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Found 1 result

  1. In my science save, I have decided that to challenge myself, I will have a base on every planet and moon in KSP, as well as have a space station orbiting it. I have also decided to name each base/station after a band or singer I like, so I called the operation "Golden Record". But I don't know what band should pair with what planet/moon. So I need help. I plan put whoever helped me name the base in the flag that's planted when it lands. Thanks in advance! The list: Freddy Mercury: Moho, because it is the analogue of Mercury Queen: MDZhB "Laythe because it is the queen of the Jool system." David Bowie: Mun, because, well I don't know. Pink Floyd: Minmus, because it is a magical world of mint and super man gravity, and there songs bring you to a magical world. Metallica: Ike, because they were a metal/rock band, and whenever I think of metal I think of dark colors . Led Zeppelin: cantab "Eeloo, because it is far away like heaven. you have to take a stairway to get there." Black Sabbath: Dres, because they are also a metal band, and Dres is darker than Ike. Rolling Stones: Gilly, because your rocket turns into a "Rolling Stone" on it's slopes" (cantab) Billy Joel: FleshJeb "Low Kerbol Orbit, because the star 'starts the fire'". Johnny Cash: Tylo, because your engine makes a burning ring of fire when landing. Nirvana: Bop, because the certain easter egg of a certain deep sea creature looks like his hair, in a way. AC/DC: Eve, because it has oceans of rocket fuel, and rockets are loud, like thunder. Guns N' Roses: Duna, because roses are red like Duna. Beatles: FleshJeb "Vall, because it is the diamond in the sky with Lucy." Elvis: MDZhB "Jool because it is the king of the planets." The Eagles: Pol, because it has mystical invisible mountains, like the mystical Hotel California. Thanks MDZhB, FleshJeb, cantab