trans-Keptunian Mod by @Gravitasi - The Dwarf Planets Plus Mod by @UranianBlue - The Plod System by @JacobJHC - The Planet Nine Mod by @GregroxMun - The Morimee System Mod by @Mythical Donuts - The Kluto System Mod by @Alaygrounds - The Ripple Moon Mod by @JacobJHC (Currently unreleased) To everyone who made these planets, thank you for making the ride more interesting.
  4. Please rate my GT SSTO Craft file:
  5. Grand Tour of the extended Kerbol system Many of us have done a Jool 5 mission, or at least have attempted one. Some of us may even have done a grand tour, visiting every celestial body in the Kerbol system. The latter is what this challenge is about, but with a big twist. Using a couple of planet mods, namely Xen's Planet Collection and Outer Planets, I propose a mission of a scale that few players have ever attempted. That mission: using one enormous spacecraft, explore every planet in this new extended version of the Kerbol system. My attempt at this challenge is ongoing here. The extended Kerbol system With more than double the number of celestial bodies than a stock grand tour, this is truly a monumental challenge. Rules Mods Any mods not listed below are prohibited. Please notify me if there is a mod that you think should be allowed and is not listed below. Challenge categories There are several different ways that you can complete this challenge. Leaderboards Notes There is likely to be a badge for signatures in future for those who have completed this challenge. The rules are currently subject to some change.
  6. The invention of Debug Drive (pioneered by one Cheiter "Alt-F12" Kerman) has rendered the complexities of orbital mechanics virtually obsolete. Now, spaceships can simply turn on their Debug Drive and zip almost instantly from any orbit to any other celestial orbit, without consuming a single drop of propellant. Some have decried the use of this technology as "too easy", but most have embraced it with enthusiasm. The new tech has only one limitation: it can only be used once a stable orbit has been established, as the Tunnelizer Particles used by the drive will rip the ship apart if exposed to too much gravitational imbalance. So while orbital mechanics is no longer a concern, rocket science remains alive and well. THE CHALLENGE: Build a ship capable of deorbiting and orbiting at many worlds as possible, without refueling, staging, or docking. Your ship is only responsible for the deorbit and orbit; it does NOT have to perform transfer or capture burns. You may use the Debug Menu to "jump" from any stable orbit to any other stable orbit, but you cannot jump from the surface (or from a suborbital trajectory) to orbit. Your vehicle must be manned. At no point can any parts explode, break off, or otherwise leave your ship. Absolutely no part mods. This challenge is about design, so you do not have to fly your ship into orbit; you start the challenge in LKO, fully-fueled. You decide what order to visit worlds in. SCORING: You gain points each time you land and reorbit from a given world. Each world is worth a certain number of points as shown below. Gilly: 6 Pol: 26 Minmus: 36 Bop: 46 Ike: 78 Dres: 86 Mun: 116 Eeloo: 124 Duna: 145 Vall: 172 Moho: 174 Laythe: 290 Tylo: 454 Eve: 800 (if anyone can pull it off) Good so far? Don't get started just yet. You can earn bonuses based on vehicle design and mission parameters. Each bonus is a 10% increase to your final score, and they multiply, so two bonuses means a 21% increase, three bonuses means a 33.1% increase, and so forth. OP reserves the right to add new bonuses in the future. Homeward Bound: Return to the surface of Kerbin from LKO at the end of your mission. Infinity and Beyond: Your vessel consumes neither xenon nor ablator, meaning it could conceivably refuel at any ISRU station and continue its mission indefinitely. In the Neighborhood: Visit each planetary system only once. In other words, you complete all landings within a given system before moving on to the next one. Baby Grand: Visit every world but Eve. Kerbin's Sweet Caress: Land within visual range of the KSC at the end of your mission. No Surly Bonds: Your vessel is capable of SSTO from Kerbin, independent of your main mission. Rocket Scientist: Be the first person to post, in this thread, an accurate explanation for how I arrived at the scoring for each world. Hera, Wife of Zeus: Land on all the moons of Jool. Powerhouse: Your vessel carries no solar panels. Disembark: Your Kerbals can leave the vessel and plant flags on every world without needing their jetpacks. Regular Ace: Fly the entire mission without relying on informational or piloting mods. Pickup Artist: Your vessel is capable of EDL at Eve and re-ascent to orbit if Infinite Fuel is enabled after landing, independent of your main mission. One Stop Shop: Your vessel consumes only a single type of propellant (e.g., xenon only, LF only, monoprop only, or LFO only). Killing Me Smalls: Your vessel has the lowest dry mass of any submission. To qualify, you must land on either Laythe or Tylo. Rule of Cool: You have a dual-thrust-axis lander, capable of vertical takeoff and landing perpendicular to your main engine thrust vector using dedicated engines. Good luck, everyone! LEADERBOARD: @Wanderfound Touches down on Laythe and the Mun before coming home to Kerbin for a pinpoint KSC landing. For now, the smallest submission capable of Laythe, so 791 points!
  7. This is it, I have finally built a ship that should be able to complete a grand tour. The mission has no drills and will not mine, nor will it refuel from a craft on Kerbin. The ship will be completely on it's own. Here I will list the images of the mission while I edit the videos for it. Part 1: Launch of the Artemis Part 2: Jool Departure
  8. This doesn't really come up with the stock game, as the only place to "get to" beyond Jool is Eeloo, but with OPM it would be really nice to know when to launch so-as to plan a Voyager type fly-by of all the outer planets. Now we can predict one transfer window with a planner, and it wouldn't be *too* hard to guess at positioning to hit a second planet, but doing 3 or 4 would be ridiculously hard. Even if we knew the "clock dates" for auspicious alignments, navigation would still have a huge fudge factor at each world due to inherent imprecision in flights. I bet if I knew the window precisely, I'd still need a ~ 200 dV burn at each world to ensure I encounter the next, as opposed to Voyager's very small attitude adjustments. Has anyone every seen found, or created a list of such "keyhole" dates that has been published here?
  9. Hey guys, check out my new video i made this night!
  10. INTRODUCTION: This is a story about my quest to visit all the celestial bodies in the Kerbal system. Though it will be a book, it will be told through the eyes of the crew. Enjoy guys! STATS: Crew: eight. (Commander, Pilot, Flight Surgeon, Botanist, Co-Pilot, Lander Pilot, Chemist, Flight Engineer) Commander: Lo var Kerman Pilot: Jebediah Kerman Botanist: GeofGee Kerman Chemist: Bob Kerman Co-Pilot: Valentina Kerman Lander Pilot: George Kerman Flight Surgeon: Chris Kerman Flight Engineer: Bill Kerman Flight plan: Stage 1: Mün and Minmus Stage 2: Moho Stage 3: Eve and Gilly Stage 4: Duna and Ike Stage 5: Dres Stage 6: Jool and her moons Stage 7: Eeloo Stage 8: Kerbin return ----------STORY START-------- Lo var Kerman, Commander. Day 1, 2 hours, 56 minutes. We just boarded the Pandora IV. It was quite the sight as we ascended into orbit, with this beauty greeting us. I think I'll get to know this ship pretty well. It was a long flight. After we got in orbit, we had overshot the rendezvous point, so we had to make a lot of course corrections. The whole crew is excited about this journey. We all know the dangers, and we are willing to risk our lives in the name of science. Unlike other craft, our Pandora doesn't have a centrifuge, so the whole ship is zero-G. We have been training for this moment for years now, and now the training pays off. I should probably log off now. A couple other crew members want to log as well. The Pandora IV Bob Kerman, Chemist Day 1 3 hours, 1 minute. After boarding the Pandora, I took my experiments to the SPU, (Science processing unit) along with the ones for GeofGee. Kerbin is beautiful from up here. Jeb and I went down to the coupula for a minute, and we just sat there in awe for a few minutes. It's strange when you're in space. You look at your planet, and you feel upside down when in reality, space has no ups or downs. I just stared at the countries, and watched the clouds move. I think I might spend more time in here. Its beautiful. I looked at our shuttle that took us here undock and return, and soon I saw the solar panels unfold and the aero shield open up. Not very many people can say they've been in space, let alone say that they're going to all the planets. I am so anxious to go, I might pee my pants. (Which doesn't matter up here, considering we wear absorbent pads.) Chris Kerman, Flight Surgeon. Day 1, 4 hours, 35 minutes. It took me a little more time to write in my log. I had to go and prepare the clinic for anything. Up here, you have to treat injuries very carefully. There is no "ambulance" to take you to a hospital. You're millions of miles away from your home, and you're protected from space by a thin layer of metal and padding. Well, that was short... And to the point. Jebediah Kerman, Pilot Day 1, 18 hours, 20 minutes. We already began the TMI burn, to propel us towards the Mün. It went smoothly, but took almost 20 minutes, due to our engine's low TWR. Now we're on our way to the Mün. We'll see you in 3 days you small moon!
  11. After so much time largely merely helping build GPP, I think it's time I do the kerbal thing and try to plant flags everywhere. This is Sandbox, of course, and separate from my science game. With a bit of provocation from the amazing @astroheiko who is posting mission logs and tearing up GPP with 100% stock ships, I've finally gotten around to starting this, and developed a 700 ton mobile, landable station. There may not be much story to this, but there will be many nice pictures to view, and they'll be easy on your scroll wheel. Particular mods: GPP v1.2.3 with Thalia Reheat patch. She's nerfed in this version upwards (because players have complained about getting their pants handed to them by the stock heat bug or otherwise), but my personal game has her un-nerfed. OPT Space Plane v1.9.9 Featuring the new H & KH hulls. OPT Legacy Mk2 Stockalike Expansion Decal Stickers Stational Cunstructs (for the ring part) USI Life Support Habitation always off. Karbonite Plus DeepFreeze Continued Near Future Electric Solar Kerbal Foundries Airline Kuisine Ven's Stock Revamp Homebrew misc. patches Stock Ore drills and giant Ore drills "Industrial Strip Miner" take up Karbonite and MetallicOre (the latter is used for ballast); Stock Convert-O-Tron produces only whatever industrial resources I want; produces no fuels or life support resources. "SuperStock" Makes certain Mk1 and other size 1 parts very heat tolerant, and makes Whiplash into a scramjet. The Flags Made by myself and packaged in GPP, there are two grand tour flags. The gold for every last world, and the silver for all except Catullus. Maybe it should be all except Tellumo but I don't know better which is noticeably harder. Both giant bodies require nearly the same amount of launch dV and are incredibly hard in their own ways. The Flagship This ship may not look it, but it's fit to wear the gold flag. It is appropriately named "GPGT Station" and consists of the station body with scanners, a Mk2 spaceplane with no scanners, and a Mk2 rover with scanners. No probes. With the kinds of mods in this, go ahead and call it cheaty as heck.... I have an even more cheaty ship but it won't be much fun to fly in Sandbox and in GPP alone.
  12. Before we start, you'll need the above planet mod to play the challenge. Good? Alright, let's get started. For hundreds of years, Echobalkind has looked up into the sky and wondered about the Slippist, and the six faint wandering spirits. There was the rapid Spirit of War, the calmer Spirit of the Sky, the Spirit of Family, the Spirit of Observation, the Spirit of Conscience, and Spirit of Time. Later given the shorter names Beta, Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot, Golf, and Hotel, the wandering spirits have since been observed through telescopes and shown to be worlds much like Echo itself. Echobals everywhere have longed for the skies, as if it were some... fundamental nature of the Echobal spirit. And finally the technology exists to visit them all. THE CHALLENGE: Plant flags on all six alien planets of the SLIPPIST-1 ("TRAPPIST-1") system and return safely to Echo (Planet e.) Rules For a list of allowed mods, see the KSP Reddit Weekly Challenge Mod List, with the inclusion of SLIPPIST-1, obviously. You must bring a Kerbal and plant a flag on each planet. Possible Hard Modes Use only SSTO. No Refueling. No Docking. Interstellar Mode. (enable Alien System in the settings.cfg and launch from/return to Kerbin) Impress me. Some notes: Two of the planets have no atmospheres: Beta and Hotel. They do however have appreciable gravity, and aren't too different from Tylo. Charlie's atmosphere is thick and a bit hot. Plan accordingly. Delta's atmosphere is functionally identical to Duna, but Delta's gravity is quite a lot larger. Echo's atmosphere is thinner than Kerbin's by pressure but it rises higher than Kerbin's due to the lower gravity. Bring radiators to Beta. The planets are in a complex resonance chain of 24:15:9:6:4:3:2. That's 8:5, 5:3, 3:2, 3:2, 4:3, and 3:2 for nearest-neighbor relationships going from b to h. Transfer delta-v between planets can be greater than stock due to the very strong gravity of SLIPPIST-1. (Acceleration due to gravity, obviously. It's not more massive, just much denser) Those who complete the challenge can put this special scratch-n-sniff sticker in their signature if they want. It smells like root beer.
  13. Easy Mode: Do a manned flyby of every body in the Antares system found in this mod. You may only use stock parts and stock game mechanics. The only other mods allowed are visual aid mods such as Kerbal Engineer and Trajectories. Then return all astronauts safely to Kerbin. Normal Mode: Do a grand tour of the Kerbol system on the way home. Hard Mode: Land on everything except the stars and gas giants. Do atmospheric flights of the gas giants. Extra Hard Mode: Do the same with the Kerbol system. Ultra Hard Mode: Impress me. How to Impress Me: Figure it out. *BTW This must be done in KSP 1.2.2.
  14. Hello guys ! Would you be interested in a small YouTube series of a Stock, single-launch Grand Tour ? Anyways, here 's a trailer : (hope you like because there are more to come !) I also hope this is the correct place to post this. If not please accept my dearest apologies. LeXav
  15. Mission Challenge: Build an Interplanetary Ship that can go until Jool, Use it to Drop 1 Ship on each planet Sun - Jool, also the moons, that needs to land, an perform atleast 1 Science Experiement! Manned! Im trying now for 3 Hours and i still havent managed to do this! Mods are allowed as long they are: 1. Ballanced //Well... 2. No Warp Drives etc. 3. no Supply Systems ONLY for Building //i think you need to assemble this in orbit, The Drop Ships for each Planet dont have to be the same, also on planets you cant land you dont have too... (Jool, Sun, etc.) Have Fun HurricanKai
  16. Hi Everybody, Whenever I unlock most of the tech tree during a career-run, I like to “finish” the game with a special tour of some sort. Most of the time, it will be a Jool-5 challenge, but after 10+ careers I like to step things up a bit. So I decided to take upon the challenge of doing a Grand tour and plant a flag on all landable celestial bodies with one trip. In this thread, I will report on the design, flight plan and off course the actual journey/ adventure throughout the system. Before I talk about the general vessel design, let’s start with “da rulez” I set for myself: Plant a flag on all landable bodies in one trip; The “Grand tour Vessel” may be constructed in orbit; Dedicated landers may be discarded after use; After leaving the SOI of a planet with the Main Grand tour vessel, remaining vessels are considered discarded. I will have to bring along all parts I want to use for the whole journey ; Landing on a planet with an atmosphere requires a proper Kerbal crew cabin; Mining ore and converting ore to fuel is allowed; Try to keep clipping at a minimum; No Cheats; Saving and reloading is allowed. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the general design! I’m thinking taking 2 kerbals (engineers) for this trip and splitting up the ship into 4 dedicated parts. The massive Eve lander; A compact Tylo lander; An airbreathing Laythe lander; And last but not least, an all-purpose carry-all-tug. This tug will provide the thrust and fuel to transfer all (dedicated) landers to their destination. It will also be used as a landing and mining vessel for the smaller celestial bodies. That’s it for now. I will post more info within a day or two. I can’t wait to start. Wish me luck
  17. After taking a bit of a break from KSP, playing Elite: Dangerous (Damn you Scott Manley!), I'm getting back into KSP. Before continuing my 1.1 (now 1.2) game, I felt compelled to complete my Jool Mission I started in 2014 back in 0.22 (Damn you my OCD!). Last I left, I managed to strand a guy on Tylo, and am currently sending a rescue mission (video on that to come). In the meantime, the Imgur albums I used for the first 5 parts don't seem to work, so I recreated the slideshows as YouTube slide shows and added Narration. Then it goes to the next updates which were my first forays into YouTube videos (no narration). Part 9 is completely new, using footage I took over 2 years ago. I just finally put it together. Note: Just added scan of original design doodle. Now, T minus 8 days until launch. Will update Mission Report. ************************************************** ************************************************ MISSION UPDATE: After some "simulation runs" (*cough* F5/F9 *cough*), the crew reported a "wicked shimmy" as the entire craft seemed to wobble when the drive section was activated. So before the "real" burn was started with only 20 minutes until the first burn was to start, Jeb volunteered to EVA and install more struts to stabilize the engine. These went between the NERVA engines and Mobile Kethane Drill Refinery (MKDR). Cross struts were also placed between the lander engines and kethane refinery lander halves. Meanwhile, we've got 200 days to kill. The ship computer, KAL keeps insisting we should go into hibernation to conserve food, water and oxygen. We've never needed to do that before. Besides, Jeb brought "Kards Against Kerbanity" and "Settlers of Kataan." It'll be fun assembling that game board in zero-G. ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Arrival at Jool After the mostly successful conclusion of the Duna Explorer Mission, Kerbin's eyes turn once again to the Discovery 2, on her mission to Jool. After a 200 day journey, the crew finally heads into Jool's sphere of influence. A new rule was written up - do NOT bring Kards Against Kerbanity on long duration missions. It turns out you don't want to know exactly how horrible your crew-mates are right away. ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Vall Here we see the gallant crew of the Discovery 2 make their approach to ice covered Vall, theorized to hold liquid oceans under its frozen crust. This will be the initial landing site for exploration, but more importantly (for the crew, not for the eggheads back on Kerbin), the site to find and mine kethane to refine fuel. Without successful refueling at Vall, there will be no return trip. ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Fill 'er up! ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Probing Around I liked the effect of having multiple screenshots looking like a time-lapse video, so I originally started doing that. It got a bit out of hand for an Imgur slide-show (who wants to hit the Forward button that many times?). Plus, partway through, I found out the nVidia drivers update included a free video cap, so I wanted to incorporate a little video. Seemed easier to just do it all in a single video... took a lot longer than I expected. Anyway, I hope you guys like it. I might suggest watching it full screen. ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Touchdown on Vall (2/14/14) This time, I started all video. So no more choppy slide shows. I also mixed up the music a bit, and had more explanations and descriptions than in the last video. (SPOILER ALERT - you will see a couple of Easter Eggs / anomalies - there's a warning partway in the video) ************************************************** ************************************************ Mission Update: Bippity BOPpity Boo (6/18/14) It's been quite a while since an update. I got busy. In this update, the gallant crew of the Discovery 2 make it to Bop. An anomaly detected from orbit shows possible organic readings. Dr. Jondred Kerman, exobiologist to the stars, is the man for the job. Let's hope he can fly the Lander. (SPOILER ALERT - you will see a couple of Easter Eggs / anomalies - there's a warning partway in the video) If you just want to see the anomaly, and the entertaining antics, ************************************************** ************************************************ (update January 3, 2017) After a 2.5 year hiatus, here's the rest of the muns of Jool with some interesting antics by Jebediah. I'm continuing this old game to finally complete the mission. These videos were actually captured a couple of years ago, but I want to get them up before I put up the new stuff. I also redid the Imgur slide-shows (Parts 1-5) as slide-shows on YouTube which I narrated. (this video below was posted 2 years ago, but was was from video captured later in the mission at Tylo) As usual, I'm a bit behind on updates. But here's a mini-update that I originally posted to the FAIL thread in the General Forum. Sort of a "behind the scenes." ******************************************* ********************************************* ****************************************** Update January 31, 2017: Rescue Mission is a Go! I made a dedicated thread to Project Overkill, as it's not a typical Mission Report, but sort of a hybrid Cinematic/Comedy. I even put in some voice acting (did you know you could hear your wife's eyes roll?). Since it's related, and comes from this mission, it seems appropriate to add the video to this thread. Part 2 in a week or so, Crom willing.
  18. Since everyone is getting hyped about Galileo's Planet Pack, I'll make a Grand Tour challenge for it. Challenge: With Galileo's Planet Pack (GPP), land on every landable body with one ship and return safely to Gael. People who have done it: No mods (except GPP and graphic mods): Probe: ISRU: No ISRU: Manned: ISRU: No ISRU: Mods (besides GPP and graphic mods): Probe: ISRU: No ISRU: Manned: ISRU: No ISRU:
  19. Stock Aero Grand Tour Demo: Kerbodyne Planet Hopper Album at -- Stock Aero Grand Tour Part 2 Album at
  20. Ever since I started playing the demo, I've always wanted to do one particular thing: plant flags on Minmus and the Mun in a single launch, then return home for a propulsive landing without parachutes. It's that last bit that makes this goal almost impossible. Landing on Minmus and the Mun in a single launch with demo parts is challenging, though doable. But the additional mass of engines and fuel for the propulsive landing (a la Dragon 2) makes the whole launch vehicle need to be exponentially larger. Plus, the small, flimsy landing legs in the Demo don't really provide much clearance for a lander, and the lack of a heat shield makes it rather difficult to design a lander which can carry enough fuel to land on Minmus, the Mun, and Kerbin while still remaining passive aerodynamic stability for re-entry. Anyway, after a lot of iterative designing, I finally got something that I think will do the trick. To start with, the lander: Lots of part clipping, of course; I really had no other way to control COM and bending moment. There is a good deal of RCS propellant clipped in around the base to keep the COM low (both for stable munar landings and for aerodynamic stability on re-entry) and the feed lines are carefully designed to drain the uppermost tanks first. There's just enough of the hatch unblocked to allow EVA, and the built-in ladder is just within reach when the landing legs are deployed. Orbital maneuvering drop tanks: The drop tanks allow the lander's engines to be used for maneuvering and insertion burns without robbing the lander of fuel, and they're just high enough to clear the ground if by some miracle they still have fuel reserves when I land on Minmus. They also serve as an additional thrust anchor to avoid putting all the thrust on a single column. Upper stage and booster drop tanks: The upper stage basically just does the orbital insertion, with three drop tanks to be shed via stack decouplers when empty to squeeze out a little extra dV. I'm clipping tanks heavily so there's quite a difference when I drop these tanks. The central engine burns out before the six peripheral engines. TWR for this stage is almost exactly 1:1 with vacuum ISP and vacuum thrust, so a slightly-lobbed trajectory will be helpful but not an essential requirement. Core booster: This is a mammoth. I knew there was no way I would be able to fit enough engines onto a single stage to get this big of a monster off the pad, so I created an eight-engine clipped cluster to drop at the base of single columns. There are four of these, providing a combined 591 metric tonnes of thrust at sea level, but there are a total of ten fuel tank columns. Heavy strut-stitching keeps this whole stack stable; the six fuel columns without engine clusters feed into the tops of the other columns to help keep the COM forward. The central cluster burns out before the other ones, and it's necessary to downthrottle significantly right before burnout to prevent the pogo effect from ripping the booster apart. This stage has a lot of RCS propellant clipped into it as well, up top, with a veritable blanket of thruster blocks near the base. The fins help more than you would think. Strap-on boosters: Even with all thirty-two engines on the core booster, the vehicle's TWR is barely above 1:1, so I added three densely-clipped parallel booster columns with the same engine clusters to get it off the ground more quickly. Strut-stitching is ridiculously important here; I tried launching without struts and the three boosters curled up like the tentacles of a squid. Thankfully, the struts all separate properly at staging, so only one set of decouplers is required. Altogether, she masses a whopping 712 metric tonnes...certainly not the heaviest thing one can launch, but pretty big for using only LV-T30s. She sits on her engine bells since there is no way the demo's shoddy launch clamps could hold her. It's also not possible to put any additional stack decouplers underneath, as the fairing on the LV-T30s would get stuck in these clusters and RUD. I flew her once today but accidentally mashed Shift after the Minmus insertion burn and wasted a bunch of fuel, so I ended up stranded in Munar orbit after planting my second flag. Going to try again tomorrow; will post pics.
  21. A long time from now, in a galaxy... well, actually pretty close as galaxies go, nevermind...
  22. This is my entry for the Extended Kerbol Grand Tour challenge. The Plan Here is Astarael in Kerbin orbit (without its cargo): Its far from my best work aesthetically, but it's the only thing I've ever been able to make so far that can complete a mission of this scale. The naming scheme for the mothership and its landers comes from Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom book series.
  23. The Outer Planets Mod is a well-made planet pack that has been around for a while, but has anyone actually gone to them? This thread is all about changing that. your mission: -land on all planets and moons in both the stock and OPM systems -complete as many of the challenges below as you can -return your kerbals alive (if possible, don't sweat it) -wrap it all up into a pretty youtube video or AAR, or even a pdf Rules -no cheating (seems pretty obvious but I thought I'd put it in anyway) -you can skip moho, eve, tylo, laythe, slate, and tekto if you really have to, but if you can land on them, do. -this is not about "getten er done," have fun with it and build all sorts of crazy ships -no mods set in the future, such as Near Future Technologies or Interstellar Extended. Unless of course, you are on science/career mode. Leaderboard challenges (in descending order of difficulty) 1. No ISRU/refuelling ( jk , of course) 2. life support (I don't care which mod you use) 3. single launch (hope you like asparagus) 4. low launch mass (how low can you go?) 5. Re-useable get it assembled in orbit with SSTOs or some sort of re-useable launch vehicle, and return as many pieces as possable 6. Jetpack joyride land on as many bodies as you can using the jetpack completers: some resources: dres makes a good re-fueling base with OPM so consider completing the dres awareness challenge with a massive re-fueling base:
  24. Hello Everybody, I'm currently working on this so I can't post it as an official challenge yet, but it's an idea that manifested itself a few months ago and I think it will interest most of you. I'd like to see someone clear every experiment in every situation on every celestial body (except sun and asteroids) in the shortest amount of game time. Tie breaker is the amount of science points collected upon completion. I figure this is a test of all aspects of the game. Running multiple missions simultaneously, grinding out science from each biome, and optimizing transfer windows to minimize transit time. All this in addition to building craft for all situations. I'll allow all mods as long as they do not add science experiments or multipliers and somehow manipulate the science earned from experiments. No interstellar drives or near future tech either. I can't have someone cutting interplanetary transfer times in half because they downloaded a mod and someone didn't. Just LFO/ox, Nukes, Ions, etc. I will allow the K+ torch drive though because if you want to invest the 1 year transit to eeloo to get fuel, by all means do so. Kethane, EPL, FTT, all fair game. Mechjeb too. I think the Hyperedit ban goes without saying. I also think adding Kerbal Alarm Clock also goes without saying I'm proposing this idea because I want to see all the different styles of play and strategies at work. I imagine it as an open-spec car race. I want to see all the infrastructure required to carry out all the missions simultaneously and return the science to kerbin. I imagine that's the way to maximize points, but feel free to transmit science to finish earlier at the risk of losing to a tie breaker. Sorry for the wall of text. Now that you have a rough idea of what I want to do, here's how I want everyone to set up the start: 1-Start a science mode game save 2-Manipulate the save file so you have enough science to unlock the whole tech tree and end with 0. Do this in the first minute of starting the game. (17,250 I think is the number but I'm not sure) 3-Now you have a "Science Sandbox" so to speak. All parts unlocked, no science points, and experiments left undone on day 1. 4-Go to work launching, building and science-ing. I'm open to ideas on rule tweaks and restrictions on certain mods. I'm really trying to leave this as open a challenge as possible while keeping with the spirit and feel of the stock game. If I'm not making sense and rambling, please tell me haha. Post progress as you move along too. Happy Science-ing! EDIT: I've Created a Google Sheet for everyone to keep track of their experiments easily. (Much easier than the science archive) Link Below DOUBLE EDIT: I've now posted the starting game save file and my current progress so far because I haven't been documenting before I wrote this "challenge" Save File (Start) - Save File (Mine) - Here is the Modlist I'm using. Sorry it's so long it sort of snowballed as I discovered them. All installed with CKAN except KER: Active Texture management (Aggressive) Chatterer ExtraPlanetary Launchpads Tweakscale Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Engineer Redux Kethane Kerbal Inventory System Infernal Robotics MechJeb Ship Manifest Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer Window Planner Freight Transport Technologies KER+MJ for all (Installs Kerbal Eningeer and MJ on all vessels without using the part) Kerbal Stats
  25. Sorry no cool story line here. Just me touring the System for the first time. Ahead will be the mundane ramblings of a madman, lessons in minimalism and mission creep, probably more than a few stupid questions if anyone is around to answer, and maybe if we're lucky some pretty pictures. Mission Goals: -Step foot on every body in the system aside from Eve (Jool and the Sun obviously excluded) -Rescue Valantina (stuck in between Duna and Kerbin orbits on an escape scooter) -Don't loose any parts, be able to refuel in every system. -Return to Kerbin, land safely. Settup: Sandbox, no mods, no real self imposed conditions, minimal part clipping. No dV calculations done, don't have KER or MJ have no idea what it can do. Everything is SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) The Ship: Ramble Into Bramble The RIB is actually three ships, not counting the two uncontrolled cargo pods. The Ramble front and center, on the left the engines of Bramble are visible, and Into parked on the right. Ramble: Ramble is the main interplanetary drive, living quarters, and fuel storage section. It comes up on a booster with Into which I'll document later, then docks with Bramble and heads off to the Mun to refuel (took about 18t of fuel off the first RIB... more on that later too. But it will need a small top-off to get to Mun or Minmus) Into: Into is a workhorse. It's a main engine pod, a polar scan-sat, an RCS tug, a personal shuttle, a fully fledged interplanetary ship if need be. Into grabbing the Krayon, Bramble visible in background. The idea is, upon getting captured by a body, when your Ap is very high Into will detach and put itself in a polar orbit to do a resource scan. When complete it will meet the other ships in an equatorial orbit to help docking (it is the only ship with RCS, although the others can be docked without it by a skilled hand) Bramble in next post...