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Found 1 result

  1. As we know, There's an option in Difficulty enabling Extra GroundStations. Letting us Depend on them for Signals on Kerbin, and Build Relay network for Poles and DeadZones. Now, being inspired, and for fun, I Launched Selene-1 Relay GroundStation for Mün and as Mockup Test for Vidhyoot-II Launcher. The problems I faced is that any two groundStations (actually station and a Relay just 250KM far landed) Dont connect each other, and Depend on relays. My first ground station, have signals that passes through mün surface, that I supposed to Occlude, and is it Possible for a probe at north polar orbit to connect a series of ground station on mun and connet relays on kerbin on low orbit. I had this Plans for my new Mun Base, Connection on Far Side, as Synchronized orbit are not possible. I cant perfectly explain the problem and express my plans, Pics to be added soon.