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Found 2 results

  1. In my science save, I have decided that to challenge myself, I will have a base on every planet and moon in KSP, as well as have a space station orbiting it. I have also decided to name each base/station after a band or singer I like, so I called the operation "Golden Record". But I don't know what band should pair with what planet/moon. So I need help. I plan put whoever helped me name the base in the flag that's planted when it lands. Thanks in advance! The list: Freddy Mercury: Moho, because it is the analogue of Mercury Queen: MDZhB "Laythe because it is the queen of the Jool system." David Bowie: Mun, because, well I don't know. Pink Floyd: Minmus, because it is a magical world of mint and super man gravity, and there songs bring you to a magical world. Metallica: Ike, because they were a metal/rock band, and whenever I think of metal I think of dark colors . Led Zeppelin: cantab "Eeloo, because it is far away like heaven. you have to take a stairway to get there." Black Sabbath: Dres, because they are also a metal band, and Dres is darker than Ike. Rolling Stones: Gilly, because your rocket turns into a "Rolling Stone" on it's slopes" (cantab) Billy Joel: FleshJeb "Low Kerbol Orbit, because the star 'starts the fire'". Johnny Cash: Tylo, because your engine makes a burning ring of fire when landing. Nirvana: Bop, because the certain easter egg of a certain deep sea creature looks like his hair, in a way. AC/DC: Eve, because it has oceans of rocket fuel, and rockets are loud, like thunder. Guns N' Roses: Duna, because roses are red like Duna. Beatles: FleshJeb "Vall, because it is the diamond in the sky with Lucy." Elvis: MDZhB "Jool because it is the king of the planets." The Eagles: Pol, because it has mystical invisible mountains, like the mystical Hotel California. Thanks MDZhB, FleshJeb, cantab
  2. The Unofficial Kerbal Space Program Forum Steam Group So this group has already been going on for a while, but since we no longer mantain contact with the former admin of the group, we've decided to launch a new thread to regain control of the Op. Most of us in there have known each other for quite some time since the group was founded back in summer 2014, but we're always happy to see new people arriving at the group chat and hang around to talk, share stuff and discuss lots of (sometimes weird) topics. There's people in the chat most of the time, with its peak hours being during the european afternoon since most of us are based in Europe, but there's also a few members from the other parts of the world. Feel free to join us! To join, just post here your Steam username so we can send you an invite, or PM me. Plus, We watch rocket launches live together!