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Found 1 result

  1. I was running 1.24(or whatever the last 1.2x version was) with a few mods without issues on my Ubuntu Linux system. I just updated to 1.3.0, and had a strange graphical issue where when I went to the astronaut complex, it looked like there were no active Kerbals or Kerbals available to hire, even though the tab showed I had 8 active Kerbals, and there should have been Kerbals available to hire on the other half of the screen even if I had no active Kerbals. I tried deleting a few mods thinking one might cause problems with the new version, with no change. I figured I would back up my KSP directory and do a clean install. I deleted the entire KSP directory and used Steam to download and install a clean copy with no mods/changes, 100% stock. Now when I am in the game, if I click on the astronaut complex, the buttons on the left side disappear (the buttons for entering the various buildings/complexes), and the "apps" buttons in the lower right go away, and the red exit/back button in the upper right goes grey, but it doesn't actually go into the complex, and only the escape key seems to have any effect at that point. If I hit escape, all the on-screen buttons/controls come back. I can enter other buildings like the VAB and the R&D building. If I go into the VAB, it looks like the marker lines on the floor are painted with what looks like snow from an old TV tuned to a channel that doesn't exist (static/snow). The normally white lines are white/black static, and the normally yellow lines are yellow/black static. If I build a rocket and launch it, the Navball has a circular section in the center where I can see the outdoor scene/launchpad that should be behind the navball. There are probably more graphical anomalies, but I haven't taken the time to do a thorough inventory. I'm running Ubuntu 16.10. I was running graphics drivers for my GTX 1060 direct from nvidia, version 375.26. I tried updating the drivers to the latest version 384.69, but that caused no change. Any ideas how I can get back to a working installation of KSP?