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Found 39 results

  1. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Clouds and City Lights EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (a.k.a. EVE) is a mod for KSP that adds clouds and city lights. It is highly configurable and a number of other mods provide improved clouds not just for the stock planets, but for other planets provided by other mods. The mod works on KSP 1.3 and KSP 1.2.2, and older versions are also available. This thread is a continuation of @rbray89's original EVE thread, so that we can continue updates and discussions while we await his return (at which point we can return to that thread). Installation The mod is distributed as two ZIP files, one small one which contains the plugin and shaders, and one large one which contains a sample configuration. If you are installing another mod which supplies EVE configurations, such as SVE, you should not install the sample configs. If you use CKAN, select EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and then choose a config (if only one is available, that one will auto-select). If you are installing manually, download the latest ZIP files from and unpack them into your KSP directory. The zip files include the "GameData" directory and so this should merge with the same-named directory in your KSP installation, such that after installing, your KSP's GameData directory will contain the "Squad" directory shipped with the game, the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" directory which you just installed, and, if you installed the sample configs, a BoulderCo directory. Configs for other mods are generally shipped in their own directories. It is strongly recommended that you use the 64-bit version of KSP when using EVE, especially with advanced configurations. Note that you will not necessarily see any clouds on Kerbin in the main menu. Load a game to check if you've successfully installed the mod. If you wish to install for KSP versions prior to KSP 1.2, see the original thread, but note that there is little support for old versions. Compatibility with other Mods EVE is compatible with most mods, but in particular it is tested to inter-operate well with these visual mods: Scatterer - makes atmospheres realistically "haze". PlanetShine - makes the glow from planets/moons produce ambient light. Stock Visual Terrain - make the terrain detail of the stock planets much better quality. There are also a number of excellent mods that provide advanced configurations beyond the sample ones shipped alongside EVE: Stock Visual Enhancements (SVE) - high quality visuals, recommended for higher-end systems. Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack - sleek but still beautiful visuals, even less CPU/GPU demanding than the basic configuration. Be sure to remove the sample configs (the "GameData/BoulderCo/" directory) if you manually install a mod that provides all its own configurations. If installing via CKAN, you will be prompted with what needs removing. If using the Real Solar System mod, you will need different configurations, such as: Real Solar System Visual Enhancements If using the Outer Planets Mods, you will probably want to add EVE for those too, such as: Pood's Outer Planets Mod Visual Overhaul Performance EVE runs fine on mid-range systems. See the alternative configurations above for different performance characteristics. The most expensive effect is currently the volumetric clouds. You can turn these off in the in-game configuration dialog, or by editing the configs with a text editor. Obviously the more cloud layers, the more costly are the effects. By default, only cloud layers within 10km of the camera can produce volumetric clouds. Configuration The sample configuration includes a single layer of clouds and city lights for Kerbin and cloud layers for other stock planets/moons as appropriate. You can modify the configuration in-game by pressing Alt-0 (zero), though be warned that this is an advanced feature. If you save broken configs you will need to re-install your chosen configs. There is no undo. Documentation for the config files is currently pending, but note that since EVE-1.2-1, the _MinLight option has been changed. It should be set to 0 (the default) unless you want clouds to glow on the night side (eg. auroras). Also note the relatively new "UVNoise" setting, which allows adding noise to the texture look-ups, either for large animated cloud effects (see Jool), or to mask pixelization in fine detail (see Kerbin). Pretty Pictures and Videos For now, see the original thread for slightly outdated pictures and videos. If you have ones you wish to display here, provided they are short and contain no revenue-generation, just ask. Contributing If you have code changes you would like to contribute to the core plugin or shaders, please submit a Pull Request on the GitHub project: If you have major config changes you would like to contribute, these are probably best supplied to users as an independent mod, in the same way as others listed above like SVE. If you want to contribute financially, please see the original thread for a link to the original author's donation page. The original author has done by far the largest effort in bringing this mod to you and the KSP community.
  2. I know this question had probably been asked many times, but I want to know what graphical mods I should get for my 1.3 install. I've seen many great mods, but I've had lots of trouble getting them to work with the latest version. What are you guys using? Thanks for the help!
  3. Is there an updated master list of the graphics settings and what they mean? The wiki references 0.24 and the one below is two years old. I'm hoping not only for optimizing my performance on my older machine but to figure out which one is responsible for stopping renders when zooming in too close.
  4. This is my first post, so first of all let me thank you for this great game, my whole family can play. I've bought recently new rig with GTX 1070 and (re-)started playing KSP. I enjoy it very much, but there is one particular rendering bug, that is really annoying - fog/shadow curtain and shadow discontinuities. I have reported it under #15193. But I want to ask you guys if this is well know bug, and if there is anything I can do to mitigate it. I think I tried everything I could find, -force-d3d11 -force-glcore, various shadow cascades settings, Unity rendering settings, all I get is what you see below. Thoughts? Best regards, Adam
  5. Greetings, I have a fresh install of 1.2.1 with no mods. When in the VAB and SPH, moving the camera low and looking up sometimes causes the screen to black out, with the UI still showing. Screenshot included. I have also seen it be black when I first enter the VAB, and then goes to normal once I click a root part. I'm on Windows 7 x64, ATI FirePro graphics. Thanks, Jamie
  6. City Lights for Kerbin and Clouds for Any planet you wish! The config file can be modified to add any number of cloud layers to any planet. Going forward, I will no longer even RESPOND to posts that don't have a good description, a screenshot (if applicable) and a log file. If you don't do this I know you haven't read this, and if you don't read this, I can't really spend the time to help you if you don't attempt to help me. HOW TO GET HELP: FAQ: Is this where all the awesome cloud Reddit photos are from? Yes. Does it confilict with Universe/Texture Replacer? No. What if I only want lights or clouds? You can delete the folders you don't want in GameData/BoulderCo/ How do I install? Dump the contents of the two zip files into your KSP install folder. Make sure to delete any old GameData/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements or GameData/BoulderCo folder before install. What do I do if I don't get clouds/lights? Probably installed incorrectly. Double check this first. If still nothing, go into KSP_Data and send me the output_log.txt file via pastebin, dropbox, or google docs so i can narrow down the issue. But PLEASE double check that everything was installed correctly first. (you should have BoulderCo and EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements folders in GameData) Going forward, I will no longer even RESPOND to posts that don't have a good description, a screenshot (if applicable) and a log file. If you don't do this I know you haven't read this, and if you don't read this, I can't really spend the time to help you if you don't attempt to help me. HOW TO GET HELP: 1.1-1: Bug fixes, Celestial Shadows. KSP 1.1! 1.05-4: Main Menu clouds, Misc. Fixes, cubemap support, etc. 1.05-1: Reboot. 7-4: License update. 7-3: Fixed RSS compatibility. I still recommend different configs. 7-2: Fixes the config mechanism, adds better support for multiple config files. 7-1: Completely re-did configs, much more accessible to modders. Rename. Added volumetrics. 6-8: -2: Fixed "fadeDist" config problem Moved to new rendering mechanism, changed configs considerably. Slightly better performance. 6-7: Moved to PNG, force mipmap generation. 6-6: 8K texture Fixed texture seam. 6-4: GUI fixes/improvements 6-3: Added choice in shader/spheremapping (default is non-cubic). Back to normal memory usage. 6-2: Memory fixes, Bump map fix. 6-0: Completely re-did the sphere overlays and associated shaders. Textures are now applied via procedural uv inside shader. Main textures are converted to cubic textures and detail and bump are applied as tri-planar. This means poles look perfect. Altered config file format slightly to fit new texture method. Main textures MUST now be 2nXn (width must be twice as long as height). Removed test cloud generation from gui. 5-3: Fixed loading bug for shader params Improved volumetric cloud generation 5-2: Fixed Cloud Save & load Added More Load functionality to clouds Compress textures at load to save an additional ~20MB 5-1: Cloud Config now has entry for GUI hot-key GUI has option for reset. 5: GUI! Access it by ALT+N. UV "Fix". Poles pinch, but it is better than the swirl. Thanks to: @5thHorseman for the lights texture @CaptRobau for the kerbin cloud texture @Lack for the config and additional textures for Eve, Duna, Laythe, and Jool @Tw1 for the new city lights detail texture @therealcrow999 for config updates @NathanKell for Even MORE texture updates @Majiir for overlay examples and hints. @Waz for the UV perturbation code Attempt: Planetary Aurora Planetary Rings! Thick atmosphere/fog for locations like Jool Procedural Cloud Cover Possibly: Actual Cities/Towns/Farms/Roads/etc. Weather Going forward, I will no longer even RESPOND to posts that don't have a good description, a screenshot (if applicable) and a log file. If you don't do this I know you haven't read this, and if you don't read this, I can't really spend the time to help you if you don't attempt to help me. You might think you don't have to post a log or maybe someone has already reported the issue. Doesn't matter. Still need the logs. HOW TO GET HELP: Download: Going forward, I will no longer even RESPOND to posts that don't have a good description, a screenshot (if applicable) and a log file. If you don't do this I know you haven't read this, and if you don't read this, I can't really spend the time to help you if you don't attempt to help me. HOW TO GET HELP: This is done in my spare time, and any contribution helps! Source: License (MIT):
  7. I wonder if reducing number of portrait slots to 0 actually removes IVA and kerbals from processing. If it is not, it should. I tried it when I was desperate for even a small increase of framerate, but got none whatsoever.
  8. Hi everyone, Since about a month or two ago i have some problems with KSP, and perhaps one or two other games. The problem is there are some strange graphical glitches on the screen, like strange lines. I have a video showing the problem in the link on the bottom of my post. Strange this is, i've tried recording it using AMD ReLive to post the problem here (ReLive is the screen recorder built in to the AMD Radeon control panel) but the problem magically went away while recording. It didn't just disappear from the recording, the glitches actually stopped happening. Until i stopped the recording, and the glitches immediately returned. Now the only other game i've seen this problem occurring with is RuneScape (yeah i know) using their 'new' desktop launcher. But i don't play a lot of games lately so it might affect some more. My computer specs are as following: GPU: MSI Radeon R9 290 CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 Pro Monitors: 2 Iiyama 1080p monitors KSP version: latest Steam version (1.2.2) I hope this is enough information, if you have some idea's and want to know more specs just ask please. And if someone have seen this problem before and knows of some ways to fix it: please let me know! Video showing the glitching:
  9. Hey guys, I am trying to get the atmosphere on Kerbin looking good but I am getting blocky clouds with sharp edges and bugger all atmosphere glow from orbit... I have EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Scatterer and TextureReplacer installed. I am wondering if there are settings that can be adjusted for these mods or is it possibly limitations of my Graphics card? I have a GTX 960 with 2GB ram on it (my system has 24gig ram). I am trying to attach a screen shot but I can't see a button anywhere to attach a pic (only a url link) Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hello, I am looking into creating a new planet pack for KSP however despite the fact I have a good mind for coding and could pick up how to make a planet pack quickly I would be terrible at designing the planets to look nice. I would be looking for textures close to that of stock KSP just a bit more detailed. Also the pack would remove all stock planets and recreate them orbiting Kerbol instead of the Sun so I would need some of them retextured to look a bit nicer as well. Please let me know if you are interested. Full texture credit would be given to you or a group of people DEVELOPMENT WILL NOT START STRAIGHT AWAY SINCE I NEED TO DO SOME A LOT OF RESEARCH
  11. It seems that the ksp atmosphere(stock) has some visual artifacts with the brightness and contrast. Which makes me curious about: How's it rendered? Is it intended to be physically accurate (in some degree), or just artificially constructed to look good? Also, I've heard that Tylo and Eeloo supposed to have very thin atmosphere, but it is discarded due to the rendering method of ksp being incapable of those rendering. Can I be given a short description of the cause of the incapability?
  12. Hello! So day one of playing this on an Alienware 17R3 I have this weird diagonal line issue where it is almost like the fullscreen mode is split into two equal parts but one lags behind the other just a bit. I looked around online for a solution but the only one i found said "No other users have this issue". So I took a video: Specs: Windows 10, Intel 530 integrated gpu 1GB, Nvidia GTX 970M 1gb, 16GB RAM, Intel i7 2.60 GHz. That should be all the pertinent data. Any help would be great!
  13. Basically, as the title says. The normal textures are OK and the graphics are kinda meh. Gameplay is fine at the moment but I'd like to see something more appealing so are there any mods for this?
  14. Hey there. I recently started playing KSP 1.2, but I'm seeing these weird black lines around the edges of the island runway that make it look really cartoony and horrible. Looking at them up close, I don't think they're supposed to be like that. Obviously this isn't the biggest deal in the world, but I would like to play the game the way it was intended to be played. The Graphics card I am using is : NVIDIA GeForce 840 M Currently not running any mods. Thanks,
  15. Guys, Please make texture settings not affect graphics in KSPedia. On a poor PC you get terrible (realy, teriible) quality of those nice pictures. These aren't rendered by player's computer, so it doesn't need graphical settings.
  16. Hi there! I've recently decided to start playing KSP again and in the past the KSP launcher really gave me headaches so I decided to transfer my KSP to steam. I then clean installed KSP through steam and launched the game, adjusted all the settings to my personal preferences and started the game. I started getting extremely weird graphical bugs that then result in the game crashing. I'm very very confused as to why this is the case. KSP has never been the most stable piece of software on a Mac but this is now completely unusable. Below a more detailed description: KSP Version: What Happens: Graphics turn black or invisible, game will crash eventually Mods / Add-Ons: None Steps to Replicate: 1. Start any save game 2. Go straight into the VAB from the space center view Result: Kerbals are not green, they are black. Most of the VAB walls are missing (doesn't always happen). Other objects within the VAB are black also. When returning to space center view, parts of the space center and Kerbin also turn black or invisible. Eventually the game crashes, especially when moving the mouse to the top of the screen where the Mac OS overlay appears. Fixes/Workarounds: None Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: This also happens when switching from the flying vehicle to the map and back. This causes the Nav-Ball to completely vanish. Although any of these steps don't always result in the graphics turning black. It happens randomly, but aways when the graphics change (eg. going from one building to another, switching from the map view to the vehicle, etc.). Sometimes random parts of vehicles that are in the VAB also become invisible. Screenshot of the VAB when the bug occurs: Crash Report:
  17. Once I was flying around in 1.2 prerelase and I have witnessed a bug that was in fact very useful. My computer is very old and I usually play on lowest textures quality - having 256MB's of VRAM is a terrible thing. Everything was normal until i went IVA - textures of Artificial Horizon and all the other gauges were set to maximum and I havent noticed any performance losses. Usually I can't enjoy flying from FPP because I am unable to read my instruments - on lowest settings textures are very blurry. I have double-checked my settings and there were as usual - texture quality was set to one-eight. Since it worked this way I would like to ask Devs to either split texture settings for internals and externals, or to always force maxmimal quality for instruments - if my computer can run it, every single one should be able to. I think this small change would be appriceated by many owners of low-end computers. I hope to see something like this in upcoming update. Sorry for my English
  18. hi all crashateers, Since 1.0.5. ive just messing bout making contraptions til 1.2 arrives, when i noticed a big gap between floor and a parked vehicle on flat ground, looks terrible!! i havent noticed this before til now, havent really looked to be fair or played that much, but like i say, looks amateurish. its not just me is it? have a check and see how detached a vehicle seems from the ground to you. im 1.1.3 btw steam & 17 mods, this isnt bug report as i dont think it is a bug or mod effect, probly collider of those wheels......anyhoo Ive attached some pics in both db & imgur, if neither work let me know what dya reckon? Aah, i embed wrong image lol this ones doing 11m/s, but i have jpg same vehicle parked, brakes on honest.
  19. Hi everyone! I have a very strange problem: I upgraded to 1.1.3, and many texts don't appear on the screen (you'll see the problem in the screenshots below). I tried both updating from my older version (1.0.4) with all the mods, and also installing from scratch in a new folder. In other words: a fresh, "virgin" installation also fails. This happens both in full-screen and "windowed" mode. I'm posting the details and screen captures below. Can anyone please help? Did anybody have the same problem? Thanks in advance, Tirs KSP Version: Linux 64 bits (purchased, not demo; also, I'm not a Steam user). What Happens: Many texts and graphics are not shown. Mods / Add-Ons: None (fresh installation). Steps to Replicate: Install the game from scratch, run it. Result: Many texts and graphics are not shown. Fixes/Workarounds: None. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: OS: Linux 4.4 LinuxMint 18 64bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor (4) RAM: 15996 GPU: Gallium 0.4 on AMD TURKS (DRM 2.43.0, LLVM 3.8.0) (2048MB) SM: 30 (OpenGL 3.0 [3.0 Mesa 11.2.0]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8 You can find the screenshots in the link below: NOTE: I took the screenshots using my update with all mods and saved games to have more data to show, but the problem is EXACTLY THE SAME with the totally fresh installation. A few comments on the screenshots: 1.- This is the "Settings" menu, accessed directly from the welcome screen. 2.- I put my two saved games in the "saves" folder before starting the game; however, they don't appear. But if you click on the empty space where the savegame should be, you can actually load it (that's how I could go to screenshot #3). 3.- As you can see, some of the texts do appear. For example, in the KSC screen everything looks normal. 4.- At the VAB, the enhanced picture of the selected element is missing. Also, the "More info" text (right mouse button) is also missing. 5.- I cannot see the KSPedia at all. However, there is something over there, because clicking at random places changes the title bar. 6.- The Science Tree is totally empty. Hovering the mouse over it, however, shows the flyover texts, so the tree is actually loaded. You can also click on the nodes (if you find where they are!)
  20. Ninja Death Mun

    So, anyone care to explain the natural phenomena that results in this? It kind of moved as I did, so felt like it was a natural occurrence rather than a graphical glitch, but I'm at a bit of loss to explain it exactly.
  21. I just reinstalled KSP on my PC (I deleted all old files and started fresh as they day I first got it). I play on the highest graphic settings and started noticing this after I started a new game. Here is a short video I just took. As you can see, on the SRB, there are shadows that are moving/crawling in an upwards-right motion. It seems to happen when the sun hits it. Towards the end of the video, I change the time of day (by fast-forwarding) and you can see it is still flickering but on the other side of the SRB. I think it has to do something with the sun. I've tried different combinations of graphic settings, reinstalling the game on a different HDD, verified files, etc. and nothing is fixing it. I run a vanilla up-to-date version. Also, I don't think this ever happened before. Either that or I'm noticing it just now (266 game hours later) Lastly, I posted this on the Steam forums but I got only one response (which told me to post this issue here). P.S. Sorry for not so great quality, didn't check settings (on OBS) before recording. - Windows 7 (64-bit) Ultimate - KSP running the 64-bit version (vanilla, current version) - 32GB RAM - EVGA GTX 980 Ti 6GB DDR-5 Superclocked ACX Steel Back Plate (running latest Nvidia driver, tried older drivers, no fix) Thanks in advance
  22. Ok so I'm a bit new to the whole modding thing with the new unity 5 engine and I need a bit of help. I'm having a few issues with the texture of my part, it's normal/bump/depth map thingy and how the game won't highlight the part in the editor and in flight. Here is a rundown of how I created the part. I created the original model in google sketchup, exported the dae file into Blender, exported the Blender dae and uv map, put the dae and part tools into unity, opened the uv map in photoshop, created both the texture and normal map and put them into unity, created new game object and made the model a child of it, then placed the textures into their proper slots, i kept the normal map png as a texture with alpha as transparency because otherwise the (limited as is) bumps would not appear on the model, exported the part into the game and this is the result while the model appears blank in the unity editor, the detail is all on the inside faces (material_0), although it shows in the game with the detail on the outside (refer to above gallery) but i can't find any distortions, weird eh? I am using these versions of the programs: Google Sketchup: 15.3.329, Blender: 2.76, Unity: 5.3.5f1 personal, KSP: Can someone help me with this? Should I rebuild the model and try making the part again? Do I need to provide anymore information?
  23. In earlier versions, I had an occasional "semi-crash" where my screen went black for a few seconds, then came back on, with a "bubble" notification that my Intel Graphics Adapter had stopped and restarted, but it appears to be happening much more frequently in 1.1.3 (multiple times per session). I do not know that it is anything specifically wrong with KSP 1.1.3, since the game itself does not crash at those times-- might just be that it's a bit too much for my crappy graphics card-- but I've done all I can to update drivers, etc., and I'm not really certain what I can do, if anything. Can anyone offer me some not-too-technical pointers on what could be my issue and how to try to correct it (barring purchasing a new PC, which is on my to-do list, but not for a little while)?
  24. KSP Performance (GTX 1080?)

    I don't own one, especially when I'm broke. But I'd like to ask if anyone who does have it, experience any performance boost whilst playing KSP. Quite frankly, KSP is one of the most un-optimized games I've ever played, and for good reason. I can't blame squad on it, but it's certainly something that should not be dismissed. I'm not sure if KSP utilizes much of the gpu's power. I have 16Gb RAM just for KSP alone, joined with an i5 with a GTX-970. I was pretty disappointed when more RAM doesn't mean better framerate when it comes to heavy part counts and tons of mods. Though it certainly did make the editor smoother for me, it didn't make my framerate get any better in-flight. So my questions is: does GPU memory and speed affect KSP's performance, and is the current KSP terrain system unoptimised. What do you think is slowing down KSP? and what are your tips on running KSP butter smooth?
  25. Hey! This is something I've wanted for a long time. The photos will explain it better than I ever would be able to: --- I assume making these appear dynamically, checking each wing's geometry would be hard, so it's okay if it's a (very small or invisible) part you have to add manually. It'd be preferred if these appeared (or not) based on speed and atmospheric conditions, though!