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Found 3 results

  1. So, a few months ago I helped to @Artyomka15 with the graphics for mods Kargantua and Kolyphemus Systems... And... It is time to update graphics for these wonderful mods. Graphic Overhaul for Kargantua & Kolyphemus Systems What's included in the Graphics Overhaul for Kargantua System? Clouds for all atmospheric planets Lightnings Duststorms Auroras Atmospheric scattering for Limmer, Namm and Admun (you can take off your helments on Limmer and Admun) Underwater effects for Limmer Fully compatible with the GEA v6.1 Release Download Graphic Overhaul for Kargantua System from SpaceDock What's included in the Graphics Overhaul for Kolyphemus System? Clouds for atmospheric planets Lightnings Auroras Atmospheric scattering for Pandoor, Moei and Kolyphemus (you can take off your helments on Pandoor) Underwater effects for Pandoor and Moei Fully compatible with the GEA v6.1 Release Download Graphic Overhaul for Kolyphemus System from SpaceDock This mods licensed by CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  2. Hello! I have some problems with the graphic. Many important things like rocket stages, fuel display, Flight Results and other things are not really displayed. I'm playing on my ASUS Laptop with 6GB RAM and 4 x 2,4GHz CPU and on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04. I'm have KSP from Steam and it has no addons, mods, texture packs or other things. I'm found not a button to post pictures and thats why i writed fast a small HTML website and putted the pictures on my own server here:
  3. I was giving my laptop fan a rest, so came out of sph and scrolled in close to just view ksc buildings, rolled a cig, was watching as Sun came up to see the shadows being crudely drawn in slowly across the screen. It looked akin to some old commodore64 game loading up. Lol admittedly i could turn up some graphics options etc to possibly minimise the effect, but im trying to look after me lappy. scatterers turned down, ive not got eve or any texture mod etc i dont think its a bug, more a refinement still to be made from crossover to unity5. just wondered if anyone had stopped long enough to notice it its pretty poor, thought theyd fade it in or something, hey ho