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Found 2 results

  1. I was running 1.24(or whatever the last 1.2x version was) with a few mods without issues on my Ubuntu Linux system. I just updated to 1.3.0, and had a strange graphical issue where when I went to the astronaut complex, it looked like there were no active Kerbals or Kerbals available to hire, even though the tab showed I had 8 active Kerbals, and there should have been Kerbals available to hire on the other half of the screen even if I had no active Kerbals. I tried deleting a few mods thinking one might cause problems with the new version, with no change. I figured I would back up my KSP directory and do a clean install. I deleted the entire KSP directory and used Steam to download and install a clean copy with no mods/changes, 100% stock. Now when I am in the game, if I click on the astronaut complex, the buttons on the left side disappear (the buttons for entering the various buildings/complexes), and the "apps" buttons in the lower right go away, and the red exit/back button in the upper right goes grey, but it doesn't actually go into the complex, and only the escape key seems to have any effect at that point. If I hit escape, all the on-screen buttons/controls come back. I can enter other buildings like the VAB and the R&D building. If I go into the VAB, it looks like the marker lines on the floor are painted with what looks like snow from an old TV tuned to a channel that doesn't exist (static/snow). The normally white lines are white/black static, and the normally yellow lines are yellow/black static. If I build a rocket and launch it, the Navball has a circular section in the center where I can see the outdoor scene/launchpad that should be behind the navball. There are probably more graphical anomalies, but I haven't taken the time to do a thorough inventory. I'm running Ubuntu 16.10. I was running graphics drivers for my GTX 1060 direct from nvidia, version 375.26. I tried updating the drivers to the latest version 384.69, but that caused no change. Any ideas how I can get back to a working installation of KSP?
  2. Graphics Enhancements Assembly v6.2 Release What is GEA? The Graphics Enhancements Assembly includes a lot of textures and settings, allowing you to making your graphics in KSP even better and more colorful. So, what's included in the assembly? 4k & 8k clouds textures for Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Jool and Laythe. 8k hurricane for Laythe. 5k lightnings for Eve, Kerbin, Jool and Laythe. 8k auroras for Kerbin, Laythe and Jool. Cloudy weather for Kerbin. Snowstorms for Duna, Kerbin and Laythe. Duststorms for Eve and Duna. Surface glow. Atmospheric scattering for Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Jool and Laythe. New pictures in the loading screen. New real plume. OpenGL or Dx11 are HIGHLY RECOMENDABLE to avoid memory problems! Delete previous versions before downloading new ones! Screenshots Special thanks: @Astronomer for fantastic textures of lightnings and clouds from AVP. @Thesonicgalaxy for beautiful textures of auroras from Better Atmospheres. @Artyomka15 for clouds and help me with translation of this page. @RangeMachine for Kerbal Visual Enhancements and Texture Replacer. @CaptRobau for textures from CTTP. @shaw for Texture Replacer. @blackrack for Scatterer. @Nhawks17 for realistic Real Plume. @MOARdV for Distant Object. @sarbian for Smoke Screen. @linuxgurugamer for Loading Screen Manager. Contributors: @septerflash, @Artyomka15 - making textures. THIS MOD IS LICENSED BY CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0